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Lucifer’s Playground

hi everyone I’m Alexandra and we’re
about to take a deep dive into some of the most disturbing realities we face in
this fallen world recently billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was
arrested for alleged sex trafficking after an indictment was unsealed in New
York City and Keith Raniere the founder of Nxivm was found guilty on all
charges including sex trafficking the evidence also showed the human
experiments and occult rituals took place
it looks like the dominoes have begun to fall the Church of Scientology and its
leader David Miscavige is also facing charges of child abuse human trafficking
and libel in light of what’s just gone down with these cases I wanted to bring
something into the open that every researcher or truth seeker has no doubt
to come across in their journey I’m talking about ritual abuse and child
sacrifice this video is specifically for those who are believers in Yahweh God
and his son Yahusha or Jesus Christ let’s get started with the disclaimers
for the rest of this video if you watched my video about the 90s then you
know what style this is going to be likewise if you chose not to watch my
90s video I suggest that you also skip this one if you are a survivor of any
kind of abuse ritual or otherwise I would also recommend you skip this video
as it might be potentially very triggering also if you steer clear of
horror movies I would suggest you skip this because I will be showing clips
from a couple one last thing I discuss a very emotional topic in a non emotional
way however that does not mean that I endorse approve of or defend any of the
subjects that I talked about today all I want is to expose our enemies so that we
can fight them with knowledge wisdom and with the most powerful weapon of all
which is the Word of God I’m going to assume those of you who sit
through this presentation are already familiar with the topic and today as one
of my subscribers calls it we’re going into Lucifer’s playground Ephesians 6:10
through 12 “finally my brethren be strong in the Lord and in the power of his
might put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against
the wiles of the devil for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against
principalities against powers against the rulers of darkness of this world
against spiritual wickedness and high places.”
the reason I’m going to show you so many random clips is just to put into
perspective how saturated we are in themes of cannibalism, ritualistic murder,
blood drinking, and the occult. This is to add to the stack of anecdotal evidence
and see things are not just random or
coincidental let’s start with some definitions so we’re all on the same
page chapter one P***phile vs P***vore this is not the same as this one means
lover of children while the other means an eater of children most of these are
not this and most of this are probably these the reason I believe the
distinction is important is because there is such a visceral reaction to
this buzzword that prevents the entire truth being brought forward by making us
think that this is the worst crime possible and makes us think that things
like ritual sacrifice are completely unimaginable for example this article
from a site called disclosure TV says Stanley Kubrick said from the world
claims Nicole Kidman it goes on to say Nicole Kidman has been a brave speaker
of truth this could not be more false again by using this gatekeeping site in
a dark occultist like Kidman to reinforce the idea p***ilia is the worst
thing the people running the world are into is another way of deflecting from
their actual practices yes this is terrible but this is very different
carried out by a very different type of person for a very different reason let’s
define file in case you didn’t know according to The Week p***** is a mental
disorder characterized by recurring fantasies urges and sexual acts
involving children 13 or younger okay what causes it? scientists really don’t
know about half of all p***** were sexually abused themselves studies show
some studies suggest that those who offend have underactive or damaged
frontal lobes or temporal lobes meaning that they have less ability to control
themselves there is also sometimes a history of head injury and there’s also
usually very very low IQs “well Kim jong-un made a statement that Joe Biden
is a low IQ individual he probably is based on his record” everyone here knows
I’m not on the Trump or Q train just thought that particular insult was
very calculated most people with destructive addictions do not want help
and every addict has an enabler the worst type of enabler for this is the
deep web where the subculture is massive and systemic the YouTube channel
Surviving Life does a good job exposing the harsh reality
of this on Deep Web just to demystify it the Deep Web simply means sites that are
unindexed or encrypted therefore ungoogleable in my opinion
there’s much more than mental illness at play here it is demonic oppression at
the core of wanting to hurt or kill children or any human for that matter
this is bad this is evil and speaking a humans
this is not well not entirely a p***vore is similar to an omnivore or a carnivore
but instead of eating plants and animals they eat children specifically to
maintain their health and also due to their genetic differences and maintain
their position of power in the hierarchy called Moriah the establishment or
sometimes loosely termed the Illuminati they practice ancient occult blood
rituals to gain favor with the Nephilim or demons principalities and fallen
angels higher up members may blackmail lower ranking members and the cycle
continues they believe themselves to be above the law and have a right to
control those below them so this is a serious and potentially dangerous mental
disorder this is a religion you may be thinking that there is only one religion
guilty of this and maybe you’re thinking of these people yes they are a big part
of it but they’re not the only ones the origin I’m talking about are the mystery
religions this is what has ruled the entire world since before the flood and
after secret knowledge enlightenment the Kabbalah Sun worship moon worship
stellar worship paganism Buddhism Hinduism any religion that elevates the
teachings of Lucifer above Yahweh gods and ultimately take their teachings or
build their beliefs on the teaching of Lucifer is part of Mystery Babylon but
remember there are two sides fighting over humanity the Cabal and the Alliance
the beasts of the sea and the beasts of the earth described in Revelation
chapter 13 or the black and white the left and right hand paths and magic I’ve
explained both of these beasts and my other videos I’m sure you guys remember
them but as a recap the first beast the Beast of the sea primarily consists of
the dark occultists who worship gods like Satan Belial Kali Baal and the
Alliance these second beast who worships the light or
lucifer the ascended masters the sun gods the alliance likes to think of itself
as the good guy they have program slaves just like the cabal does and both sides
are complicit in hiding the truth up until recently when WikiLeaks and then
later Q decided to expose a few of the things that the cabal has been doing for
centuries including exposing the system but no I don’t think Q is here to
render justice don’t forget the Alliance has just as
many occultist secrets that would help humanity but instead have sat idly by
claiming the law of non-interference and keeping the masks of being the hero
which I believe is a fancy way of saying we’re bound by prophecy therefore we
can’t change the script otherwise we would all have had healing chambers
maglev devices and we’d be living in solar communities by now Grandmaster
Lewis said “the Rosicrucians were the first to have a complete outline of the
nervous system and to know exactly what part of the human body was connected
with every other part” you can’t tell me they don’t have drugs to cure every
illness the Cabal was thrown at us so many blame YHWH god for their troubles
but very few actually considered demonic activity and the power of the Fallen
Angels in this fallen world that we live in as being the culprit in the last
twenty years children have gotten what is called Pleiadian programming that can
or has been activated making them think that they grew up on Alcyone in the
Pleiades a survivor wrote in a book from the 1990s that this program was actually
going to be used in the grand deception of the end times I think that’s
interesting because Trump has actually been tied to the Pleiades by the New
Agers and here we are in 2019 to give you an idea of what Pleiadian
programming is all about here’s an excerpt from a new-age blog called the
Blue Dragon Journal “along with our allies in the Galactic Federation of
Light the Syrians the ashtar Ian’s the Andromedan and the Arcturians have been
observing the evolution of Earth’s humanity obeying the law of
non-interference we’ve sent star seats and walkins to
your planet to act as yeast for the rising of consciousness and frequency of
your peoples and bringing their Christ’s light to the planet these beings would
