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Live PD: The Best of Utah Highway Patrol | A&E

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  1. Wake up. When a cop asks if he can search the vehicle, the answer is NO. Marajuana being legalized is supported by 78% of Americans. The lobbyists against it are the parasites to society. The liquor industry, the pharma industry, the privatized prison industry.. I am a free man. I will smoke pot anytime I choose …. I may or may not choose to, but a government is outside of his rights to tell anyone that they can't use pot.

  2. Im sorry but cannabis should be legal. Thc is not an intoxicating substance. It is literally nontoxic unlike anything you get from the drug store.

  3. What I don't understand if you are going to transport/traffic illegal drugs then why wouldn't you do the following:
    1.) Make sure you have a valid license
    2.) Drive the legal speed limit
    3.) Make sure all registration, tags and everything are up to date
    4.) Don't bring your dog
    5.) Make sure you are not impaired in any way
    6.) Obey all traffic rules
    How about you don't move illegal drugs. Very foolish behavior

  4. She said, “You can Search the Car” I was thinking she had it Hidden Extremely Well but just Straight Chillen in bags in the Cargo Compartment…

  5. See kids, if you are going to traffic drugs, make sure your mules have a valid drivers license and obey the laws.

  6. God forbid any marijuanna get into this country. That would compete with big pharma who financially rapes our lower-middle class

  7. That's my kinda dog man's best friend and made him clean the land as an native indian I'm proud of both of them we all live here make sure your kids and brothers and sisters have water and room and trees to live and there kids and there after don't think small don't be fools we all know right from wrong without teaching so live by that law the people that refuse to work and never learn from there action should get time in prison and in jail why because it is no different at least this way we at gotta watch someone killing themselves because that's what they want and other humans feel bad for them god bless the good spirits out there but you cannot help a bad habit if you give a man a dollar because he ask for it he would ask again and with no one willing too give any homeless people thousands of dollars then it is and always will be a bad habit and we all have been squared by the government and for that they show us every single day of are lives with making every single thing they can a square now that I've open your eyes a little more you will see in time I was correct not because I want to be because it bugs me everyday like dieing and being born on another planet over and over it would drive you crazy knowing you have too love lose die over and over lucky for everyone new life= new brain= new memory so even if it was true we would never remember ✌️😇

  8. It is crazy to think about how many drug traffickers go unnoticed, when Police mostly catches them randomly based on traffic violations… :-O

  9. I remember many years ago some criminals ran into the Utah desert, they caught two of them but the third got away. Some time later they found him dead as there is zero water out there.

  10. It's not Meth it's salt. Cop "oh we're sorry we stopped you, we thought it was Meth but if you say it's salt then you are free to go and have a nice day.

  11. Why don’t they check their lights and drive normally…. ESPECIALLY when they are transporting crazy amounts of drugs!!! Dummies!

    I do love that the trooper makes him pick up his cigarette butt even after he’s found pounds of drugs

  12. When transporting drugs…make sure there is nothing wrong with your vehicle, and you obey all traffic laws. A 5 year old would know that. C'mon crooks….you make this WAY to easy for the cops! LOL

  13. I use to be a heroin addict and July 7th 2012 God delivered me and saved me. It’s been over 7 years I’ve been clean and sober saved from that lifestyle . Thank you Jesus and I want to thank the whole LivePD officers all over the world . Thank you for getting the cartel drugs off the streets . Someone could’ve over dosed and died from that batch who knows people are dying everyday. Thank you it does make a different. I know there’s lots of that out there and ppl dying but still this is a big deal thank u God bless u

  14. I'm a truck driver know the country from right to left. If i would to transport narcotic. I won't be driving interstate highway. I know this country like the palm of my hand

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