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Living Dangerously: Georgia’s parkour playground

It’s the modern sport popular from Glasgow
to Gaza, and no less so here in Georgia. Mixing athleticism with a healthy dose of danger,
this is parkour. –SOUNDBITE (GEORGIAN)—
Uchi Kekotze, Georgian freerunner “You have your own style. You are different
from others, you do something that others cannot do.” –VOICEOVER–
The aim of the game is to run, jump, spin and somersault through derelict buildings
and concrete parks; and the Georgian town of Rustavi, redesigned during the Soviet era
to house hundreds of factory workers, is the perfect parkour playground. –SOUNDBITE (GEORGIAN)—
Uchi Kekotze, Georgian freerunner “Parkour is a sport that brings people together,
that unites people. You learn from, and share experiences with others.” –VOICEOVER—
It’s been eight years since Georgia had to rebuild itself after a brief but bloody
war with Russia. And for many of these youngsters, memories
of the fighting have left scars that are yet to heal. –SOUNDBITE (GEORGIAN)—
Uchi Kekotze, Georgian freerunner “War is a horrible thing. It doesn’t matter
where or how it happens. And it doesn’t matter who wins or loses. I am not a fighter
myself… but I fight for other things, like peace… and love.” –VOICEOVER—
Although another war between Russia and Georgia currently looks unlikely, tensions between
the two nations regularly flare up over political and security issues. –SOUNDBITE (GEORGIAN)—
Uchi Kekotze, Georgian freerunner “Georgia is not strong enough to fight back
against Russia. But a proper policy and approach, without war or weapons would be a better way
to sort out our difference because, Russia, NATO I don’t know… I’d prefer it if
we were all friends.” –VOICEOVER—
While Rustavi’s old apartment blocks, and derelict buildings represent Georgia’s past,
these jumping, spinning and tumbling individuals represent its future. And they simply want
peace, reconciliation and of course… parkour. This is Jake Tupman from Rustavi, for NATO

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