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Morally Depraved Spring Breakers Won’t Stop Partying

So we know that lots of people are irresponsible. There are lots of ignorant people. There’s lots of people who don’t really care
about how their actions affect others. There are people who just get in over their
heads in different ways. We know all that. Which is why sometimes we need government
officials to step in. I mentioned earlier in the show, in the wake
of this entire pandemic, the libertarians are being pretty damn quiet. And most people, by and large, understand
that the government does have a pretty significant role to play here. And one of the places where the government
has a role to play and quickly and we’re depending on a Republican governor to play that role
is the beaches of Florida. Much of the country, especially blue states,
are taking social distancing seriously. Florida beaches have mostly stayed open and
some have closed early. But tons of spring breakers have just been
continuing to party and likely a symptomatically spread the disease. Check out this video of students who were
interviewed and who not only don’t care about the virus, they are annoyed that the virus
is affecting their partying and putting a damper on their buzz, so to speak. This video’s from CBS. You’ll also see this kind of. I don’t know if this is related, but a lot
of these people who are being interviewed by CBS, CBS. Their faces are chafed. They seem to be covered in bruises and sunburns
and their faces seem swollen in some cases. I don’t know why. I don’t know if it’s. They don’t understand sunscreen or what’s
going on. Not sure if there’s some connection between
their irresponsible behavior and the fact that they seem very, very beaten up. But let’s take a look at the video and the
interviews. Tiger Corona. I get Corona a day to day. I’m not going to let it stop me from partying. Either way, we go away for Miami spring break
for a while. But too much about this trip up to three months. I was out having a good time. Whatever happens, happens. It’s messing up with my spring break. What is there to do here other than go to
the bars or the beach closing all of that? Well, I think they’re blowing it way out of
proportion. I think it’s doing quite some out on his back. We need a refund. This virus ain’t as serious as Syria is. More serious things out there like hunger
and poverty. We need to address that. I mean, we’ve had this a long time ago and
it was going to happen. And like we’re just trying to find one. Yes, I’m ganapati. So it’s kind of disappointing, but we’re just
making the most of it. We met these other people and I let these
guys hanging out with them. And I’m not John everything. I mean, it sucks, but we’re gonna make the
best of it. Know, it sucks. And I’m from New Orleans, so this really sucks. However, we’re going to enjoy ourselves. We haven’t dayparts outing my birthday, St.
Patrick’s Day. We’re just trying to roll with the boy. We’re just live in for the moment. Where does it go in for? We’re just gonna do what happens when it happens,
when stuff closes. We’re gonna do when it closes. But besides that, we’re just trying to have
the best ship we can. This is one of the most morally depraved elements
of all of this, because it’s very easy for us to say, you know what? They don’t want to. They want to be out there spreading and potentially
getting the virus. Let them die if they want to be this stupid. But that’s not how the virus works. Statistically, they will actually be fine. Although we are seeing particularly because
of medical systems, the health care systems being overwhelmed, that some people are not
even young people are not doing well, but they are going to infect people who are not
going to be fine. And this is why we need Florida’s Republican
governor, not a great guy, not a great governor, not someone we really have have been able
to count on to do the right thing. Ron DeSantis, he’s got to shut down the beaches
and his initial order on bars was very weak. I think now he finally does seem to be shutting
down bars in Miami and Miami Beach. So this is the problem with the initial spread
of disinformation. Trump and Fox News over the last three, four
days have changed their tune. They’re taking the virus seriously. But the problem is that once the disinformation
starts to spread, calling it a hoax, calling it no big deal, saying we’re not going to
have cases. It’s like a flu, whatever. Once they get that out, it’s very hard to
then change people’s minds and get them to act and realize that those initial proclamations
were very, very wrong. Some of them won’t even hear that Trump and
Fox News have now changed their tune and are acknowledging this is serious because they’re
down there partying on the beach and going to bars. I was scheduled to go to Miami Beach in six
days. Obviously, I’m not going. But if I did decide to go and I decided to
push through and just go there, I would feel like a terrible, terrible person. My moral framework would not let me feel okay,
knowing that even if I was statistically likely to be fine that I was putting people at risk
by being there, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy myself. Apparently that does not affect these these
people in the same way. And that doesn’t really. Higher confidence in in our ability to fight
this thing properly. The problem here is that we’re depending on
everybody to do their part and it impacts everybody, not just them. That’s the unfortunate reality. So we need them to take it seriously. Of course, the Trump administration response
has been atrocious. Of course, we’re woefully unprepared as a
country and as a planet for this. But on top of it, we have people like these
kids who are making the problem worse. There’s a long incubation period for this
disease during which you are ah, you have it, but you’re not showing symptoms. There is a high contagion rate. All of these kids could infect people for
the next seven days and in a week find out that they themselves are sick. And then the people they infected before they
were symptomatic would have another few days before they realized they had it. And they’re walking around spreading it as
well. And before you know it, this is how it spreads
and this is how you get an R not value that is somewhere between, you know, it looks like
between one and a half and four and a half. Probably in reality between something like
1.8 and 3 with with coronavirus. So I wish we could just say, screw them. It’s only it’s they are only endangering themselves. Let them do whatever they want. That’s not the case. And that’s why we all have to be responsible
at this point.