ultimately reverse the fall of the planet and rise it up again into the
light.” Mystery Babylon fan fiction of the truth of all the options to choose from
why Orion and Pleiades? oh right cause Lucifer can’t
create anything all he can do is plagiarize I think that’s an interesting
side note but anyway back to eating children the public may be getting slow
disclosure as far as the P***hiles but most of this video is going to focus on P***ores chapter 2 – pizza media and P*** symbols if you’re new or just need a reminder
I’ve left a link to a graphic of the whole web and how everything links
together in the description below this all broke opened in the fall of 2016
when John Podesta’s emails were leaked by WikiLeaks around the same time there
were a bunch of random Pizza references all over the place even showing up on
children’s clothes and purses take for example this reddit post no one eats
pizza for Thanksgiving a stand-up comedy show then this new at the time episode
of the middle aired with a very strange line written you’re gonna love our pizza
this episode of a show called the librarians that aired on December 11th
of 2016 also apologized for the terrible quality that it was all this was all
filmed on my phone on December 20th a chef wearing a hat that had a slice of
pizza on it classic French dessert now this is nothing new what’s being
revealed yes but the practice of eating children is as ancient as it gets the
elite have always been obsessed with eternal life and eating the energy of
the young keeps them young forever allegedly historically Elizabeth báthory
was estimated to have killed over 650 young girls and bathed in their blood to
remain youthful our media’s literally saturated in themes of cannibalism these
commercials are geared towards children how do you know we taste like? remember
when we were lost in the wilderness 3 went in 2 came out oh other than that, pretty fun trip
Snapple tastes just like fruit but snapple what you ate the new spokes candy? not
all of them… -hidden Africa Shirley played the cannibal civilizing Christian
missionary madam cradle bait during a raid which is captured and stuck in a
cliche cooking part in a Christmas episode from 2016 of Bob’s Burgers
there’s a joke about human sacrifice nothing weird he said which is troubling
yeah it’s definitely a human sacrifice party here’s a clip from a show called
the shivering truth on Adult Swim they aired a show called mostly for
Millennials on July 3rd of 2018 Adult Swim in itself is extremely
questionable and has a reputation of hiring problematic artists they also
showed a pilot of a show called trap universe with flashing subliminal
messages the creator of this cartoon has a colorful Instagram to say the least
February 15th an episode of dr. Phil aired about a woman who would lost touch
with reality Kelly she’ll talk in circles celebrities
she was saved in order to be famous you had to sell your soul to the devil in
the babies she tells me dr. Phil being either a programmer or handler I cannot
say but he is the 11th cousin three times removed from George HW Bush
himself and is instrumental in convincing the world things like mind
control do not exist. SNL just had a skit about this you dont know how good someones music is until you find out they’re a p***ile i dont ever need to see another Kevin Spacey movie again but if the CEO of Swisher Sweets turns out to be a cannibal I can’t just change my whole life Pete Davidson has joked about this before “if it was LA then i’d buy it but i don’t think they’re eatin’ people here I think it’s the opposite I think NY has some crazy seedy stuff going on They’ll cut your head off here, but there they’ll cut your head off and eat it that’s Hollywood Everyone knows about Hollywood’s elite being around programmer Marina Abramovic and her
spirit cooking about how to make a cut in the middle finger and eat the pain
one thing I want to point out is in the occult the middle finger is actually
linked to Saturn and rebellion Saturn being another name for Chronos which is
also Moloch look at these symbols girl lover boy lover little boy lover child
lover these are everywhere as I’m sure you’ve begun to notice
the representative Sheila jackson-lee wearing a p**** symbol for boylover as
a ring cue says she’s part of the club former Disney exact Michael Laney was
sentenced to more than six years in prison for sexually abusing a
seven-year-old girl and you Gloria Vanderbilt’s ritual abuse late in our
collection art collections in general are usually highly problematic look at
Tony Podesta’s art this is called the arch of hysteria it depicts a similar
scene as the one in I’m like a bird by Nelly Furtado as well as this scene in a
movie called in neon demon which is the same pose again as in this video by
Billy Eilish her entire video looks identical to one by a Brendon Urie side
note at a recent concert Brendon Urie sported this gold jacket covered in file
symbols back to Billy the lyrics of the song are very dark and she explains it
away by saying it’s written by the perspective of a monster under the bed
do you buy that because I don’t course all I see is a programmed Mind Control
victim she signed to interscope this is Interscope slow go this is Brendan URIs
jacket this is voodoo doughnuts another odd connection is in this
February 4th 2009 episode of man vs. food the host Adam Richman is wearing a
shirt of another questionable restaurant called vortex in Atlanta all right Voodoo how did you guys get started? do you love baking? sell the donuts we sell them
okay so seems you just me entered into a wildly successful business surely
another million-dollar business with overtones of pedovorism can’t exist
right? Pete Angivine created Little Babies 8 years ago even though he knew nothing about making ice cream or starting a business he was a musician a
shop that’s known for their crazy flavors little babies has a modern take
on ice-cream in PA I have heard about you all the way on the West coast have come here to meet you and I want to
hear what everyone’s been hyping up we obviously have a real penchant for the
absurd and the weird little babies visually is very inspired by that design
for pee-wee’s Playhouse huge fan? Gary Panter and Wayne white art heroes in
fact just last month our pizza ice cream was featured on pee-wee’s blog pee-wee
Herman isn’t exactly a wonderful role model this is what you see when you go
to pee-wee’s blog their Instagram is filled with symbolism as well okay
hiding in plain sight is a common tactic here letTaylor explained I think the
best messages are cryptic ones so Easter eggs can be left on clothing or jewelry
this is one of my favorite ways to do this because you wear something that
foreshadows something else and people don’t really usually find out this one
immediately but they know you’re probably sending a message they’ll
figure it out in time lots of examples of this exist over the history of my
career which I hope they have put me in my face
it’s encoding messages into the lyrics why not capitalize random letters and
see if the fans figure out that if you take all the random letters and you put
them together it spells out like little codes secret messages in August of 2018
Franklin Graham tweeted pictures of himself a voodoo doughnuts in Portland
Oregon that said take a look at these killer Donuts
survivors of satanic ritual abuse like Fiona Burnett the author of this article
know that this particular location has been implicated as a hub for child sex
trafficking quote if the voodoo doughnut menu is not inappropriate enough for
Billy Graham’s worshippers let’s take a look at the restaurant sign that Franco
brand posed in front of notice the trademark swirl the name voodoo doughnut
itself is kind of anti-christian Christians are traditionally against
voodoo witchcraft and evil stuff it best it certainly seems odd to me that such a
high-profile Protestant figure would boast on social media that he dined at a
venue named voodoo which sold Donuts named after sexual acts and Satanism
things Protestant ministers are supposed to publicly oppose right Fiona retweeted
Franklin’s picture along with various accusations against him and his father
33rd degree brother man Billy Graham the next day without any explanation or
rebuttal Franklin Graham quietly deleted his posts for Halloween they made child
size coffins a voodoo location is actually in Disney Springs
I find this really odd considering the links the Disney goes to to uphold their
wholesome image they even relegate darker films like The Nightmare Before
Christmas – there are other studios like touchstone however there is a short
animation called bimbos initiation from the 1930s that depicts the process of
mind control I’ve left a link to the full video in the description I mention
this because it’s none other than Mickey Mouse that throws the initiate into the
rituals side note The Wizard of Oz is heavily used in mind control and ritual
abuse and the song the wizard and I from the
musical Wicked reads like an ode to a programmer from the victim the whole
ideal for the programmer is that they know everything inside and out of their
victim that they literally are like a God who has created his own perfect
human like a coder who created an intelligent video game character dr.
