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Low Impact FULL BODY HIIT Workout // No Equipment + No Jumping

what’s up guys welcome to today’s
low impact full body hiit workout before we get started today don’t forget to hit
that subscribe button if you haven’t already because I’m hosting brand-new
workouts right here every week so today’s low-impact hiit workout is
going to target the entire body we’re going to be hitting those legs upper
body the core the glutes everything we’re gonna get that heart rate up
also sneaking in some cardio oh it’s gonna be good guys will be doing 45 seconds of
each exercise followed by a quick 15-second rest all you need to do is
follow along my timer is set and I’m starting it right now. alright guys that is it your total
body hiit workout is done nice work I hope you feel amazing comment below let
me know how it went for you and don’t forget guys if you love this videos to
share it with your friends alright go rest up rehydrate get some
good food in ya and I will see you guys at the next workout

Reader Comments

  1. My husband and I did this on a rainy day when we couldn’t do our regular activities… so good. Definitely a difficult work out for these 56-70 year olds

  2. When i saw the “no-jumping”-part I got excited, but sadly all of the expertises are still ones I can’t do with my runners knee injury…

  3. My migraines make it difficult for me to do cardio. But I'm fat. So I figured HIIT was a better bet as my head is suffering for a shorter amount of time 😂
    In general though I wanna try and do this 3 times a week if I can though with school at times it may be a challenge

  4. I finished the last rep and the screen said 'Workout complete' and I said: "Ahh I made it!!"👏👏👏👏👏

  5. LOVED this workout. I’m post L5S1 fusion. This was perfect. I’ve never liked the jumping bouncing type of work outs now I can’t. I also loved the video because there wasn’t any color commentary like “wooo hooo! I sure am getting a sweat going”.

  6. Thanks for posting! I haven’t been able to run for several weeks with knee pain from wearing heels and who knows what baby did what to my joints this year!? But this was what I needed to get off the couch at 8pm after everyone’s in bed! Whew thanks! Please post more like this!!!!

  7. Love your low impact workouts. I tore my tendon in my foot. So getting cardio in was little hard . Your workouts are easy on my body and kick my butt. Thanks girl, your awesome!

  8. Good morning. Girrrrrrl, have done this workout for the 2nd time. May be low impact but it packs a 🥊. Nice work, Heather. Keep me coming

  9. Love this workout! Makes me sweat, breathe hard, and push myself to finish. There is a great variety of movement in three planes of motion, so I don't feel like I am wearing myself down with repetition.

  10. Just found your videos, I appreciate your straightforward style and just getting into it. I love the music too! Thank you for your videos

  11. Your workouts are fantastic, I haven't done one yet ( ok I just started recently.. but…) that I don't like or get a great workout.. You girl are just what the dr. ordered! Thanks and keep it up!

  12. I just tried this this morning. Don't be fooled by 'Low Impact'; this is an intense workout! I had to stop and catch my breath several times lol. I love body weight training; by the time I'm half through my body feels like it's twice it's weight!

  13. i don’t know if i should thank u or hate u for this video ! i’m now sweating like crazy although i’m doing cardio for a while now 🙀 but that’s mean it actually works ❤️

  14. Am 73. First time doing this. Had to stop a little longer between a few exercises, but I don’t feel bad. Know a lot of 70 years old people that can’t get up & down, never mind attempt these exercises. Thank you so much! I’m a sweaty mess & feel great! Will definitely be doing this again!!!

  15. I have recently gain weight. I love challenging workouts. I've done the video where you have to be insane to do. I'd rather run than walk. I loved HIIT workouts. But because on my weight gain and inactivity for 6 months, my knee aches and I'm 50 years old so I shouldn't just JUMP back into hardcore exercise. But it is hard to find a low impact video that keeps me interested and challenged. Until now…this one is FANTASTIC! I was sweating and talking trash to Heather. I was calling her crazy and loving her at the same time. I can't wait to lose a little weight and get back my knees so that I can do her more intense stuff. Heather…you go gurl!

  16. I have been trying so many different at-home exercises and they either have too much jumping, complicated moves, or terrible & quiet music. This is everything I've been wanting and MORE! Thank you Heather!

  17. Today is my 1st time trying this workout, love it! although i must admit i ran out of breath in the middle of the session, i will be back doing this again! stay tune. Highly recommended !

  18. what does it means low impact? is this hit training effective for burning fat as otheres training that usually do includes jumping?

