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Monkey Trail Ride Leofoo Village Theme Park Taiwan POV

Slow down! Slow down… We won’t even have time to see… It doesn’t work Yes yes, there is just not the flash There is a lift hill over there! No, it’s automatic, Guillaume What’s over there? Oh, baboons! And on my side, I don’t know what there is I can’t see it… And there are baboons… With red buttocks! […] Why you braking?! Because… You stupid! –‘ Yeah but there is the car in front…. There is no car coming…. I’m scared, there is nothing on my side… Oh look there is p0#ta*&@ over there! [I have no idea what she just said…] Ah! There are goblins, it’s unbelievable No more barrier! Look over there, there is a small one! Small monkeys Look here, they are so cute! It looks like they could pass between the fences… Oh look! There! Merkats! Wait nope, there are not merkats… Lemurs! Lemurs. They are beautiful It’s, hum, it’s the guy in Madagascar Yep. King Julien! It’s still a bit electric though… [I think she meant the vehicles were partially electric] Hiiii I don’t know what the lemur is doing… Did you see the lemur? Like in Madagascar! It’s a video! It’s a video! It’s a video! Oh look the lemur’s eating! He is so cute! There are ducks! We can see the lemurs Look out for the tree Yep. Normally, there is a big monkey here I don’t know where he is There is the bus over here The one for the carnivorous tour Yeah, but this one is not a real one Because they showed it was a safari bus There is the train over there Look Guillaume! Here! They are so cute It’s the small macaque from… from the Night at the Museum movie! Yep. Hello :3 The small macaque from the NIght at the Museum movie! It’s Dexter! It’s Dexter It’s Dexter, yes Parents! It’s Dexter from the Night at the Museum! Slowly… It should have moved! Oh, flamingos! They are not all pink… Nope Some of them respect the rule Yup. Hey! A flamingo’s pink! There are some… It’s not good…. Here is a sad monkey Come on, we accelerate! No no no. Slowly. Slowly… Julie! We lost mom and dad… Shall we wait for them? If you want We’ll take a look at the same time Oh, the Savannah cow! The train’s leaving [Chicken sound] [Unknown animal sound] [Weird animal sound] Guillaume! No wait! Julie! They are right behind us, it’s okay. Oh look over there! He doesn’t care… Ohhhh the white tiger! Hello He gets really close to the windows! Yeah but he doesn’t like water! It shows that it’s a cat They don’t like water Did you know that tigers can swim? What? Tigers can swim! He is beautiful! [Super-weird animal sound] [What the hell?] Roar [What the heeeellll?] [This is getting ridiculous…] He is beautiful! He is nice! [I think I prefered the weird animal sounds now…] [Is she trying to fly or what?] [Kill me] We can see the Screaming Condor over there It was closed for… … …for maintenance Arabian Kingdom

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