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Mobile Medien – Einblicke in den Studiengang an der HdM

Mobile Media Why are you studying Mobile Media? It’s important to me that I develop apps and software that the user enjoys. I am mainly concerned with the design and the user experience. One example is an app, which was developed by fellow students for the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart. Which skills do you need for this course of study? You definitely need ambition, especially if you have never been involved in software development before. Mathematical principles wouldn’t be bad and in my opinion you can do anything if you’re willing to. What do you like best about your course of study? Clearly the big practical part. You have got the possibilities to work in different projects, also in interdisciplinary projects together with students from other courses and like this to develop amazing project. What challenges does the course of study bring with it? In my opinion the own organization is the biggest challenge, apart from math and software development. What are the prospects after graduation? You’ll have the possibility to work in many industries and to participate in innovative projects related to digitalization. But it is also the possible to continue with the Master’s course Computer Science and Media here at the university.

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