Reader Comments

  1. As I have been saying for some time. America is toast. Americans can’t see this, but the rest of the world would be laughing if the situation were not so grave.

  2. Messaging has been weak on this across. The world. You have to focus on telling people that they could be spreading it to other people. Vulnerable people. Despite what this video shows, most of this lot would not be okay with spreading it to an elderly person and causing their death. That possibility has not been emphasised enough. It should be in every sentence almost. People are more civic minded when we think. But you have to talk down to them for them to get it.

  3. Pakman is so right! all those kids looked sick! The lungs get so filled with fluid, that you just can't breathe! Terrible way to die, and these kids don't give a shit, which is fine, but you're SPREADING IT by not staying at home!

  4. Those kids who were interviewed, they are gonna be famous…. for being braindead terminally stupid. Their faces will be posters for the stupid for years to come.

  5. I am noticing a party split on attitude toward this. Repubs tend to minimize it. Dems tend to take it seriously.

  6. Maybe the florida gov'ner wants the great transfer of wealth to begin. Kill off most of the retirement community, all that real estate is now free to pass on to the next gen and with taxes collected to boot. Holy crap.

  7. I don't blame it on them. They wouldn't go if the beaches and restaurants were closed. Young people do dumb things.

  8. Just the look of the 2 males that were talking, they look like there is seriously something wrong with them! They look like an offspring of their parents being siblings

  9. And the government is trying to figure out how to help people out of work and vulnerable to the virus. These guys need discipline. If that's what our next generation is going to be like we're in serious trouble because some of them will be in government and law. Pathetic!

  10. Beaches bars and restaurants are closed in the destin okaloosa island fortwalton beach area. DO NOT COME HERE TOURISTS!!

  11. the worst part is that all the morons in the clips will all go on to have a bunch of kids because stupid people breed the most.

  12. "If I get corona, I get corona." He probably thought they were talking about the beer that was going to be at the keg.

  13. They're kids! you ain't gonna stop them from partying!
    And by the way, they're not so much at risk as old people…
    And the primaries proved, old people couldn't give a fuck about young people..
    So why would they give a fuck about the boomers?

  14. (Fuck it, I made this as a reply but it deserves to be top leveled): We are about to experience the worst depression the us or the world has seen (or at least the second worst) because we are overreacting based on "mortality rates" calculated without considering asymptomatic carriers and the typical hysteria this species is known for. In terms of lost education and economic displacement due to shutting down every fucking institution we can imagine, we have done 100x more harm long term to our species than this virus could ever do unless it mutates to some sort of 30% mortality rate hyper strand. And it just about certainly won't.