Frankenstein who made the perfect monster and so on
Pizza is a notorious symbol we see everywhere as our red shoes and
sometimes red pizza shoes anyway the coding has a lot to do with food and
what do you do with food you eat it all so I think it’s interesting that the
only thing you really think of associated with a furnace or a
wood-fired oven is a pizza reminiscent of Moloch archived posts from James
Alefantis’ the owner of Comet always features suggestive images and comments
but one comment from a user called Kek magic says quote Kek has cursed the
followers of Moloch shadilay if you’ve watched my video the cult of Kek then
you know what a fascinating link this is sorry about the captions they’re
auto-generated but the sound quality is poor so they may help something called
the pizza place next door to comet ping pong Pizza that’s the pizza logo until
only a few weeks ago clearly you can see that the best of logo actually contains
the same image I’m going to show you their logo I find it interesting that
successful fast-food chains have actually added these symbols to their
logos the power pyramid is all about money because money and power covers all
their sins big banks answer to central bank’s central bank’s answer to
international central bank’s those answer to the Bank of International
Settlements and so on today’s Giants are still Titans money moguls and their
wealth shows how much power they have over us but think of it this way in the
days of Noah the Giants were the ones who had power over the humans we
couldn’t go up against them easily today if your height was equivalent to your
wealth how tall would you be Oxfam international created the infographic
that shows just how 10 main corporations manufacture the majority of what’s on
our shelves at the market some of these brands have logos like this why well one possible reason would be
because these companies fund a large portion of this underground a massive
gatekeeper to the mainstream masses learning anything is the site
they attempt to belittle and disprove anything that goes against the
mainstream narrative by setting up red herrings or paper tigers and then
destroying their own fictitious argument instead of addressing the actual matter
the owners have also been arrested on charges of fraud and corruption Joe M on
Twitter said Soviet cabal invented the concept of fact-checking during the
Bolshevik Revolution as a weapon of propaganda war to suppress truth coming
from the West they recycled the old trick again to
fight Trump and call it Snopes Donald Trump first mentioned instigate
in 2011 a queue post from March 10th 2018 says Hollywood is filled with them
models find the loudest voices brainwashed who was adopted who was born
in they thought the Sheep would follow the Stars the loudest voices are often
brainwashed or programmed Marilyn Monroe was adopted who was born in Katy Perry
her father is a pastor who wears Luciferian necklaces and rings Nicole
Kidman was also born in her father Antony recently committed suicide after
Fiona Burnett testified about his crimes against children in Australia one reason
celebrity programes are called slaves is because nearly 90 percent of what
Americans read watch and listen to was controlled by only six media companies
Hollywood is one massive programming centre but it hardly stands alone the
network is comprised of all the various organizations carrying out mind control
such as the CIA the Catholic Church NASA the Church of Satan
the Church of Scientology the country music industry professional sports the
Mormon Church and so on many falsely believe that the Vatican is at
the top of the food chain so to speak but that’s just one piece of it the dark
occult priests classes at the core of all Luciferian religious holy cities
including Jerusalem and Mecca among others PBS’s frontline describes the
conglomerates that determine what information is distributed to the masses
as a web of business relationships that now defines America’s
Media and culture according to public analysis from Bloomberg the largest
holder in coarse Civic is Vanguard Group Incorporated core Civic is a company
that owns and manages private prisons and detention centers interestingly
enough Vanguard also holds a considerable stake in the media giants
determining this country’s culture the number one holder of both Viacom and
Time Warner is a company called Blackrock Blackrock is the second
largest holder in core civic second only to Vanguard there are many other
startling overlaps in private prison mass media ownership but two underlying
facts become very clear quickly Blackrock Vanguard fidelity and State
Street effectively control the US economy as well as much of the world the
people who own the media are the same people who own private prisons so
celebrities are essentially prisoners as well as the people who consume their
content my point here is what you see in here is not coincidental at all anyone
who believes they can be rich and famous when they don’t come from the right
bloodline has sadly bought the myth that is constantly perpetuated in keeping
people invested in this twisted version of royalty like I’ve always said if you can’t join
a beat’em the artist Mark Ryden is horrific ly obsessed with creating a
cult art like this and like this he also hexed Donald Trump and wished
everyone a happy Saturnalia mark Parker the CEO of Nike collects artwork by Mark
Ryden he’s also on the board of directors at Disney modern art can
definitely be used to launder money also to ship illegal things overseas because
we’re or expensive art does not have to go through the same customs inspections
this is one way the trafficking of children is accomplished it’s not just
weird occult artists either it’s all out in the open
for example refinery29 which is an American digital media and entertainment
company focused on young women had an art installation called 29 rooms oh so
that’s why one of the rooms is literally covered in aisle symbols back to models
Terry Richardson known as one of the most famous photographers in the world
or maybe most infamous he worked with Obama who flew $65,000 worth of hot dogs
into the White House from Chicago we Alan the man that married his adopted
daughter as well as many others some speculate he himself is a handler and I
would not disagree with that he’s photographed basically everyone in
Hollywood such as Macaulay Culkin who was a member of Pizza Underground and
his friends with Seth Green Twitter is on top of all this stuff if you’re
interested I find the Seth Green connection interesting since Seth and
Macaulay were child actors the same time as jonathan brandis who was in the film
it with Seth Green and committed suicide the remake of it is an allegory for the
Nephilim who eat children the people who live underground preying off the people
who above it did Jonathan really commit
suicide or did something else happen artists are notoriously at the center of
this controversy and for good reason remember John Podesta smocking it’s
reminiscent of a scene from mallanna of a giant crab that glows in the dark
and wants to eat the humans the History Channel is owned by A&E which is a joint
venture between Hearst Communications and the Disney media networks division
of the Walt Disney Company a high-level i that’s the thing
these p***vores are telling everyone to look up not down the underground is
where the real monsters live one only needs to research the correlation
between ritual abuse and abductions to see that there is a startling connection
to be made here’s where we’re going to get into the darker chapters of this
video as I talk a little bit more about rituals ritual abuse program slaves the
establishment and the religions of evil at the very core of our world
Lucifer’s Kingdom is the direct inversion of Yahweh’s Kingdom these
blood sacrifices are in blasphemy to Christ’s atonement I won’t go into
detail on the origins of MKULTRA and mind-control but if you don’t know I
highly suggest researching Operation Paperclip when these people came over
after world war ii and started things like the CIA at nasa chapter three
desensitizing death ping-pong is a common symbol used by pe****s
did you know that Susan Sarandon has her very own ping-pong club it’s named as
spin which in itself screams of ritual abuse because spinning altars are some
of the first altars to be created this is a photo of their Instagram which I
could not find a link to for like they said
but how many normal places do you see referencing Egypt and Babylon no
coincidences there is a poster found in common ping-pong by artist Kim noble she
was interviewed by vice news she has dissociative identity disorder
and one of her alters were the parts in her system created the piece the basis
