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This place is big. Just like the horse, and it’s big fun! That’s pretty cool! The Mt. Olympus grounds are huge and there’s the Trojan horse. Which is giant! It’s really cool and the waterpark has some really fun rides. This is the registration desk where you have to come first to find out what room you’re in. Because there’s lots of different Mount Olympus Villages throughout the town. So you have to come here and find out which village you’re in. Just off of the main lobby, there’s a gift shop. There’s a nice arcade with lots of different kinds of games. Giant Pac-Man, Skee-Ball, and racing games. This is the indoor water park. There’s a kids area there, and lockers. There’s where you rent the lockers. And if you’re a guest at Mount Olympus, you have access to this more hours in the evening. For example, it might close to the public at 6:00, but you’d be able to stay in here until 9:00. Same way with the amusement park outside. And on this day, it closes at 5:00, but the waterpark is open until 10:00 for resort guests only. There’s some big slides in here. This is the indoor amusement park building. It has arcades, and a laser tag area, and Skee-ball. These are bumper cars for little kids which look like a lot of fun. It’s just not open yet. Here’s a little kids bowling alley. Oh! That’s gonna be perfect! Perfect! Good one, good one, good one! Yeah! Yeah! Good job good! That’s very good! It’s kind of a cool mix of the water rides and then the amusement park rides and the go-karts. Like there’s the wave pool, And you can walk right over and get on the swings. There are seven go-cart tracks. Here’s one of the bigger ones. It’s the Trojan horse, and it actually goes through the big Trojan horse that’s out in front of the property. The go-karts were fun. There’s where the go-cart track goes under the Trojan horse. There’s some kid rides. They have a teacup ride. Minimum Height 42 inches, maximum 60, but they do allow parents to go with them. One person can ride with them. There’s a swimming area out in front of the park. It’s really cool with fountains and little islands. There’s play areas for kids out there. Very cool here. You can rent cabanas here for $30. They look pretty nice. Lots of places to lay down. It’s the Cyclops wooden roller coaster. The Hades roller coaster was crazy! Really fast, rough, loud! It goes underground twice in the dark, but just amazing! This is the shopping area: the Shops at Mount Olympus. Some restaurants here and gift shops, so you can do about everything here – Ride, Swim and Shop. Giant water slides! Donna’s gonna do Zoltar, and get her fortune told. “You may be riding the winds of change.” You can see from the map, that this is a big property! This is a kid section that seriously is not heated, it is so cold, and it’s only like 73 degrees outside. But the water isn’t heated so it’s freezing. This is another kids section. There’s a big bucket on top. There’s the wave pool in action. The wave pool is really good-sized and the waves were good-sized, too. There’s a little bit everything you can do here. The wave pool is called Poseidon’s Rage. I like that face. There’s the Lifeguard. He’s really watching the pool. That’s what you want a lifeguard to do! They have a big pool to watch, too. I think they have one, two, three, four lifeguards. This is a great play area for kids. Really cool. It’s kind of shallow over here. It’s deeper as you get out to that island and then over to the left of it. It’s a little shallow on the other end. Some cool slides. And in addition to the water park and amusement park that hotel guests and the public can use, there’s this area over here that is just for resort guests. So you have a whole different section of water park just for the guests that stay here. So that’s kind of nice. Private Water Park, For resort Guests Only. So you need to show your band when you go in. And in the private water park they have a nice Lazy River that moves pretty fast. It’s called the River Troy, and it says “Artificial Currents, Strong Swimmers Only”. It winds around, and over there you’re gonna get wet for sure. That looks pretty fast and fun! The private section is a big area all by itself. It goes way up there on the hill. This is the tidal wave wave pool. Big wave pool! There goes the wave pool. There goes the people in the wave pool! It has its own food court section. You can get the usual stuff: pizza, salads, burgers, fries, nachos and ice cream, all that. So that’s pretty convenient. There’s another lazy river here. It looks a little more relaxed and slower than the other one, and not as highly used either right now. And there’s four slides that come down here and empty into this pool. There’s two water slides there. Three more that come down there, and a couple of really big ones here. You can kind of see from this view that this is a big place. From the roller coaster over there to the private section here and the Hotel. The amusement park and outdoor water park over there. This place is big. Just like the horse, and it’s big fun too. And we stayed in the Mount Olympus Mykonos Village in Building 3, which is actually the closest building to the main hotel and the lobby, and to everything else, really. Staying here in one of these rooms gets you free admission to the water park, Donna, and all that stuff, everything! This is the Rome Hotel. It looks like you’re kind of in the Colosseum. So kind of cool, and these are the nicer rooms; they run a lot higher than what the rooms do that we’re staying in. So if you don’t want to walk very far, and you don’t mind paying extra money, stay in the Rome Hotel. Any other of the Villages you’ll have to walk a little ways, or drive, because they have the villages spread out all up and down this strip here. So we’re the closest one, but it’s a little bit of walk, and it’s up a hill. So, if you don’t like walking, or can’t do it very well, stay in the Rome Hotel. How would you describe the room? It surprised me! It’s more like, I would say, a Pop Century, because Pop Century, you come in from the outside. So like the outside is a little bit deceiving, but the inside is really nice. And here’s our room. It’s got two queen-size beds. And we’ve messed it up a little bit, but let’s gives you an idea what it looks like. It’s got a flat-screen TV, dresser set, refrigerator and a microwave. There’s a little sink area outside the bathroom with a hairdryer, and there’s the bathroom with the shower and the tub. It’s got everything you need, and plenty of room. The resort has lots of places to eat, lots of different little restaurants and grills for lunch and dinner, anyway. Here’s the little quick-service Place, Kaffe Opa. Starbucks coffee, doughnuts, all kinds of things! There is no actual restaurant for breakfast, so this is a good place to come on property. There is Wi-Fi here, but it’s kind of weak. You won’t get it everywhere, and it might go in and out.

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