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Miami-Dade Minute – New Superhero Garden Autism Playground

This is your Miami-Dade Minute… One, two, three… ((cheering)) We are celebrating the ribbon-cutting of this extraordinary park, the first park in the state of Florida to provide a play area for children on the spectrum of autism. Superhero Park is proof that parks bring communit(ies) together. We have a spinner. It also provides a space for children in a wheelchair. We have a sensory garden, a butterfly garden in the play area as well. As you can see, it’s got a fence around it. It’s a very secure environment. It’s a cozy environment. They can now, you know, enjoy the parks like everybody else. We are a county that wants to be inclusive of everybody and everybody’s needs and our Parks Department has to reflect that so that’s why we’re going to be doing more, not only have this the first one here, but more and more of
these are going to be popping up all throughout Miami-Dade County.

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