for the success of the monarch mind control programming is the different
personalities or personality parts called alters can be created who do not
know each other but who can take the body at different times again here’s a
tie to the occult Kabbalah that the front altar Kim herself does not know
anything about one example of magic being at the core of their success was
David Bowie who was heavily influenced by Kabbalah the theme of his final album
Blackstar mirrors Elvis’s song black star speaking of victims the cultural
climate is a little bit strange right now after the advent of the metoo movement
which is all about believing victims of sexual assault see like The Huffington
Post said it’s time to start believing victims of except when it involves
children and high-level Luciferians have been it’s a hoax on February 9th of 2019
the Church of Satan tweeted this saying quote who wants to go get some pizza on
national pizza day this is obviously making a joke about the allegations
around comic pizza the reason this is so frustrating is because if any
organization were to call for an immediate investigation into these
allegations it would be the Church of Satan based on their very own 11 satanic
rules of the earth where number nine explicitly states do
not harm little children in reality they’re just a bunch of cowards hiding
behind an exoteric front another satanic group whose literature suggests human
sacrifice is the order of the nine angles there is also an alleged cannibal Club in LA even though it’s widely believed
to be a hoax what I find interesting is an artist that has been linked to it is
named diamanda galas in an interview with MTV she’s asked are you interested
in ritual magic in order to perform the way I do I must be she replies this is
what she sounds like prepare your ears folks while the cannibal Club may be
fake another website got a lot of attention for selling leather goods made
from human skin the site has since been scrubbed but there’s an archived version
still available in the movie the house that Jack built about a serial killer he
made a wallet from one of his victims the same way that Weil life killer
Ed Gein made lampshades gloves masks and other things from his victims I’ve
touched on this film before but it hardly stands alone it’s about a serial
killer who murders his victims including his wife and children in bizarre ways
the problem I have with this is that none of it is just a movie the name
alone is based on an old nursery rhyme which are almost always used in scripts
in ritual mind control programming in the movie the way he kills his victims
are all ways in which humans are ritually sacrificed by various groups
such as hunting children making leather out of human skin and storing bodies and
freezers the occult symbolism is also very strong
everywhere we turn is saturated in mystery religions it’s to desensitized
the public to the horrors that are actually happening and keep them at
arm’s length another satanic promo piece disguised as
a movie is called Suspiria in Berlin the Markos Dance Academy is actually
secretly run by a coven of powerful witches their leader mother Markos most
likely several hundred years old is in need of a new body so through the school
the matrons including madam blank like certain members to become the new
physical body for Marcos this illustrates the nature of the grand dame
generational spirits or demons are passed on from one member of the
hierarchy to the next another notorious movie is called a Serbian film the uncut
version shows depictions of what US in the research community know happens all
too often to children and babies yet the majority of people claim this film to be
among the most disturbing ever made like it’s some sort of badge to sit through
this when it pales in comparison to the things that are actually happening every
day I’ve always believed that there is a no horror movie scarier than reality the
movie hostel part 2 is about a hostel turned nightmare where art students are
sold to the highest bidder to be killed slowly one scene depicts a woman hanging
upside down who was then stabbed to death by another woman who sits in a
bathtub and drinks her blood what truly baffles me is the sheer volume of people
willing and eager to consume this content now people who have never dealt
with spiritual warfare have an idea about how demons work they possessed
people and make them act all outwardly crazy and that’s just not true
sure possession can certainly turn people into monsters but the majority of
demonic activity is more of an oppression negative entities come
through gateways and start to influence a person’s life
a cult activities act as permission for these entities to operate then things
like plans marriages relationships they all start to fall apart that is why it’s
important to be careful what we passively consume every day whether it
be in our food or in our media what we think and what we say because there is a
war going on and it is a war for your soul Welcome to NERVE a game life truth or dare watchers pay to watch players play to win are you a
watcher or a player? in the movie nerve people called Watchers dictate dares to
the players it gets more and more dangerous as the game goes on while this
is not in any way a horror film what if I told you a horrific version of
something similar does exist? this is Mckamey Manor it’s a nonprofit
extreme haunted house specializing in personalized nightmares run by Russ
McKamey me I’m just Russ however it’s less haunted house and
more elective torture the volunteer actors are hired by Russ to legally
torture the victim mind you they do not have medical training
they’re there to break you until rusta sighs you’ve had enough it’s meant to
break you physically and physiologically people voluntarily sign up and I am
talking like thousands of people are on a waiting list but the process is very
long and some reports say there wasn’t his gang actually kidnap you prior to
signing all of the waivers as part of the experience the victims are subject
to acts including but not limited to beating choking cutting ingesting a
foreign substances forced vomiting and waterboarding so you know like great for
date night the ordeals are filmed and then heavily edited then released only
if the victim agrees that everything was consensual if they don’t say that
everything was voluntary then the footage is never released there are
reports that the cops are very well aware of this operation but they don’t
do anything because it operates in a legal gray area Russ also uses very
specific cameras typically they’re used for live streaming “I think I just died.” you okay?”I don’t know” “I’m serious I can’t do that again, I’ll die” “did he die?” I just lost all sense of reality right now why?Is it that scary here? like I just lost all
sense of reality I don’t know where I’m at but you do now “I do now kind of ” the type of abuse and trauma in some ways is similar to that of people who have been
ritually abused tactics meant to split the mind so what is the reason for
something like this to exist apparently it has to do with live stream
bedding the live streams are broadcast to an underground bedding network in Las
Vegas tell the people right now they’re
watching tell Vegas right now none of this This was entirely more than I thought it was gonna be! None of this really seems to make sense to me so
here’s my opinion whoever is paying for these people to get tortured to the
point of near death needs adrenaline they harvest the sphere
energy I mean you guys remember in Monsters Inc the screams of children
generate energy that can be captured the same way factory farms traumatized and
terrorized the cattle so that the meat is full of adrenaline these videos
generate adrenaline this leads me to adrenochrome they make sure the child was terrified
so they pump the adrenaline through the blood and they then they you like to
drink that blood and they’re addicted to adrenaline a lot of them so there’s
actually a science when you analyze it the science behind the madness
adrenochrome is like LSD or mescaline but much stronger
it comes from adrenal glands and the brain stem of humans but it can also be
synthesized from animals like sheep the simple used and donate life’s logo is
probably not a coincidence nor the fact that they partner with an organization
called Osiris therapeutics for years Planned Parenthood has been under attack
after many undercover videos came out showing they sell aborted fetal body
parts it’s perhaps gonna be even more shocking you’re going to see evidence in
it of how planned parent is actually willing to sale fully intact fetuses to
buyers of aborted fetal tissue on June 20th of 2019 the court ruled that Donald
