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Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Nintendo Switch Trailer – Nintendo E3 2019

[Nintendo Switch Snap][thunder clap]
[mysterious playful music]
– Hello? [nervously]
Mario? [Luigi yells] – [Narrator] Luigi’s
invited to a gorgeous hotel with Mario, Peach,
and the others. [condescendingly]
Oh, lucky him. Luigi’s Mansion 3. This hotel is much more
than meets the eye. For, not long after
Luigi arrives, things take a dark turn. We begin our tour by taking
in some sights and sounds. You may never leave. Er… WANT to leave. The other guests certainly
don’t plan to move on. They’re ghosts, after all. And they’re rather aggressive. Simply scare them
with the strobulb. Then suck them up. Luigi’s new Poltergust G-00 has the powerful suction
capabilities required and other new features,
as well. [zany music] First, the Slam. While trapping a ghost,
slam it on the ground to inflict some damage. It helps to get other
ghosts in on the action. Next, the Suction Shot. Fire the plunger to
attach it to something. Then pull the string and… you can destroy furniture
and more. It’s effective against
certain ghost types, too. [whistle] Sometimes, ghosts may feel
inclined to gang up on you. In such situations,
a Burst should do. The powerful air pressure
released will blow away ghosts. And it’s perfect for when
you need a little air. [strange, deliberate music] Ah, we simply can’t overlook
the latest invention from Professor E. Gadd. Namely Gooigi. Change between Luigi and Gooigi
to use both their skills. Gooigi can do everything from
slipping through metal fences to walking on spikes. Indeed, there are
obstacles too great for Luigi to handle
on his own. And, if you pass a Joy-Con
controller to a friend, he makes for a
great co-op partner. But proceed with caution. Gooigi and water
definitely don’t mix. [Faster, spooky music] Now, please direct your
attention to… The ScareScraper. Spooky, sure. Yet it also houses
up to eight players for local or online
co-op gameplay. Defeat all ghosts
before time runs out. Seek and find our
dear, misplaced Toads. And face any challenges the
tower throws at you together. [elevator ding] [spooky, slow waltz] – [Male Narrator]
What a place to wake up in. A haunted hotel with floor
after floor of oddities. Many traps and mischievous
ghosts lurk within. What will befall our
missing Mario and friends? And his dear brother Luigi? Their fate rests
in your hands. Luigi’s Mansion 3.

Reader Comments

  1. When Luigi fell asleep, his nightmare was King boo chasing him down the hall, and the screenshot where King boo wanted to put Luigi in the empty painting, then when Luigi yelled no, he wakes up at the night

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