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LOWER BODY WORKOUT For Women At Home | Cardio Exercise

Hi, I am Dr Sneha Desu, I am fitness instructor
and sports and clinical nutrition specialist. In my experience I have come across many women
with different kind of goals. I am here to help you guys get to your fitness goals. I
will be taking you all through series of 4 videos which will be targeting specific muscle
groups in your body. Like any other form of exercise guys make sure you have your doctors
approval before attempting any of the movements I will be taking you guys through today. Lets
start with the warm up guys, starting off with the jogging on the spot start slow and
slowly increase the pace from there alright then we are gonna jog into some seal jacks
just opening your arms and legs in and out like this alright just 3 more here just one
and we are dropping into shuffles shuffling back and forth taking it slow and easy and
again picking up the pace from there alright few more reps all good. Now we are gonna drop
heel to the floor like this this, straight legs going all the way down making it a dynamic
movement guys, warming up back of our legs as well as our calf muscles just gonna keep
doing this few more reps here that’s one and dropping into butt kicks just gonna be kicking
your butt with your heel alright couple of more reps here nice work and we are gonna
open up our legs drop our hands to the floor and twist your upper body you arms sideways
like this guys doing windmill, just gonna be few more reps here two more and last one
Just gonna be coming back same stands reaching to the side twisting and reaching to the side
opening up the side of your abs alright few more here nice work and adding some shoulder
rotations warming up those shoulders five back and five forward alright you are just
gonna diagonally open up your shoulders now as well as your chest two more reps and finishing
that up with some neck rotation, couple of reps to the side couple of reps back and forth
alright that’s the end of your warm up guys. Today’s workout is going to be targeting.
We are gonna start off with the first exercise which is going to be squat jacks right I am
starting my timer now its going to be 60 seconds on 15 seconds off alright. Starting from this
position you gonna squat down when you come to the center you are gonna stand up again
drop down into a squat alright every time you squat guys remember butt goes back chest
up straight back alright make sure you are squeezing your butt every time you drop down
60 seconds guys long work interval right make sure you are making the most of it. And this
is going to be sumo squat jump jacks so make sure you are holding a wide stand every single
time you squat down so you are also working your inner thigh muscles and not just front
of your thighs alright few more reps here and we can move on to the next one that’s
10 seconds every time you come to the center make sure you are standing up alright last
one all good. So, for the next one I am gonna lay out my mat its going to be a hip thruster
so 4 hip thrusters to bicycle crunches alright so lying down like this you just gonna squeeze
your butt life your butt all the way up dropping down into 4 pulses alright one more and drop
it back down into 6 bicycle crunches alright and again dropping your feet and then its
going to be 4 hip thrusters all the way up and down and you gonna drop down and get into
6 bicycles crunches alright coming back again into 4 hip thrusters make sure you are squeezing
your butt as well as the back of your legs 6 crunches coming back up nice work guys this
is a great lower body exercise just make sure you are squeezing your abs tucking your tummy
back into your spine every single time you do those bicycle crunches alright last few
reps here guys stay with me just one lower down your calm guys the more work you are
doing make sure you are coming all the way down and pulsing all the way back up all good.
