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  1. This is creative I mean the other YouTubers just want to build stuff and stick syringes in people they do it so much its just what you do in the game this is why this is the most creative people playground video I was waiting for a video like this.

  2. Check out my second People Playground video here: Penetrating Humans with all Penetratables | People Playground

  3. Btw a better recording software that is free is call OBS and you don’t have to worry about the bandicam name at the top

  4. Im not asking this "How to make Test Subjects to hold guns" cuz ı read one of the comments that asked it earlier.
    Thanks you helped me so much now ı can makr my army >:}

    Sorry for the poor english ım still learning :/

  5. theres a creation on the workshop called "indestructable big boi" and its a giant human you can use it to kill the humans

  6. Phil: Oh hey Joe, you finally made it too heaven!
    Joe: Yeah…
    Phil: How'd that happen?
    Joe: Murdered…
    Joe again: But in a creative way! 😀

  7. 1:30
    I love how the dude's face is just completely blank while brutalizing the other guy's corpse.
    He just looks kinda curious.
    "What's that thing coming out of his hip?"

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