    This species is so idiotic it deserves to die out, but not because of the people in this video. Trust me, I've thought frat boy spring break burnouts were unappealing before it became trendy to look down on everyone who doesn't hammer their door shut and refuse to leave their house, and still the spring break partiers in this video are more rational than the holier than thou commenters that go out every year risking adding to the 600,000 worldwide flu deaths with no sense of shame but decided arbitrarily that "going out for this slightly worse virus is too much".

    Even if you ignore the fact that the 3.4% mortality rate is almost certainly overblown (doesn't account for asymptomatic carriers or people who self isolate, meaning there are missing survivors while missing fatalities are far less likely), it seems optimistic to assume that the lives saved won't be paid for ten times over with:

    * poverty-related deaths due to the economic collapse we are running mindlessly toward.

    * Refusing asylum for refugees in dangerous situations because every country has locked down despite already having the virus inside.

    * Slowing down crucial discoveries in the future due to stunting education now

    * Suicides from overblown anxiety and overreacting to the virus

    * Fueled xenophobia and "othering" (like what holier-than-thou commenters that didn't have spring break plans anyway are doing to the people in this video) which can lead to heightened tensions between groups of people and possibly violence or death.

    * Hoarding of essentials (yes, toilet paper is essential as unclean defecation practices can lead to more disease spread).

    I know, these things are all harder to calculate, so we just fucking shrug and try to minimize the simple (if not poorly measured) numbers we can comprehend and "flatten the curves" we can easily picture.

    tldr; if you've ever gone on spring break, seen a movie, went christmas shopping, or anything unessential during flu season, you are just as guilty as these kids at risking the spread of a deadly disease (yes, even if you are vaccinated, as no flu vaccine is ever 100% guaranteed) that kills more people annually than we are seeing this disease kill. If you try to get on a high horse about this video, you are a hypocrite.

  15. All of the losers come straight out of central casting for ignorant burnt out jackasses. I blame the local government for their greed over safety.

  16. A bunch of stupid children from Wella parents who won't cut them up and tell him to get a goddamn job. If they had to work for school they would be working right now around on the damn Beach. This is mother nature's way of cutting the culls out of the next generation. Twitch like these are really too stupid to live.

  17. We know young people have that sense of invincibility, it is natural. The targeted message to them should be about their loved ones who may get sick from them. They may become carriers and be ok themselves but get their parents or grandparents sick and dead. They should be shown real people dying. They should be told once their loved ones die, they are not allowed to touch the body to avoid spreading the virus even more. In Italy now they have 800 people dying a day you don’t even get to see the bodies. It’s like a movie, but real.

  18. Morally depraved? Depraved? Really? As with many of your video titles, morally depraved is an exaggerated way to describe these very young people. Ignorance is part of youth. This is how young people often are David. Lets save that kind of dramatic terminology for serial killers and the like. Your adherence to follow along with what mainstream media is claiming about this disease is your choice but many of us out here aren't buying it and it's unfortunate that during this situation I don't feel I can depend on your commentaries for balanced information.

  19. The problem is, for generations now we do not know what a pandemic is.
    The average person does not understand exponential growth.
    Thye average person does not understand the burden on the health care system with a pandemic.
    The average person does not understand that the longer the incubation time the more serious the pandemic is (in this respect ebola is "safer").
    The average person does not understand the mutation capabilities of a virus.

    And, on a personal level, the average person does not understand what it is to have a double pneumonia, being 3 weeks in high care in a hospital, not/poorly reacting to antibiotics, at times having multiple specialists around your hospital bed trying to cool down the high fever. (me, autumn 2015).

    It took me many many weeks, even months, to fully recover. I have been close to death.

    Having experienced this the chances of the corona virus killing me, if infected, approaches 100%.
    For that reason I have put myself in a lockdown (read: voluntary quarantine) avoiding every contact where possible/avoidable.