So the next one is going to be a step up to a lateral abduction. So I am just gonna pull
my step up this way I am gonna first show it from the side and then gonna show it from
the front alright so one step up and you are gonna just lift your leg all the way to the
side coming back alternating sides and doing the same thing alright just like this. Squeezing
the side of our butt the upper portion of our butt alright doing really nice make sure
you are alternating your feet every single time. Every time you step up guys you will
be using your calf muscles as well as your glutes right and then you lift your leg up
you are just making it do extra work nice one just stay with me last few reps we are
half way through strength training is extremely important for your lower body guys. Lower
body has some of the major muscle groups largest muscle groups which help you burn more calories
alright we have 2 more reps here and last one. alright so the next one is going to be
a hip thruster to a hamstring walk. For this I am gonna layout my mat one more time, the
same thing with it earlier, now instead of adding bicycle crunches we are gonna lift
our hip up like this hands to the floor just walking in and out alright, the entire time
I am gonna hold my hip in one line with my body parallel to my thighs as well as my lower
abs so you just gonna keep squeezing the back of your legs your butt and moving your feet
in and out if you want to you can alternate your legs every single time just like this
guys remember to squeeze your butt cause that’s the key to the exercise you don’t wanna droop
your hip all the way down. Keep it high up keep that butt working, Nice one . If you
thinks it is too difficult guys you are more than welcome to just hold the thruster and
just keep pulsing up and down alright. I want everyone to try this makes it a little more
exciting, that’s extremely challenging guys but its really worth it last few reps and
done alright moving on to the next one its going to be dumbbell over head high knees
so I am just gonna pick up 2 dumbbells, its a very simple exercise by making using the
dumbbells making it a compound exercise right using our upper body as well as our lower
body adding a little bit of cardio to a strength movement working your shoulder as well as
front of your legs at the same time. But stay with the same pace remember 60 seconds is
a long time guys you gotta go to the last second there is no point taking breaks in
between work time because that’s not how the interval timing works. lovely work just keep
moving with me you are almost done here
the back of your legs as well as your calf muscles not gonna stop though and last 10
seconds stay with it tuck your tummy into your spine and finishing it up all good. So
we will move onto the 6th exercise we are already done with 5 guys. 6th exercise you
are gonna be holding a plank like this on your knees and you will be moving your leg
outwards alright a high guys. So we are bringing it back to the center and doing the same think
again after 30 seconds on the other side this is how it looks from the side and squeezing
the side of your butt. If you want to make this a little more challenging you can add
a squat to that from this position coming back to a squat going down again and getting
into a I am gonna just switch legs now half way through there are still 3 reps and then
jumping back into a squat coming down into a hydrant one more here and then a squat and
keep repeating you can rest your knee on the floor guys but if you keep it off the floor
it will make extremely difficult alright so lets try couple of reps keeping the knee off
the floor alright moving onto the 7th one its gonna be a curtsy lunge a lot of you must
have thought about this its a great exercise for your butt and the front of your legs alright
and its also working on the side of your legs as you lunge sideways. So I am gonna have
you take your leg all the way to the side drop down alright doing the same thing on
the other side dropping down bending both our knees like this alright now to add a little
bit of this cardio to this we are gonna jump and do the same thing on the other side lunging
and jumping guys you gonna jump as explosively as you can alright and activate those fast
twitch muscle fibers and same thing again to the other side Nice work guys try to hold
your balance for those of you who are very used to regular lunges this shouldnt be an
issue but for those of you only used to do squatting this might be a little challenging
alright last 15 seconds just keep moving remember just squeeze your legs every single muscle
needs to be activated guys that’s gonna happen only if you squeeze every part of your body
alright moving onto the last one We will do a lateral jump on the step up if you have
a box that’s great or you can also just use a step up so feet on either side of the step
up like this you are just gonna jump to the center and then dropping down alright you
are gonna land very softly on your toes guys you don’t want that to be too much impact
on your knees that’s not good that’s never good alright so landing softly on your toes
and then doing the same thing on the floor as well alright if you think that’s too tough
guys you are more than welcome to step in and step out like this alright I am just gonna
keep jumping almost there guys half way through this is again brilliant to your inner thigh
muscles which most women forever neglect everyone wants that gap between inner thighs right
this is how you get them. alright 20 more seconds doing great make sure you are watching
your step guys every time you drop down you don’t want to fall flat on your face. Moving
2 more reps here and last one alright that’s the end of one entire round of all 8 exercises,
now we are just gonna be doing all of them one more time with me. Starting off with squat
jacks alright so you gonna take wide stands like this dropping down into a squat every
time you come up you just gonna stand up alright you gonna go as slow as you can guys that’s
it just 15 more seconds of this exercise we are gonna finish entire round of all 8 exercises
if you are feeling it in your lower back guys please don’t go to lower down half squat is
enough alright. If you have no issues just go all the way down and back up. Half way
through guys
make sure just standing upright every time coming back to the center. Wow, my legs are
burning alright one more rep and that’s it. We are gonna move on to the hip thruster bicycle
