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Mayan Water Park Sri Lanka – Ashen’s Diary

Today we are at the Guruge Nature park at Ja Ela A new feature has been introduced by Guruge Nature Park called the Mayan Water Park Today Ashen’s Diary is with Mayan Water Park The cost of a ticket to Mayan Water Park for an adult is LKR 500 while for a child below the age of 12 is LKR 400 This is the shallowest place at Mayan’s Water Park. It is reserved for kids Not only swimming, kids can play around have fun with the water springs, which are reserved only for kids This is the pool reserved for adults only This is situated in the middle of Mayan’s water park You can come here through a staircase and at the top of the staircase is where you’ll find this pool This is the Featural Manager of Guruge Nature Park, Mr. Sumangala Silva Mr. Sumangala, what is the reason behind naming this Mayan Water Park? This is the only theme water park in Sri Lanka It reflects the ancient Mayan civilization. It shows how the civilization was covered in water and we plan on giving that experience to our customers This is the pool master of Mayan water park Mr. Suranga What is your duty here at Mayan Water park My duty here is to maintain the cleanliness of the water and it’s standard And also to secure the safety of the customers This is the secret tunnel of the Mayans at Mayan water park. Now we are abpu to enter the secret tunnel You can come to Mayan water park through the Colombo-Katunayake highway and exiting through the Ja Ela exit or else you can come from the the Negombo-Colombo main road When you pass around 200 m from Weligampitiya junction, you can find the Guruge Nature Park Mayan water park is inside the Guruge Nature Park This is Ashen’s Diary with Ja Ela Mayan Water Park The owner of Guruge companies, Mr. Dhanawardhana Guruge is now here with me Why did you feel the need to present a theme water park to Ja- Ela Countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Bangkok have been developed for Foreign and Local travelers be creating places of enjoyment like this, theme parks, water sports and historical palces Therefore people who come to this place say that Sri Lanka has become a great place for Tourism in Asia because of places like this That is the reason why I decided to create Mayan Water Park for Sri Lanka

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