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Liz Schultz, 2 simple exercises for the home or office

Hi, I’m Liz Schultz, the
Exercise Physiologist at Glebe Hill Family Practice, Today we’re going to
outline some exercises that you can participate
in at home or the office, if it’s raining outside,
coming into winter if you can’t get to a gym, or don’t have any equipment to use. So we have the lovely Kieran
here to help demonstrate! So we’re going to run
through two exercises today. So the first one is going
to be a Sit-To-Stand. So what I’d like you to
do is find a hard chair, so a kitchen table chair is great, and then what we’re looking at is you’re getting in a position where your feet are hips-distance apart, toes are facing forward, knees running in line with the toes, also. You can scoot forward a little bit in your chair if that helps. And what I want you to
focus on is trying to push all your weight out through your heels to try and raise yourself out of the chair and try and stay as upright as possible. So, do you want to give that a go? – Sure. – Beautiful, and slowly sitting back down. So probably a little bit slower. – Slower?
– Excellent, good. Beautiful. So when we’re looking at a sit-to-stand, you might want to look at doing
two sets of 10 repetitions. So doing 10 repetitions and then having possibly a 30 second break,
and then doing another 10. So that’s a really good
functional exercise to help with everyday life,
to help with things like walking, getting in and out of
a car, and step-ups as well. So another exercise that we can do and that everyone can participate in at home is some Calf-Raises. So if you’d like to
stand behind your chair. So looking at using a chair for support. Gently holding onto the back of the chair, but not putting too much
weight through the chair. Feet are hips-distance apart again, and toes facing forward. Slowly roll up and transfer
your weight onto your toes. Hold that for a couple of seconds, and then slowly rolling back
down, nice and controlled. Good, and repeating several times. Good. So, again, looking at the same
repetitions with that one. So probably looking about two sets of 10 repetitions for that. So having a 30 second break in between. Good, how does that feel? – Good, that’s good. Thanks, Liz. – So you’re completing this several times throughout your day. Just make sure that you don’t fall into a sedentary lifestyle and it breaks up your seated habits at work as well and makes sure the blood is
flowing around the body, too.

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