Trump can defund Planned Parenthood and cut 60 million dollars in taxpayer
funding remember what you see on the surface is never the whole story after
all Trump has been on a mission to stop all types of human trafficking and Q has
attempted to bring awareness to what the darker cultists have been up to since
day one because it’s my opinion the Trump is part of the false prophet
system and a light Luciferian himself this awareness makes perfect sense Trump
and the Alliance are performing mental alchemy they’re following the hermetic
principle of the universe being mental or the idea we create our own reality
understanding lead for what it is as a means to change it into something more
valuable like gold understanding the Cabal for what they’ve done and using
that discussed to usher in a golden age problem reaction solution the Hegelian
dialectic cue aligning itself with Christianity is very poignant because
that is the very people the second beast system
deceives Tarot is of course just another cabalistic tool the Tarot is used for
its symbology while all decks are different they carry a lot of the same
themes like Crowley’s Thoth deck has cabbalistic attributes on the cards and
is defined in terms related to the Tree of Life down to the colors on the card
the Tarot is a method of initiation made up of these symbols which correspond to
certain attributes any deck you have will be able to build a Kabbalistic Tree
of Life this Twitter post shows how 22 Major Arcana trump cards correspond to
years beginning in year 2000 trump cards figured into the Economist in 2017 as
well with Trump as the judgment card here judgment is to be played in 2020
followed by in this person’s opinion evil defeated worldwide by 2021 in this
Luciferian world of polarity there is light and dark the dark being the dark
occultists and the light being the light Luciferians know the polar opposite of
dark is not the light of Yahweh God for Yahweh is not in a polar dichotomy at all
he is separated from that dichotomy altogether and is a completely different
form of light first John 1:5 says that God is light and in him is no darkness
at all again this is a massive industry that is relegated to organizations like
one example is a Twitter thread focusing on a tweet from Donald Trump from 2012
that misspelled the word children they discovered a company called Alibaba
Express the world’s largest retailer and e-commerce company also misspells the
word children and guess what else it sells adrenochrome the thread goes on to
point out too many coincidences for this misspelling not to be code for something
else an immortality serum is even a card in the Illuminati card game in old books
on the occult there is still a recipe for something called flying ointment the
ointment produces a sensation of flight or an out-of-body experience it’s made
up of various substances some of which are hallucinogenic or poisonous like
belladonna aconite deadly nightshade and then the
herbs are mixed in an oil one suggested in traditional recipes is baby fat how
else do you obtain baby fat if you don’t cook a baby? while modern practitioners of witchcraft
say this is nothing but lore there might be a bit of truth to the recipe after
all the central book of Thelema called the book of law has a recipe for
something called the cake of light of course it includes your usual cake
baking ingredients like flour and honey there’s also something called an
ingredient X it says quote the best blood is of the moon or monthly meaning
menstrual blood then the fresh blood of a child sanctum is another example of a
secretive club that’s exoteric ly a sex cult but esoterically appears to be
about something much darker it says quote the last many months I am a
caterpillar in a cocoon and every experiences bringing me closer to making
my way out into the same world I was in before but now with wings to take flight
with a similar vision but a different perspective the masquerade on July 28th
will be the embryo of a new philosophy grown to an infant that can be
interacted with this child will carry with it the wisdom of the last five
years of its prior incarnation but with a different purpose
I find the double meanings disturbing membership begins at ten thousand
dollars annually and goes up to 1 million swimming pools also figure into
the imagery pools and bathtubs are very easy to clean
Tony Podesta’s art collection has been at the center of controversy and
includes images with pools in the movie the neon demon the main character is
killed when she falls into an empty swimming pool it gets more bizarre when
the other model eats her eyeball the same idea is shown in the Tim Burton
film mrs. Peregrine’s Home for peculiar children “Baron discovered by consuming the eyes especially
children, they began to change one known villain to humanity is the
Australian demon in a human suit named Peter Scully he was known for his work
in a company called No Limits fund as a director of snuff films featuring
children which were distributed on the Deep Web he has since been arrested but
I am sad to report that No Limits fund is still active because he was only one
part of it computer security expert Gareth Owen found in a report last year
that 80% of Deep Web activity has something to do with this I would go
even further and include this since the Deep Web makes it so easy to obtain
things like adrenochrome human organs weapons actual humans and other drugs
Scully created his videos for very wealthy individuals which should give
you a clue as to who consumes this content
Mckamey Manor sanctum No Limits fund all cater to extremely wealthy yet anonymous
individuals notice the difference between Fame and riches and wealth and
anonymity a video link to Scully is an urban legend called a fool of Ron
Swanson of surviving life reported on this video after this footage surfaced
on the Deep Web people lost their freakin minds but luckily this was
another huge hope staff who loved was a Peter Scully series that footage luckily
came from a film called American guinea pig blood bouquet of blood and gore but
there is something I want to point out that it’s kind of strange the masks the
men wear they’re similar to the demons in an anime called the Promised
Neverland the entire premise of the show is about children at an orphanage who
discover they’re actually in a human farm and instead of being adopted
they’re sold is meet the higher IQ children get to live longer than others
the entire show portrays this human sacrifice system overseen by a mother of
Darkness or grand dame literal demons are the ones who procure the children
notice these demons indeed have six fingers the Nephilim
were described as having six fingers on each hand in first chronicles 20 verses
six through eight the biggest problem I have with this is that Luciferians hide
the truth in places like children shows and cartoons so that no one believes you
when you bring up things like human sacrifice since the majority of society
is already primed to believe that it’s fantasy when it is not those following
the cue boards know exactly what I mean ritual abuse survivor and mind-control
victim Katy Groves recounts something that she had to do under mind control we
were told was our own but they made us chapter four
ritualistic reality most mind-control victims endure trauma to create altars
to become who we know today but some were born into accepting ritual abuse as
part of their life these are the people who are slightly human meaning that
their blood is different from ours and they have fallen DNA enter the
descendants of Nephilim knowing what these entities are capable of i’m nicole
kidman i am going to wait for cost meal fucks this is not impressive at all when
a child inside the hierarchy establishment is in their teens they do
the Kabbalistic Tree of Life Path working the path working rituals are
severe and meant to split the mind Luciferians worship various ancient
pagan gods including Lucifer Moloch Baal Dagon Imhotep Horus Isis Anubis and set
Fiona Burnett describes luciferianism as being arranged according to a
hierarchical structure which vaguely resembles a caste system at the very top
set thirteen family dynasties these are recognized by the cult as demigods below
these at approximately 300 Luciferian bloodlines who are generally high IQ
below this groups at the commoners who can never attain higher status because
they lack the desired bloodline these are your random covens based on
nationality sexual orientation gang membership and so on it is from these
lines that the cult obtains breeders women who were forced to breed
unregistered babies for sacrifice and sex trafficking I would add that these
women are forced breeders only to the extent that they’re not random women
