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Oh my god Whoah Oh my God it gets worse! (Intro music begins) It’s the biggest stunt ramp! In GTA Yes. some say this is the biggest… I, I, I know about it though. I know about it let’s go. Let’s go. Use the breaks. Use the breaks. Guys it has been raining over here. It has been raining over here. Jus… just go Just go as fast as possible. I’m going to catch up! Where we going? It’s rain… wait wait wait Alright Alright… are we going too fast? There is a football pitch over here like football field. Ohh……there we go beautiful landing Beautiful landing! Oh fuck. Oh no Jelly Oh no. But its fine Into the pipes guys….come on lets go Here we go Into this beautiful pipe. what should you do expect Josh? that is the question Fine…..just go super fast guys! Dodge the obstacle Woo Go to the right Woo I was not close either Come On it’s so close guys It’s so close yes yes come on I’m almost there Im slowly Catching up guys I swear I’ve been here the whole time I’ve been right behind you guys This whole time Oh fuck Oh fuck OK in the What the fuck guys come on guys somebody just fuck up already No way OK well there we go There we go wooooo, in the air

Reader Comments

  1. Did jelly and josh have a HUGE fight b4 recording this cause they seem really mad and angry at each other

  2. Jelly in front “Haha, bye losers, I’m winning like usual”

    5 seconds later “Wah! Guys it’s not fair, wait for me.”

    What a pathetic person. Find someone to replace him. He ruins every video for you and Slogoman.

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