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Making Frozen2 Elsa Anna Cake (part1)

Hello, this is sugar tory Today, I’m going to make Anna and Elsa in Frozen2 I’ll make legs with fondant. Roll it out to form a long oval. Put the wire in fondant and fix it to the ankle. Make the other leg in the same way. Put it in the mold and form a body shape. Press the waist and neck except the chest, and trim the shoulders and neck. Adhere to the backside of a skirt with water. Give the volume on the front side. Attach the other side of it in the same way Apply water to shoulder and waistline and cut the rest. Color the skirt in gradation. Draw a skirt shoes and a belt. Stamp the Elsa’s face with a mold. Paint the Elsa’s face using food coloring. Attach back of the head and ears on the face. Braid her hair in T shape. I’ll make her arms. I’ll stick the rest of the hair. Finally, draw the Elsa’s dress I finished making an Elsa. I am going to make an Anna too. I finished making an Anna. The next video is creating Ullaf and frozen 2 cake.

Reader Comments

  1. 와우~편집의 신기술 유튭자막 어캐 하는거에요?? ^^;;;
    슈가로 태어난 엘사 안나 ..흐미 넘 멋지네여~

  2. 슈가토리님 엘사와 안나 만들어주셨네요 ㅎㅎ
    이번 영상은 영어 더빙도 하시고~ ! 꾸준한
    영상 업데이트 감사합니다~ 늘 기대하고 있습니다 홧팅♡

  3. 헐 대박! 슈가토리님 이번 영상 진짜 좋아요ㅠㅠ 전 영상도 좋지만 갈수록 더 좋아지는게 눈에 보이네요 노력 진짜 많이 하셨겠어요! 더빙 원어민 인줄 알았네요..👍🏻 굿입니다!

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