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Mexico Playground Build

What’s up?
I’m Carter Oosterhouse with Carter’s Kids and we partnered up with American
Airlines and right now we’re in Mexico City building this playground.
Let’s go check it out. Right now we’re in the south part of
Mexico City and we’re working with community center of San Juan Bautista
that has basically started this preschool for about 120 kids.
The beauty of it is that the community really started this preschool.
They made sure that they had everything that they could use,
but they didn’t have a playground. We came in and partnered up with
American Airlines and we were able to put up this playground behind me in
about two days, if not for the team,
you know, making sure that we can figure this out
this wouldn’t be here right now. There’s 120 kids that are going to
absolutely love this playground, come tomorrow.
From there on out. There’s going to be generations of kids
who play on this playground for a very long time

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