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Lions Park – Clearwater, MN – Visit a Playground – Landscape Structures

[children speaking indistinctly] Part of the big thing that we knew we wanted was we wanted it to be handicap-accessible. And this park was fairly rundown at the time, and so we needed to replace it. So we started the process at looking at different structures. And we knew at the time that we wanted something big to attract people to our city. We have a sign that has all of the different
animals that they can find within the structure, so they’re hidden throughout the structure. So kids then can play like a seek and find, you know, kind of game and look for all of the different animals within the structure. All of the pieces in here were specifically designed for a purpose; like some sort of physical, cognitive type of play. And so, kids are playing, but then they’re
also working on different skills like fine motor and as they’re playing… so this structure has so many cool aspects to it, it’s not just a playground. It’s been such a wonderful opportunity for our city and for the kids. I mean, I just love that this playground is used as frequently as it is right now. Now that it’s up, I mean this place is busy all of the time and that’s really what we wanted to see.

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