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*must see* OBROTY NA TRAMPOLINACH – How to JUMP #20

Welcome to today’s special episode where I’m going to show you how to do some rotation. A few tips from me and I’m sure we’ll manage. Tricks in episodes to come will need some rotation. [HOW TO: ROTATION] If you want to see some screws,
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on new tricks your way. Let’s go up to do some jumping. Once we’ve decided to give rotation a go, we should do one simple warm-up exercise that I’m sure you already know: jump and turn. You should do this both ways. Our body should be flex and the turn should be done with the whole body. Arms shouldn’t be loose while doing this. Whole body and stomach should be flex, especially right here in the centre. Landing. This exercise is the absolute basics. Now for the other one. I’d recommend a professional trampoline, the smaller one, since it’s harder. We’re jumping on our back, anyone can do that, and try to turn in this position. One way and the other way. Your body should not be loose. Don’t do this. Much worse. This is not the way. Here’s the first thing that I’m sure
anyone can manage. Once you’ve practiced how to fall, this can be fun. You can do the turn once
you’ve fallen and during that as well, once you’ve bounced from stomach or back. See me do that. We start from the sitting position. Sitting, falling and turning. Another one. Landing, legs and turning. It’s good to make your body stand upright as soon as you can. You can check if you’ve learned the
ordinary jump and turn combination properly. On my back, centre and turning. One turn. It’s important to fix your eyes on one spot. Sitting, turning and looking at the same spot. A gentle twist of
my feet is not so much important. The important thing is to focus your eyes on the same spot to prevent the situation where you don’t know where you are. If you want to do some more difficult tricks, the important thing will be knowing where you are and how many turns you’ve done. During falling and after the bounce. I’m not waiting to land on my feet and try to do the turn
once I’ve hit the trampoline with my bottom. One more time. This is quite difficult and you have to be flex. [CORRECT POSITION] As you can see, the whole body is divided. We try to catch the moment where we can do the turn as fast as we can. If I do this at the bottom, my body will break here. My trunk will do the turn while legs
won’t make it yet. That’s not the point. The point is the whole body should do the turn. Stomach, for example. One side. One more time. Not good. Better. One more time. We try to do this as many times as we can. The thing is to be warmed up. Do this ten times and see if you can make it. The same goes for the back. It’s easier. The stomach is flex and the turn can be better. I’d recommendthis kind of exercise. In a moment I’m going to show you another exercise using the wall. This beauty here. Any challenge here will be fun. Let me explain some things first. The first thing is the arms. You choose how you align them. Doing the turn right-wise you can align them so. Some do this while jumping into water, I
do this doing a half-turn. I don’t mind this. If I’m doing the combo however, I align them so to do the
turn asap. You can do this so or so, or any other way. It’s not about the arms themselves but about
making your shoulders flex. If your shoulders are loose, the arms will fail to pull the whole body. The thing is the arms should pull the shoulders in initiate the turn. f I do the back flip and do the turn left-wise, my left arm makes my shoulder and hip open for the turn, and then I pull everything together. While doing the turn, our body should be upright and stretched upwards. We keep this part flex. If it’s loose, you’ll be bending while doing the turn. Worst option ever. Once I bend and try to turn, my trunk will be doing this in one plane, while my legs in the other one. The whole turn will be impossible. I’d have to literally break my spine right here. Keep your body straight. You can bend your legs as long as this part is straight. Now for a little exercise. First a half. I make a jump at the wall and do the half-turn on my back. I know we’ve done this before, but you can practice some longer jumps. Jumping and pulling arms together. Once we’ve managed the half-turn, we go for another whole turn which would be one and a half turn in total. Back. Very good. Harder. Don’t worry about the landing. Beautiful. Now for some bonus. Our bonus is the front flip with a turn. This is not something you can see in How To, but I can do this specially for you. If we go for the front screw, it would be best to start with a simple flip or some
piked one. The most important thing is to make your body straight asap. Otherwise you won’t make it. Once we’ve bounced, we use our arms. If they are a little wider, the rotation will be bigger. A little work of legs from the trampoline will be good as well. Once I bounce, I fix my eyes on one spot, and after doing a turn I fix my eyes on the same spot as quick as I can. Just as for some ordinary jump 360. One more time. We can keep jumping. If you’ve not mastered simple head on exercises on a trampoline, go for the foam pool. You can put a mattress here so as to practice your landing in advance and keep on adding some more stuff. The foam pool might be of some use. Also, an instructor might be of some assistance if you’re practicing your front-wise screw. Some head on exercises as well, piked and straight. Once you’ve managed all
types of it, you can add some turns. That’s all for today. Remember to subscribe, that is the bell icon
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