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Medellin Colombia Water Park | Things to do in Medellin Colombia

guys its real fun welcome to Colombia like what’s up what’s up as its your boy Thisisacelive, I’m back again to give you another awesome video today I with a bunch of
interesting people. First off I wearing my dolphin hats because my driver right
here, he’s a super Dolphin fan so I gotta put the hat on just
because he has his hat on you know what im saying. shout out to the 305 listen guys were
going somewhere special today . hold on this girl’s holding my drink. what is that? hello baby hello OMG LOL LOL Hello hello so we are going to are we going I too a water how do you….. how do you say it donde vas in english? where we going ? how? where we Going? where we Going! lol its this is a good drink not where we going lol where is the bottle so the people know Medellin I love you! so guys needless to say we live we go to a
water park and we’re gonna jump in the water I know a lot of you guys you never
knew those a water park in Medellin actually is notMedellin. where is it? its in Barbosa Colombia, so guys I’m gonna put the address in the description for those who
wants to know alright it’s alots of fun and if you try
to get in contact with him you got to email me okay he dosen’t want random people calling his phone so hit me up first and then I give him the number after that’s what he said because I wanted to post his number down .alright guys soon his numbers gonna come up but not right now though alright guys so y’all excited I’m excited let’s do it yeah Miami Beach! alright guys we’re in the water park
right now and we’re are in a rush to get in the water. ye got here kind of
late so we have a little over an hour and 20 minutes probably hour and 10
minutes now to enjoy the water I’m gonna be rushing over here hustling so I can
give you guys the best footage ever okay this place is huge guys and as a matter
of fact I was talking to the girls and they were telling me if you’re going to
come out here you should come out here on a Sunday that’s when it’s the package
will actually play Saturday so they say they love is Saturday that way don’t
have to wate in huge lines but Sunday here is ridiculous alright guys so if
you’re traveling here keep that in mind Sunday here’s ridiculous there’s a lot
of people here. the parking lot seem empty as you can see everybody’s doing a thing alright me I want to go to
the waterside so let’s go check out the Oh Medellin 1:32 Before I Break my Camera welcome to Colombia! That was fun, shout to my camera girls the did a great job it was thirteen thousand pesos to get
into this park guys the girls are afraid to get on this one right here so after
this one we’re going to do a little lounge and in the water and … 1:00 before I break my Camera I love you oh no no you have to do it too lets go lets go Oh no no, no its going to be another story Yes it Broke if you wander in yes the camera don’t
want to turn on I’m gonna see if I could get back to my
room and see if it’ll work after I get back to the room I put it in some Rice 2 day later its all better you know I actually checked the online and
I was surprised to see that there wasn’t too many people talking about this huge
water park here and it’s pretty much like 20 30 minutes outside the city of
Medellin. think of it as you driving to the airport the airport to meta-gene
currently is like a 40-minute drive that’s the same thing as driving
here it’s like going to your local next County or your next city it’s quick and efficient and the best thing about it is it’s cheap guys and check out the views guys all right you you can go to Disney World
but your not going to get something like this I’m just telling you. it feel like I’m in Hawaii or somewhere its real fun here so I just want you to think about
coming out here to this water park one moment How do you like this place? Spectacular! should tourist come here? obviously, one of the best place to go when visiting Medellin Colombia ok guys it’s just like any
water park they sell all type of things they sell bathing suits here they also
sell ice cream food you might want to get a quick bite so you can come out
here with your family enjoy yourself for those who want to come here with your
family ok it doesn’t have to be a solo trip I’m going to show you a quick map
of the place right now don’t get me wrong I do enjoy filming but there is one
thing that I also enjoy doing and that’s swimming alright and I can’t do both so
I hope this is enough what is for you to get over here ok.
I told you if you new to this channel subscribe to this channel I’ll try to
give you something you never seen before a little bit different i spice it up so subscribe and I see in the next video but before leave I have to remind you to “Always Stay Live” with the mountain background behind ya that’s the mountain can you see it like I see it? can you see this mountain can you feel this mountain bro you need to be here

Reader Comments

  1. Those mountains were great. And the fact that it wasn´t crazy crowded on a Saturday is 🔑. It never even occurred to me to go to a water park in another country. That´s thinking outside the box.

