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Hi there, movie buffs! Welcome to the Clay Disarray movie poster challenge! I’m going to show you 30 of my movie posters,
each with the title and tagline removed for you to guess the film. Each poster
will show you a notable person, people or thing from a film, but they’re not always
obvious, and here’s an example for you. 1 point for each film guessed correctly
and an extra point for each film director you get right. A lot of the
posters are for dark genre films, so this quiz is probably one for the adults.
Right, get a pen and some paper, and if you haven’t got any to hand, press
pause now and go get them. You got them? Okay then,
15 seconds for each poster and let’s get started! And we’re done. I’m going to reveal each
poster one by one, and if you miss any info, I’ll have a list for you at the end
as well. No cheating with those scores now, and
good luck! And that’s a wrap!
How did you get on? Let me know your scores in comments, as I’d love to hear
how you did. And if you’ve any suggestions for film posters you’d like
to see me create, I’d love to hear about those too. Thanks very much for playing,
and if you’d like to see more of my work, go and hit that subscribe button! See you
next time.

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