these are Luciferians whose families have been involved in cults for
generations since there’s no birth record there’s no missing person report
it is common for certain Luciferian groups to kidnap their victims usually
infants and young children from hospitals orphanages shopping centers
and off the streets there’s also information to support the idea the
Luciferians operate child daycares and foster homes a recent case being Keith
Rainier of Nexium who also founded the rainbow culture garden a worldwide
network of 11 preschools an older well-known example was that of the
McMartin preschool case because the allegations of abuse arose in the early
80s it’s easily dismissed today as part of the satanic panic even though the
media has convinced many it was fabricated the same way the media of
today reported about the wiki leak emails there are some strange
coincidences I want to address in 1993 archaeologist Gary Stickle was hired to
investigate tunnels and reported the findings of his dig on the preschool
property he concluded quote there is no other scenario that fits all of the
facts except that the feature was indeed a tunnel Stickle and his associates
found the tunnels at the time of the second trial of ray Buckey but the
district attorney refused to use the evidence in the trial the running
narrative today is that the feature was not a tunnel at all but a family’s trash
pit that was hand dug mind you this brings me to another infamous trial the
Menendez brothers they were allegedly abused by their parents and killed them
their father was a wealthy entertainment executive and they lived in a house in
Beverly Hills that had previously been owned by Elton John Prince and Michael
Jackson during the second trial all of the brothers backstory was removed what
the media called distractions or the abuse excuse and they were quickly
convicted of murder and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole
where Erik and Lyle also victims of ritual abuse their aunt supports this
idea by saying quote how would I feel if someone had abused me my whole life and
all of a sudden he’s angry in front of me and he’s coming to me it’s a defense
mechanism we all have you never knew what you would do
the reason I mentioned them is because the judge judge Weisberg was a prominent
judge in Los Angeles this clip goes on to say that he had presided over the
McMartin trial he was also the presiding judge over the Rodney King beating trial
of four officers the work used of beating Rodney King they were all
acquitted that sparked widespread riots and burning in Los Angeles the LA riots
of course being from April 29th to May 4th of 1992 which happens to fall over
Beltane when there were always fire sacrifices anyway the judge ruled in the
McMartin case not guilty they rolled in the Rodney King trial not guilty yet the
Menendez brothers were guilty another well-known front for human trafficking
is the Church of Scientology as I mentioned earlier it has been the
spotlight lately and Wales was a member of the Church of Scientology which
practices trauma-based mind control and is a recruiting center for the OTO or
the Ordo Templi Orientis some of you may remember peaches geldof her OTO tattoo
and her mysterious death and the processed Church of the final judgement
which are both practicing total mind control in coordination with the darker
cultists this cult teaches Jehovah the God of discipline and righteousness
he’s also the God of War now let me stop you right there according to the Book of
Enoch in chapter 69 verse 6 it is not Jehovah who taught war but God trial
quote he it is who showed the children of men all the blows of death and he led
astray Eve and showed the weapons of death to the sons of men the shield and
the code of male and the sword for battle and all the weapons of death to
the children of men and from his hand they have proceeded against those who
dwell on the earth from that day and forevermore Yahweh God is not a God of
war or he would sacrifice as many wrongfully believed the processed Church
claims Lucifer is the God of love and light
he’s a sensualist as well according to the processed church he’s the one
responsible for the creation of women Satan is the god of darkness magic and
transcendence and Christ he’s the emissary to the other gods
he’s transcendental love he was believed to come a second time in the end times
when she Hova and satan declare war on humanity and destroy it in the end
Christ and Satan will unite as one being in passed judgment on humanity
is amazing the amount of time and effort they put into twisting and corrupting
the character of Yahweh God it proves how much of a threat the truth is –
these Luciferians Yahweh is so powerful that we need to be controlled
deceitfully otherwise we would easily overpower our manipulators if so much
deception censorship and mind control is needed to steer humanity away from God
it proves how frightened they are of us remembering the truth they encroach
infiltrate slaughter captivate and dominate the reason they refused to
accept death every active acquisition is a step forward in trying to attain these
seemingly unattainable immortality how fitting then that us believers have the
very thing the Lucifer and his fallen angels will never have again eternal
life and the presence of Yahweh God after Lucifer is bound for a thousand
years he and his army are tormented in the lake of fire for evermore
chapter 5 Blackmagic verses the Bible Q post 1001 from April 3rd of 2018 shows a
picture of little st. James island better known as Epstein island and reads
each prince is associated with a cardinal direction north south east and
west sacrifice collect tunnels in LaVey Satanism each of the four princes of
hell are associated with the cardinal directions north south east and west as
well as the elements such as fire earth air and water with in mind control
programming each system has a compass built into it the four demons in
programming are called goddesses and they control the four directions which
are called quarter regions Colossians 2:8 see to it that no one takes you
captive by philosophy and empty deceit according to human tradition according
to the elemental spirits of the world and not according to Christ a Q Post
from August 28th of 2018 says children are being kidnapped tortured raped and
sacrificed in the name of pure evil what name might that be Yahweh God is
not the same bloodthirsty God that these people sacrificed to not only is that
illogical but he fought furiously against people who do sacrifice children
just because the occult has hijacked something does not mean it belongs to
them Leviticus 18 21 you shall not give to sacrifice any of your children to
offer them to mullick and so profane the name of your God
I am the Lord I was talking about first talked about throwing the babies in the
fire and I asked I got to hand to be mean they were dead that makes you in
the fire and the lowest one second off you know them was alive for them like
this a book entitled the Jew the Gypsy and El Islam indicates that the Talmudic
God is a blood loving God and not Yahweh God the god of believers in his son
yahushua or jesus christ like all mystery religions the talmud is based
off of the teachings of fallen angels my next guest was used also in
worshipping the devil participated in human sacrifice rituals rituals and
cannibalism she says her family has been involved in rituals for generations she
is currently in extensive therapy suffers from multiple personality
disorder meaning she’s blocked out many of the terrifying and painful memories
of her childhood rachel who is also in disguise to protect our identity you
come from generations of ritualistic abuse yes my family has an extensive
family tree and they keep track of who’s been involved and who hasn’t been
involved and it’s gone back to the 1700s and so you were right I was born
into a family that believes in this and this is it does everyone else think it’s
a nice Jewish family from the outside you appear to be a nice Jewish girl
definitely and you all are worshipping the devil inside the home right there is
no other Jewish families across the country it’s not just my own family
really I always thought so what kinds of things you don’t have to give us the
gory details but what kinds of things went on in the family um well there were
the rituals in which babies would be sacrificed and you would have to you
know babies there are people who are bred babies and our family and the
purpose of sacrifices of what is to bring you what what are you sacrificing
for for power I’ve been told by people that no I’ve
never and I do that the reason for this death and murder is because I’m the
belief and the demons and the power that they can get from that and these people
