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  1. Thanks for watching, friends! I hope these bring some inspiration into your kitchen — were all spending more time at home right now , hopefully this helps spice up your day. Stay safe and well, everyone 💚 ✨

  2. Great video, thank you so much!!! I will definitely try this recipe. Just wanted to give you a heads up Tasty: The same link for the chowder is the same as the Al Pastor Tacos! 🙂

  3. Another good way to make vegan ramen broth is to use dried shiitake! Just soak them in hot water for around 30 minutes, and the water will turn a golden brown color. It's AMAZING for vegan ramen. (I'm not vegan, but I use this because I think it tastes better )

  4. You did tacos justice by heating the tortillas directly on the fire 🔥 People who don’t try this are MISSING OUT!

  5. Hey Merele and Massachusetts native I love your channel! Thanks for making this video, these are good recipe ideas. Thanks for making so many great videos. From one vegan to another… 🙂 🙂

  6. Merle: Gordon Ramsay’s not going to come check up on you!

    Gordon Ramsay’s kids watching this video: (sweating intensifies)

  7. I mean why do you feel like it's necessary to add rugola to Pesto ? Basil is as nutritious as rugola, rugola is a cruciferous so it has anti cancer property, but Basil is 2.5 time more rich in antioxydant than rugola and contains an essential oil good for digestion and infection. Basil is as nutritious as rugola if not even more, it's an herb so it's more concentrated in property, it's totally unecessary to add another leafy green as rugola in Pesto.

  8. Just fyi normal kimchi is NOT vegan! (has little shrimps and fish sauce in it) Make sure to get the vegan kind if you are looking for that 🙂

  9. Buzzfeed, you have one job, make your employees look great, couldn’t you make sure her baking on the face looked great? She is very pretty, the person that did the editing or worked the camera didn’t notice the powder on her face?

  10. Sounds weird to make mousse with milk or white chocolate, specially milk chocolate. This whole thing reminds of Alexis's sun-melted chocolate vegan mousse.

  11. These all look so good, I got a little sad because there probably won’t be any farmers market this year…
    Ps. I’m a 13 y.o vegetarian youtuber

  12. Isn't lamb the "Al pastor" part of an Al pastor taco? So, even though you put pineapple in them, these are still just roasted squash tacos.

  13. Here’s another vegan dessert that is amazing
    chocolate chia seed pudding :
    You’ll need-
    2 tbsp chia seeds
    1/2 cup dairy free milk or any milk if you want
    2 tbsp honey, agave syrup, or maple syrup
    1 tbsp cocoa powder
    Mix all ingredients together
    Let sit for four hours or more so the chia seeds can absorb liquid and turn the whole thing into a pudding
    You can substitute cocoa powder for whatever you want.

  14. As a vegan, I just wonder why I am the only one who isn't skinny when all these recipes have more fat in them than anything I eat lol

  15. the wrong link is in the description for the tacos 🙂

  16. I really like looking at Merle's vegan recipes because looking for halal recipes can be hard when everyone adds red/white wine to everything. Plus I don't need to replace pork with any other kind of meat either

  17. Can you make a video that's vegan but you don't use salt/veggie stock/onion powder or any other crap like that?

  18. Merle, omg!!! These recipes all sound absolutely amazing and totally within my abilities! Awesome job curating these, I am ITCHING to try the mousse and the vegan pesto!

  19. You always inspire me soo much 🥰
    I made vegan pancakes to cheer me up while in quarantine 😭 🥞

  20. Could anyone explain me how those canned chickpeas are premade? I`m from Russia and here the whole concept of eating chickpeas is kinda uncommon, so I am lucky if I find them hard and raw let alone canned. So would I basically get the same thing if I just cook them myself beforehand? Are there maybe any specific spices used?

  21. Yum! Thanks for sharing BF Merle! I was surprised you didn’t add corn to your veggie chowder! Much love from Montana! ✨💖✨

  22. She and Aria looks so much alike now.Is that a couple thing? Haha I can literally see Aria's face by just looking Merle 🥰😂

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