  2. As a Colombian in Atlanta I love your content and wish u had more girls as co hosts lol also bro ur camera sucks so bad upgrade pls

  3. This looks like so much fun. We're leaving Medellin in a few weeks. I'll see if the family wants to go before we head back to the states.

  4. did the driver wait on you or how did that work? Also, was there a lockers to keep your wallet and other personal belongings ?

  5. This reminded me of a water park I was once at in Spain when I was about 7 years old.

    I didn't know how to swim at the time and my friend who was slightly older than me was trying to teach me how to swim with the flippers that were too big for me to fit into lol.

  6. brother you're like the mailman. You always deliver haha love your videos going this summer. Really excited about it

  7. Hey man, Medellin is not safe right now. There is a drug war and they are killing alot of people and its not even being publicized. They are also targeting black American's and they are using (prepagos) strippers to set them up. It is bad!

  8. 0:45 Medellín es una ciudad muy atrasada y pobre. Necesitamos que el gobierno les ayude, hay que ir acabando con este flagelo en el país y más que todo en las ciudades principales como Medellín y Cali.

  9. Dude…and I thought I had the time of my life while I was in Colombia in 2003-2007. Man you are doing all the things that I have been trying to explain to these young cats who are wasting their lives and have never left their neighborhood none the less the United States! So much life to be enjoyed…keep having all the fun that life can give you! Looks like you are going to be bringing a prize back home Ace? Lol!

  10. I dare to say that the guy who filmed this video finally found freedom once he arrived at a Latin American country. I experienced that when I visited Panama twice. Man I enjoyed my trips to Panama. I met and had a good time with gorgeous women who didn't have any attitude problems nor I had to break the ice to introduce myself. That's what a single man with some income living in the U.S. should do, travel outside the U.S. borders to start living life. I saw old men in Panama with fine young babes and nobody was disgusted about that like most women in the U.S. would be had they seen what I saw. In Panama I could drink outside my uncle's house without the fear of being arrested. Our lives in the U.S. and our existence is being criminalized by a government that is obsessed with writing laws every second to the point that it even regulate the natural daily living of human beings. People in Latin America live to enjoy life, people in the U.S. live life to obey laws, work like a slave and pay taxes. Now the term rape here has been redefined to the point that women have the power to call a date and reciprocal sex rape 40 years later. I have friends that now have decided to travel to meet women and have fun or find a long time partner. In the U.S. now men have to be careful when dating and having casual sex with women because a false accusation of rape can land any man in jail without due process. I think the system in the U.S. is trying to separate men and women by enacting laws to control men to the point that men have to be extra careful and afraid when meeting women here. I see a sad and depressing future for American women if men decide to look outside the U.S. for fun and love. The Me Too movement and feminism have destroyed marriage and the relationship between men and women and have exported American men overseas to look for women.

  11. I am in San Diego right now. I visited Bogota for 9 days last year. I can't decide if I should do Medellin, Cali or Cartagena. I met a really sweet girl in bogota that was from Venezuela. She will be meeting up with me again. Maybe you could ask her some questions or get advice for your viewers.

  12. Damn fam a black mans kryptonite water I’ll fuck around and drown tryna get sum bitches out there 😂

  13. Thank You, Love your videos. I'll be moving to Medellin from Washington DC. Good to see brothers are treated alright in Colombia. I usually only go there for business.


  15. Hola me encanta que pongas su títulos para entender yo tengo un paseo al parque de las aguas con el colegio

  16. I don’t see the address on this. Or anything, but he’s showing people a good time. Getting better guys

  17. You put your camera in rice?…. really?.. what does that do, Chinese come at night eat the rice and fix camera?

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