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Marvie Visits a Waterpark (Sesame Studios)

Hey, there, greenie-beanies,
it’s me, Marvie. Today, my family and
I are at a waterpark! One of my favorite things to
do is play in the wave pool. I like to pretend I’m
surfing in the ocean. Surf’s up! The waves are
really gnarly today. Cowabunga! I don’t really know how to surf,
but I’d like to learn some day. Another thing I love
to do at the water park is to float down the lazy river. If I’m lucky, maybe I’ll
go under a mini waterfall to cool off along
the way, or I can pretend I’m a mermaid and
wave to all my friends under the sea. But the best thing about a
water park is the water slide! Last time, I went down
seven times in a row, and today, I’m going
to try for eight! What’s your favorite thing
to do at the water park? Have a grownup write your
answer in the comments below. See you later, greenie-beanies. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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