crunch complex. So starting off in this position just gonna lie down hand to the side squeezing
my hip all the way up alright dropping back down doing the 4 pulses here 3, 4 dropping
your hip down getting down into 6 crunches 4, 5, 6 and back again into hip thrusters
make sure you are really squeezing that butt guys I wan you to really use those large glute
muscles coming back and moving your hip up and down make sure you are tucking your tummy
back into spine guys every time you do bicycle crunches or you gonna start feeling it in
your lower back. So tuck that tummy in 4, 5 and 6 dropping again into hip thruster pulses
and finishing it up with one alright moving on to the next one its going to be step on
to the box and then we are gonna lift our leg up alright. Just like this one foot onto
the box and we just gonna move our leg sideways abducting all the way to the side guys, you
can also hold weights and do the same thing make any movement a strength movement its
as simple as that its not about this feet again i don’t want anyone dancing like that
you are gonna really take that leg up drop it down in a controlled manner alright half
way through you guys will start feeling that burn in your upper butt alright nice work
here slow and easy movement you got to really stabilize yourself guys its not that easy
to step on to a box with just one leg and hold your balance there. It comes with a lot
of practice. so I want you to really go slow if you think you are confident enough increase
the reps. Few more here and giving me one last rep. alright dropping down into a hip
thruster and giving me ham walks alright I am just gonna have my hands to the side lifting
my hip all the way up like this squeezing my butt and holding it there and I am just
gonna walk back and forth with my heels alright once you put your entire foot down guys you
will be activating your calf muscles as well but I want target here to be the back of your
legs and your butt so I want you to stay on your heels and just keep walking up and down
with the heels keep alternating sides every time so you don’t feel the entire load on
one leg. Make sure you are always holding that hip high up guys. Now obviously you are
tired you gonna slowly drop it down but that’s okay take couple of seconds and then squeeze
your butt back up and do the same thing I don’t want you guys to rest for too long keep
moving have couple of more reps here nice work and we are almost done guys doing really
well that’s it and moving on to the last rep and letting off that. The next one here is
going to be dumbbell overhead high knees one of my favorite exercises cause its such lovely
compound movement using every single muscle in your body to hold on to the dumbbells we
will be using lot of forearm strength also guys. Make sure you are not arching your back
or just drooping like this guys you gonna hold upright position just drop into high
knees if you want to challenge yourself this is really gonna pick your knees all the way
up alright. Stay with it landing softly on your toes guys squeezing those dumbbells up
I dont want to drop your shoulders any further down on this just holding it there got 20
more seconds nice work almost done with this exercise if you think you are tiring out your
arms you are more than welcome to just hold it here guys hold the dumbbells up here alright
keep going last 2 reps. So moving on to the next one which is hydrant to a squat complex
so I am gonna show down side like this again starting off on your fours alright chest up
straight back you can have natural incline in the back I am gonna lift one leg take it
all the way up dropping it back down alright 3 reps here and I am just gonna get into a
squat dropping back down 3 reps on the other side and dropping into a squat alright just
like this 3 reps make sure you are not tilting your hip too much dropping into a squat and
dropping again onto your fours if you think the squat is too difficult you can just keep
doing the high sprints alright the squat makes it a little more exciting guys so you are
not just doing the same movement while you are using the same muscle you are adding two
more movements to the same muscle group alright keep moving with me couple of more reps here
thats it if you can you can try and stay off your knee its gonna make it tad bit difficult
alright. Next guys we have the curtsy lunge to a jump again one of my favorite exercises
lets start off in this position take one leg all the way to the side alright its great
its a great exercise to the side of your legs guys so take it down like this dropping into
a lunge adding a jump to that same thing on the other side dropping again squeezing the
back the side as well as your major glute muscles alright lets make this a little quicker
nice work if this is gonna hurt your knees guys just do regular lunges alright make sure
you are stopping holding the lunge for a minute and then jumping all the way up. Nice work
half way through guys you just have one exercise after that how cool is that alright adding
a nice jump to this I am gonna finish it up with couple of more reps same form guys chest
up at all times nice work once you are done with that moving onto the last one which is
lateral jump on the box. Reason I asked you to hold your chest up all times guys once
you start dripping your shoulders it compromises your breathing now how can you do cardio exercise
when you are not able to breathe right alright feet on either side jumping up onto the box
landing softly every time alright easy work guys last exercise you are gonna give it your
110% like I mentioned earlier please watch your step every time that’s one keep moving
slow and easy reps guys take your time or you can just step in and step up if you think
you can breathe enough just keep stepping in and stepping out alright. that’s one last
few reps here lets make it a little quicker nice one stay with me guys we are almost done
and 3, 2 last one alright so that’s the end.

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  1. Proper diet n this excercises… N u will b Omg within 2 months. Once u c d results u wnt go back to binge eating… U will do it wt more interest..

  2. Workout is really intense bt people with heavy thighs and hips,,,for them taking a sudden jump while performing these sets will cause injury in back though… ..plz add body toning workout too

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