  19. Perfect workout for staying with a guest! No lound banning in your room, and I am definitely challenged by the end.

  20. Was lying on the couch and just looking for fun videos when I found this workout. I love the no jumping, big breasts don't make jumping much fun haha. And the music is fantastic. I added this to my workout videos and subscribed. Will follow you.

  21. Thank you for this wonderful workout! I love your style with music and previews of what's coming next. It allows me to get in my own zone which is what I love about working out! I'll recommend this to my friends and coworkers!💗

  22. Y'all this is so hard for me.. i can only did it for 10 mins 🤣🤣.. however i want to do this everyday till i can do it for solid 30 mins!

  23. WOW – this is a great workout! I have done 29 at home workouts since the 1st of December (yes I am keeping count)….and this is by far the BEST one! I like your style, keep it up!

  24. Love love love your workouts! I am an extremely active 53 year old who has always been into high intensity workouts. I'm old school and like to sweat, but after being diagnosed with bulging and herniated disks in 2,3,4,5,6, and 7 in my cervical along with several in my lumbar I thought my workout days where over. Then I found you!! Thank you! I only have done 1 video so I will see how I feel after a few weeks, but I'm hopeful.

  25. Wow that was really hard, as it was low impact I wasn’t expecting it to be to difficult but was I so wrong ! Sweating but so worth it I feel great now !

  26. This is perfect for beginner like me! I used to be sedentary so I can't make it to the end yet but next time I'll try!

  27. Just done this one for the first time and oh my goodness, it nearly killed me!!! Low impact definitely does not mean low intensity!!! Thanks Heather! x

  28. love it!!!!….i have a low back injure..i need to star moving my boddy and get back in shape!! this was really good…recomended 100 %

  29. I tried this the other day and couldn’t make it all the way through. Did the whole thing today (modifying things slightly til I’m in better shape)! Glad no one was around to see me struggle/ nearly fall over during some of them…

  30. You killed me. I’m very unconditioned, haven’t done exercise in 5 years since I broke my ankle but you got me back on to it. I look forward to day 2! Thank you.

  31. I really like how she has a preview of the exercise in a small window. I'm dyslexic with body movement, and this helps me prepare. Thanks!

  32. I will recommend this video to folks who want low impact. I missed having commentary, to explain and motivate, and as a fellow creator I realize that takes money and more post production.

  33. I don’t really think this workout is for me cause i looked for low impact workouts because my knee hurts but doing this workout some of the moves still put pressure on my knee and made the pain worse

  34. Thank you so much!! I can’t jump because of a bum knee so this was sooo good!! Thank you!! The only request i have is: would you be able to add a cool down at the end?? Please and thank you!! I love your video!! Definitely subscribed!!!

  35. This is the first time I'm doing a proper workout since having my kids.. Been a couple of yrs. I have no stomach strength really. Is it OK to start with this low impact workout? I have done my first session this morning and struggled to keep up. Especially with the planks and push ups. Must I just keep at it and it will come?

  36. Killer! Good pace, easy to follow with clear instructions! Not to mention I got a full body sweat with no jumps! Amazing! A keeper on my playlist!

  37. Great workout, intensity, and timing. It would be helpful to have the count down numbers and writing across the screen in a darker color than white so we can read them. Also, I really liked your workout but I do find a lot of motivation with just a little bit of verbal guidance. I also read an article recently that peoples brains react in such a way as to give a greater impact in a workout if they have a coach or someone talking to them during the workout. I can feel that difference for me in a verbal vs. nonverbal workout. Maybe consider adding this dimension to your workouts. You don't have to talk the whole time, just talk about what's next or the correct way to keep knees over ankles in a squat etc. I think that would take it up a notch. But, all said and done I will definitely be enjoying some more of your workouts. Great job!

  38. I started HR's 12 week workout but I didnt necessarily do it every day, I did week 1 and 2 spread out over 3 weeks as I really hate working out in the morning and I finish late 2-3 times a week. I still haven't received my balance ball so I did this instead and it made my legs super wobbly!! I really want to stick at it until I get my BB and then go back to it!

  39. Despite low impact and no jumping, it was very intense with repetitive loading on the knees. Having had surgery for a meniscus injury way back, which is usually no problem, it caused me severe pain for days afterwards. I'm not overweight and generally fit. Would not recommend this to anyone with sensitive knees.

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