believe that the more innocent the victim the more horrible the death the
closer you are to the moment of death the more magic is released and the more
spiritual they get the rabbi’s teach and subsequently believe that the Talmud
supersedes the Old Testament meeting the teachings of the fallen override the
Word of God the Ananse who answered the Q post identify correctly the reason for
sacrifice is the god Moloch Moloch being a widely worshipped Canaanite God like
Baal who demands child sacrifices when a couple sacrificed their firstborn they
believed the Moloch would ensure financial prosperity for the family and
for future children in North Africa Moloch was renamed Chronos Chronos is
also known as Saturn Moloch is associated with and sometimes equated to
Baal being a Hebrew word for Lord Jeremiah 23 verses 26 through 27 says
how long shall there be lies in the heart of prophets who prophesy lies and
who prophesy the deceit of their own heart who think to make my people forget
my name by their dreams that they tell one another even as their fathers forgot
my name for bail you’ve probably encountered people who revert back to
Genesis 22 to about Abraham when he was about to sacrifice Isaac they lack the
knowledge of the pagan rituals happening at that time he said take your son your
only son Isaac whom you love and go to the land of Moriah and offer him there
is a burnt offering on one of the mountains of which I shall tell you
Mount Moriah is where David decided to build God’s temple later built by
Solomon today is where the Dome of the rock is what is truly fascinating here
is that Moriah is one of the names that the establishment or the network still
goes by to this day this entire event took place in order for Yahweh to
distinguish himself from Moloch unlike the Canaanite gods Yahweh detests
human sacrifice he provided a lamb instead so that Isaac would be spared
the Canaanite gods never offer a stand-in
of course this whole ordeal was foreshadowing the coming of Yeshua or
Jesus Christ in our modern world when we say things like Yahweh God gets angry at
people for worshipping other gods people my age imagine a bunch of little kids
wearing flower crowns having a great time burning incense to some beautiful
marble goddess that’s not what was happening Yahweh was never angry at
letting humans exercise freewill he was furious at the method used to
worship these bloodthirsty gods by literally murdering each other including
children oh yeah and then eating them Illuminati rituals are based upon the
most ancient mystery religions the Rothschilds like the ancient Canaanite
mystery rituals and use Akkadian Hittite Canaanite Babylonian rituals the rituals
from ancient Egypt are also heavily used the Collins Sinclair type Illuminati
bloodlines and some of the other Illuminati families with a northern
European or Celtic background are very much into druid rituals jeremiah 19 4
because the people have forsaken me and have profaned this place by making
offerings in it to other gods whom neither they nor their fathers nor the
kings of Judah have known and because they have filled this place with the
blood of innocence and have built the high places of baal to burn their sons
and the fire as burnt offerings to baal which I did not command or decree nor
did it come into my mind ritually sacrificed to tomalak it was a fire
ceremony that night and that’s what they like to do they like to burn people
alive and they’ve got a gold platter and they’ve got a chalice and they collect
the blood of the baby they drain the baby’s blood in the chalice and then
they chop the baby up and put it on the gold platter and and then they pass it
around for Holy Communion so it’s it’s the black mass the real typical
old-fashioned black mass that the Catholic Mass is based on ah
the Catholic Mass is the Latin Mass is a sanitized version of this
it’s nothing Christian about Catholic mass the stage was lined with children who must have been about maybe eight nine ten
years of age that sort of thing and I had him lined up like these on the stage
they went like these they lined the children up and the children were
hypnotized and the children came forward and they’re like these so just like this
I just know as they’re told they did nothing and they just stared straight
ahead he he goes along each each child and he has a certain stance about him
and he slices off the heads of each child and he goes along and chops off
each head and each kid falls the body just falls and blood is going everywhere
Q drop 133 on 11 11 of 17 follow the bloodlines then it goes on to say
who worship Satan what is a cult epstein Island what is a temple what occurs in a
temple worship why is the temple on top of a mountain how many levels might
exist below the Kabbalah and the zohar are the fundamental books the most
occult magic and satanic groups face their philosophies and actions on
Lilith’s Cave is a Jewish folklore and mythological book that has plenty of
allegories about their beliefs and practices there’s a book that I had just
come across called Lilith’s cave which is a book of Jewish mysticism and
supernatural and there’s a lot in there first that
relates to what I you know endured when I was a child one well-known magician
Elphius Levi wrote in his book transcendental magic quote all truly
dogmatic religions have issued from the Kabbalah and returned therein whatsoever
is grander scientific in the religious dreams of the illuminated of jacob böhme
sweden burg st. martin and the rest is borrowed from the Kabbalah
all Masonic associations owe to it their secrets and their symbols acts 7:43 yea
ye took up the tabernacle of moloch in the star of your god Remphan figures
which ye made to worship them the religion generally known as
is not the Old Testament or Mosaic law practiced by the ancient Israelites
by around 600 BC Jews had added the oral law which is primarily rabbinic
commentary written down throughout the centuries the combination of Torah and
rabbinic law is called the Talmud the Talmud has two versions the Jerusalem
Talmud followed primarily by Palestinian Jews and the Babylonian Talmud which is
considered by many to be the most authoritative of the two talents just as
the synagogue of satan’ are not the biological descendants of Israelites and
are imposters pretending to be Israelites their religion only pretends
to follow the Old Testament let me be clear I am talking about esoteric
because they follow the teachings and commentary of rabbis not the Word of God
in yoshi’s time they were called the Pharisees our Messiah said that the
religion of the Pharisees was doctrines of men not the law of the Old Testament
talking to the scribes and Pharisees jesus said ye hypocrites well did Isaiah
prophesy of you saying this people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth
and honor me with their lips but their heart is far from me but in vain do they
worship Me teaching for doctrines the commandments of men I know the blasphemy
of them which say they are Jews and are not but are the synagogue of Satan
speaking to the Jews of his day Isaiah says but draw near hither ye sons of the
sorceress the seed of the adulterer and the whore against whom do you sport
yourself against whom do you make ye a wide mouth and draw out the tongue are
ye not children of transgression a seed of falsehood and flaming yourselves with
idols under every Green Tree slaying the children in the valleys under the clefts
of the rocks Isaiah references this black magic
ritual and the fact that here the children are slain under the cleft of
the rocks this refers to the Talmudic ban against burying Gentile children the
PlayBook that every single occult organization splintered off of is the
Kabbalah which is Jewish mysticism the Babylonian Talmud is to science what
Kabbalah is to philosophy the doctrines of this this and other secret societies
are all rooted in this myth sysm Albert Pike one of the most well
known leaders in the history of Freemasonry said in his book morals and
Dogma that the source of the doctrine of Freemasonry and the Illuminati
ultimately goes back to the Kabbalah the Jewish book of occult knowledge these
groups are the ones carrying out ritual abuse and mind-control those higher up
in the hierarchy openly admit to worshiping Lucifer however they don’t
stop at just honoring Lucifer there’s careful and strategic purpose
put on making a victim reject God if Yahweh was not a threat this would be
unnecessary and if Yahweh God was the evil lord bail or Moloch this would be
highly illogical according to the testimony of Cisco wheeler in the book
the deeper insights to the Illuminati formula one of the first rituals a child