    Shoping has become a ritual. I select the quiet shopping hours. I walk to one grocery store only about 200 meters away. I do not touch anything (doors, my face, handle bars, etc.). I do not use shopping carts. I use my own personal shopping bag only. I buy preprocessed prepacked food only. Wash my hands before I go shopping and immediately upon return. Wash the packages before I put them away. And just hope this way not a single virus will enter my system. Someone else doing the shopping for me is not an option. Because a) I don't have a personal butler. And b) I cannot and do not control the lifestyle of the person doing any shopping for me.
    Lastly the internet and netflix are my only friends these days.

  20. Ignorant, hedonistic, self – absorbed airheads who's only concern is not being bored and to getting stoned out of their tiny brains. Forget international war, climate change or pollution, if this is the level of intellect that produces the next generation of politicians then any coming pandemics will wipe out the human race for sure.

  21. If that were my kid in the green hat I'd have stuck my foot in his ass. 2 of my kids came home from school early and no spring breaks this year. And my 16 year old is upset because Prom will most likely be cancelled. Bad time for all age groups.

  22. I live in Panama City Beach. We just had our first confirmed case here and it is a tourist from another state!! Good ole spring break! 😠

  23. `The new data show that up to one-fifth of infected people ages 20-44 have been hospitalized, including 2%-4% who required treatment in an intensive care unit.`

  24. I don’t care republicans dying in the streets like dogs. That’s apparently what they want, I am concerned about progressives. You know the good humans…

  25. In a month these clips will have aged as well as Bill Cosby albums. And they’ll be on the internet forever more.

  26. David,you cant- who are you to tell somone they cant have their cake if youre older than them and you had it already?????????

  27. Don’t be such a buzzkill David. We’ll be fine. So we’ll lose a few FN daily viewers, no big deal, they’re fine with it- just ask them 😂

  28. Again, more than 50% of Americans have below a 4th – 5th grade level of literacy, so it's no surprise. How you can get a high school diploma with this level of literacy boggles the mind.

  29. Can we apply the Darwin Awards to these people as a group? We can only hope they'll eliminate the Stupid Gene from the gene pool!

  30. Smh. Over here younger people have generally been complying with the regulations. With a view of "OK we are unlikely to be hit by this virus particularly hard, but to protect vulnerable groups and our parents working in crucial sectors we'll adjust." I have noticed that a lot of middle aged people have been quite ignorant of consequences and the severity in terms of ignoring social distancing and still visiting others or continuing daily activities in a way which doesn't prevent infection.

  31. The young people today are really into the juice. Let's drink, drink, drink. When I was their age in the 70s my friends and I hung out getting stoned and laughing our asses off. Unlike alcohol, pot does not make you angry, aggressive or drive 90 miles an hour down the road.

  32. They've been brought up to believe it's all about them. They are products of this sick environment, so we really can't blame them. Also don't forget that neither are these children responsible for the severely crippled healthcare infrastructure that the elderly will be subject to if they get sick. There are many aspects of this that only highlight even more how previous generations have fucked up America and made it utterly weak where it counts. SAD.

  33. The youth of at least the western world are spoiled from bad upbringing. Shame on them. Shame. The parents, I mean.

  34. Why aren't the bars and beaches closed? Why aren't the liquor stores? They always plan extra police for spring break madness, they should be out there enforcing baby and bar closures, but they're not. Why not?

  35. Murican kkkristians must know that it's in the bible.. a giant on clay feet.
    MURICA in a nutshell.
    A minuscule virus can destroy the most powerful country in one year .
    Unfortunately we.. the rest of the world will reduced to the same level/ the American barr witch is sub Mariana trough/ trog.

  36. American society has long been based around the ideal of 'rugged individualism' and we are finally seeing the drawback of that. When it comes to listening to the recommendations of experts, when is comes to looking to Government for action, and when it comes to making small personal.sacrifies for the greater good, many Americans say "Hell No! Me Me Me!" I work in retail and I've seen this first hand. President Shithead was only a symptom of deep pervasive problems in America's selfish and greedy culture.

