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MTB HIGH JUMP Challenge |SickSeries#64

Hey guy´s what´s up, it´s us again, Sick Series what´s up today? today is gonna be pretty funny and for this we have some special guests welcome on the left side Mr. Marius Neuffer Marius Neuffer and on the right side Mr. Jan the genius Walter Today we´re sending it on a high jump challenge don´t talk to much, check out our setup the rules are simple… jumping over the pole the pole will go higher and higher if the pole fall down once you have a Second first try. If you don´t make it at the second try you´re out the guy who came the highest is the winner we will start with 1 meter and goes up to 2,3 meters let´s play Schick Schnack Schnuck who will start the order is: Marius starts, than Jan, Me and Fabio last `now it starts´ soo Marius will start and there he comes, first step 1meter the landing is sick jan goes second soo fabio is coming I would say we will go to 1.2 meters Fabio, your feedback? such a sick setup – awesome jump, cool location but the higher we go the scatchier it will be Marius is rollin that wasn´t that bad my friend… next one will be Jan so Fabio, you´re next I touched the pole right? with the frontwheel?? big respect, but you have to do it again because you dropped the pole so, you´re second first try I said it that he wanted to do it again nearly crashed haha turned a little bit too fast I wanna see this one in slomo replay so, next high, we will go to 1.7meters so Marius will start again your last statement before flying into the air? Martin Monday will dominate the world Fabio, do you know why we can jump that high? I will tell you – because I took my passport with me no, what i wanted to say, because we have so sick new hoodies but they will drop after christmas soo we go higher 1.8 meter Marius is ready I think the pole will fall Marius will made it, but Jan… what an impact haha I´m not giving up my friends talent is gonna be replaced from madness haha soo we´re excited what Jan will show us this one was soo close dude a good horse doesn´t jump higher that it has to this one looked ugly haha everything ok? your fork ok? yeah for sure, it´s a fox fork, this one is undistroyable we´re at 1.8m so it could be a pretty exciting final completely so if the pole don´t fall down now, i don´t know soo Marius, are you ready? are you serious? commitement for Sick Series so Jan! but you have the second first try pretty smooth Elias, it´s your turn 2 meters – i can´t really reach it haha 2 meters – unbelievable so Marius, your last words? noo I´ve to say a lot more today haha what´s wrong with you? it´s cold wearing the warmest hoodies on earth but it´s still cold it was close it was close, but you´ve a second first try last chance I´m excited only some millimeters letf this one was soo close we have the first looser thanks Marius you play a awesome game! didn´t tought that you will come soo high I will join the training camp this winter so I will win next year haha ok, wanna see that 3 people left the pole is afraid it´s too cold for the pole so he shakes soo let´s go Jan and the pole is one the floor but you have the second first try yes, not last haha we have two on the third place we also have to do it, so it can be that they are second so it can be that you´ll reach the second place emotions looks like these if you´re alive haha good game jumped higher than we are, we´re happy we didn´t thought that you´ll jump that high now it´s your turn, lets go haha wanna see a slomo from the bike while landing I think there was nothing where it sould be haha first one who make it over the two meters soo, now i wanna see Fabio yes, we have a final we have a battle so you have to start i´m impartial, so I will place the pole ok, thats good 2,2 meter soo two times elias you can see how nervous he is no way guy´s i think we build it too small this one was pretty sick awesome the higher i fly the smoother my landings haha this is a challenge where i can make Fabio nervous dude, what a impact testing the bike haha this one was scatchy haha I got a little spasm in my little toe while flying haha just a small one haha we´re there at the 2,3 meters – on the limit of the high jump tower look at this you can´t really see the pole but this high is crazy this is gonna be crazy are you serious? dude, are you serious? there is no end Fabio, your comment? I´m happy that I´ve my passport with me haha guy´s I guess there has never been a moment like this I could win my first ever real challenge Fabio your last comment no, you won´t win this hahah yeah, this sounds like fabio haha Now i will fly away now I´m excited dude, are you serious? what a safe haha next question: how can we get the pole higher we´ll search something that we get the pole higher we found something so measure how high it is wo we have 2,39meters are you serious? can´t be dude, are you serious, pretty impressive hard for me to top I´m nervous are you serious? not bad no now we don´t know how to make the pole higher so now we´re 10cm higher so now we´re at the 2,5 meters what do you think? let´s go but you´ve a second first try are you serious? your wrist ok? what a send haha only for Sick Series Some of you say, that all the challenges are equal – noo haha no never, they´re f… sick guy´s there you can see how cold it is the Red bull is ice haha the question is, if I can make it now so now I´m excited On the one hand I don´t want him to make it over because I´ve lost, but… … on the other hand I want him to make it because it´s so much fun he´s nervous so close right? it´s too cold a little bit too slow do it 2.5 meters there it is good looser! pretty sick show dude what a awesome match and battle it was soo close dude but congrats pretty pretty sick that´s it from the game – I guess it was one of the sickest games we´ve ever made pretty cold but soo sick such a sick jump we all wish you a merry christmas there will be another episode before christmas i guess it can go on like this thanks! you made it pretty good it was pretty sick cheers and see you the next time

Reader Comments

  1. Hi fabio! Im a big fan of you. I like your videos when i grow old i want to be just like you cause you have great skills 🙂

    Pls heart this❤

  2. Das bei Fabios letzter Cance 10:48 wo noch gezeigt wird das er nen Schluck RedBull nimmt und es dann easy schafrt ist doch zu 100% Produkt Placement

  3. Bei 12:50 Min. kamen Erinnerungen bei mir hoch 😂
    Ich hab Mal genau das selbe gehabt bei ca. der gleichen Höhe und hatte soooo ein Schwein ey 😂 Ich bin komplett auf der Gabel gelandet und hab nen ca. 3 Meter langen Nosewheelie gemacht… OMG ey hätte ich ne SloMo davon wär mein Mund wohl offen wie ein Schäunentor und meine Augen so groß wie Bier-Deckel 😆 Ich dachte nur so…. Fuck jetzt fliegste auf's Maul wie noch nie… 🤣
    Aber luck gehabt… Und wir Wahnsinnigen sind damals ohne Helm gefahren und die Gabel war ne Mazzochi MZ Race 😅 Mich wundert es heute noch, dass das Teil nicht gebrochen ist…aber der Durchschlag war übel…das hat geknallt… 😄
    Alle haben gegeiert und ich war mega Happy das ich nicht ne Kinnbremsung eingeleitet hab. 🤪

  4. wie schön das zu sehen.ich war früher auch ein erfolgreicher biker.sogar deutscher meister.
    bis ich mich in die drogen verlor.

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