born into the hierarchy endures is the powerful tinman ritual in which they are
presented to lucifer the god of light the first ritual is to make sure the
child victim experienced a stage rejection of God where they are found to
be unworthy in his book of life the second ritual consists of a burial
death and resurrection ritual sound familiar in this ritual to die means
death towards God burial means bury all that makes up a
person’s worth in a resurrection means to be resurrected with a new name and
birth to Lucifer this is designed to remove any bonds the deeper altars might
ever conceive of having with the Almighty God the paradigm that there is
no absolute truth is very important in luciferianism that way every time a
fragment of truth comes the victim’s way they will reject it
occult philosophies by their very nature create a framework that makes it very
difficult to understand when you perceived real truth and even harder to
see the reality and the truth of Jesus Christ within days of the second ritual
they will follow with a mock satanic wedding usually the father will marry
his daughter but there is a chain of responsibility and if the father can’t
do this then the grandfather is next in line and then the uncle and then the
programmer they will serve as the satanic covering for the child at this
point the rejection by God is still fresh in the child’s mind and they want
the child to at least remember the rejection whether they remember the
incident or not depends the child may have already dissociated the previous
week or two so the programmer may simply tell it remember the fear when God did
it love the purpose of this programming is
extensive there are many different types of mind control slaves created for
specific purposes the severe rituals are important to
create cold-hearted killers such as our country’s serial killers infamous
murderers assassins or Delta programs within a system or a victim with
multiple alters a friendly front altar may not be aware that they have a delta
altar dr. Ken Magid a clinical psychologist who specializes in the
treatment of severely abused children understood the children so traumatized
in their first few years of life do not bond with other people some lack
consciousness who can hurt or kill without remorse others don’t need
programming to sacrifice humans because they naturally have no remorse even
worse programmers use their mind-control slaves to carry out murders so that the
perpetrators are actually not to blame even though they are responsible
Light occultists and darker occultists alike believe in these seven or eight hermetic
laws they call natural law hermetic being from Hermeticism and if you guys
remember from the st. Germain deception Hermes was most likely an incarnation or
channel for st. Germain or in my opinion Lucifer one of the laws deals with
karmic consequence the reason these darker occultists believe they can
literally get away with murder and extreme depravity is through karmic
deflection this is where they’re programmed slaves and the cult members
come in the very top tier and cultists are generally not the ones performing
the actions they believe this protects them from karma and that their slaves
bear the brunt of it some deeper layers or programs are given the name Yahweh
Elohim so when they hear that name they associate it with their master or a
demon programmer or altar Cisco goes on to say the programming has
three basic foundations fear rejection of God which in turn is a rejection of
who they truly are and entrapment by demonic forces if the person is
paralyzed in fear unable to seek God’s help unable to know who they are in
Christ and to see God’s plan for their life and lives in demonic bondage then
the Illuminati programming will hold point of trauma-based mind control is to
retraumatize the victim to keep their trauma based programming in tact
the Word of God states that each person is intricately designed by God and
developed according to his plan in Psalm 139 verses 4
through 16 a person’s self image of who they are profoundly affects everything
else about them the occultists want to ensure that the
potential for good that the person is born with is destroyed or controlled
they want the victim to feel rejected and cheated by God this is why it’s
important to the programmers that they’re deeper alters are programmed not
to be able to hear or read the Word of God the programmer will be looking for
ways to open up the victim to demonic influences and he will be setting up
scenarios so that the victim rejects the Spirit of God in their life human
sacrifice of cannibalism are not new but very ancient it happened before the
flood and thanks to Nimrod the king of Babylon it still happens today there are
many places in the Old Testament where Yahweh warns the Hebrews not to worship
other gods he even predicted what would happen if they do Deuteronomy 12 verses
30 through 32 says taking you to thyself but thou be not snared by following them
after that they be destroyed from before thee and that thou enquire not after
their gods saying how did these nations serve their gods even so will I do
likewise thou shalt not do so unto the Lord thy God for every abomination to
the Lord which he hated have they done unto their gods for even their sons and
daughters they have burnt in the fire to their gods Leviticus 26 verses 27
through 31 says and if you will not for all this hearken unto me but walk
contrary unto me then I will walk contrary unto you also in fury and I
even I will chastise you seven times for your sins and ye shall eat the flesh of
your sons and the flesh of your daughters shall ye eat and I will
destroy your high places and cut down your images and cast your carcasses upon
the carcasses of your idols and my soul shall abhor you notice that in verse 29
Yahweh doesn’t say he will make them eat their young they do that on their own
Yahweh is telling them what will happen to them if they choose to follow these
gods in Micah 3 verses one through three Micah addresses the elite heads of
families and the justice officials these magistrates and judges seem to have been
chiefly members of the royal family at least in judah micah describes the
savage behavior of the ruling class leaders and they are warned that they
them they’re under judgment for what they’ve
done quote is it not for you to know judgment who hate the good and love the
evil who pluck off their skin from off of them and their flesh from off their
bones who also eat the flesh of my people and Flay their skin from off of
them and they break their bones and chop them in pieces as for the pot and is
flesh with an ax cauldron and he said they cook that baby on the girl days
where I witnessed the most heinous human sacrifice of all time and the most
difficult one to process and talk about in therapy and that is the flaying of a
boy who was about five little blonde boy and Anthony Kidman and four other men
were dressed in multicolored robes according to the pentagram his coven and
so their what multicolored robes that I’ve drawn they crucified him and flayed
his skin and and pinned it back and then they they strung him up over once
they’ve done it this they did to him alive once they finish that they strung
him up over the stage of the Great Hall who perform the fetal Eucharist which is the actual drinking
of the blood and eating the child or newborn There aremany more examples in the Bible where
Yahweh God warns of the judgment that is to come to people who do harm children
Luke 17 to it were better for him that a millstone were hanged around his neck
and he cast into the sea than that he should offend one of these little ones
matthew 18:6 but whosoever causes one of these little
ones who believed in me to sin it would be better for him to have a great
millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea
this practice goes by many names but in the end it all comes back to Mystery
Babylon the teachings of the fallen angels the elite have controlled
humanity since the fall yahushua came not only to save us but to show us who
were fighting again Yahweh God isn’t the one to blame he is
our way out our path to freedom this world is Lucifer’s playground and
we’re not playing nice anymore no Nephilim spirits curses or demonic
influences have any authority over the Living Word of God we know that the only
one who can eliminate this evil and bring justice is yoshiya or Jesus Christ
weird transition but in case this channel gets taken down I have made a
bit chute account that I’ll also leave a link to in the description below well
thank you guys for watching this video I’m sure it wasn’t fun I’ll leave you
with another one of my favorite Bible verses take care and stay safe bye

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