  37. Same idiocy in Sweden, there is no spring break or equivalent, but there are people going to ski resorts with after ski parties. The club owners openly admit to just "almost" breaking the law that says no more than 500 people in one place, by saying they only take 499 guests, and the response from the authorities is that "a decision to prohibit these gatherings might come as early as next week" even though ski resorts in italy and austria is exactly where this spread to all over europe from, now they'll spread all over sweden by these reckless idiots.
    There are also a lot of old people who say "i've never heard of such a thing before" as an excuse to not isolate, even though the recommendation is that no one over 70 should leave home or meet any person with cold or flu like symptoms, many say they "don't feel like an old person".
    The food stores have hand sanitizers available for everyone who enters but a lot of people just don't use them, people with symptoms like coughing are going on buses and trains, everyone pretends like it's no big deal, even as the military is setting up extra icu units just a few blocks away. A significant portion of the populations just don't seem to accept any inconvenience at all.

  38. They dont understand they can take the virus back to a family member and kill them. I wouldn't want to be the one responsible for chopping down half my family tree because I wanted to party.

  39. I agree to some extent. Partying is irresponsible during a pandemic. However, it’s unrealistically to expect kids to stay home for 3 weeks straight biding time until everything clears up. It won’t clear up. We know this because the U.S. was negligent in their initial response. Locking teens in their rooms for three weeks is going to cause a lot of depression and possible mental health issues down the road, most likely leading to a spike in drug/alcohol use. I wouldn’t be surprised to see an increase in suicides as well. By addressing one issue, you’re creating another. Potentially worse in my opinion

  40. I haven't really dug deep into it, but I've seen already libertarian arguments along the lines of "it's all hysteria" and "the government shouldn't do anything to contain because it costs more money than to let it free." One of the kids of the president o Brazil even published recently an old (from January or early February, things were almost restricted to China so far) video of a famous Brazilian doctor when he said that people should live their lives normally, walk outside, no worries. On the same video, he even said that this recommendation could change soon. I hope these bastards go to jail, I only lament that in Brazil the maximum sentence is only 30 years. If only they could be arrested under some other legislation. It's simply mass murder with a biological weapon, used against their own country.

  41. This is why the 30 and under demographic didn't show up to the ballot box for bernie. They were preparing for spring break/kill everyone fun time.

    Worst part is they are travelers. Bringing that shit home soon.

  42. A preliminary study estimated that asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic spread could account for around 62% of the spread.

  43. Oh my god. These kids will then go home and infect everyone in the US. In Sweden where I live, I see young people going about their day as usual without a care in the world. I've tried to say to them that just because they have a low probability to get in serious or critical condition (or die), doesn't mean that the probability is zero. And that 0.1 % of 1 million cases are more than 0.1 % of 1 thousand cases.

    In Sweden we have a law banning 500 or more people at the same place. Some morons decided it was a good idea to have an after-ski party with 499 people. BAM! Someone's grandparent just died. Idiots. I hope the government will become much more strict very soon. Banning more than 2 people like they've done in Germany wouldn't be such a bad move at this point.

  44. I hope these fools before going back to wherever they came from to spend time to visit Mar-a-Lago and lick as many
    doorknobs as they can.

  45. Short sighted ignorance of the young…
    The attitude of minds that lack understanding, empathy & compassion…
    This is the selfishness that has now become the norm amongst many young people…
    Yes…it is entirely your prerogative to choose life or death for yourself, however it is NOT your prerogative to choose life or death for others through transmission, whether it be knowingly or not…
    These selfish ingrates are best off staying on those beaches & meeting their own destinies without dragging any innocent others into an early grave~💀

  46. That first kid needs to now go visit his grandparents see what happens. And then he can say I didn’t mean to do that it wasn’t my fault

  47. The true measure of any society is how it protects it's most vulnerable. These kids have no cognitive realization of the affect they have on others. Devolved?

  48. Mate, you don't hav a health system in America, your going to lose a lot of people, I'm in Australia and our health system is still coping and we still seem to be stayin ahead of the curve, however we had this happen on our Bondi beach in Sydney sat night mainly young people in their 20's the next night the state went on lockdown

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