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Lineout Preparation: Lineout Lift

Now we’re looking at the LIFT, and we’re going to practise without any jumpers involved to start with We’re looking at getting our feet shoulder-width apart, we’re looking at being in athletic position And also making sure that we’re touching hands and looking straight forward as we go with the lift Shoulder-width apart, 1…2…3 Good, and down We’re going to bring in the TACKLE TUBE and we’re going look at how we lift and where we lift from So lads, this is where we’re going to be, this is the area where the legs are going to be You have got to think of where you’re going to put the hands, nice and relaxed, and do the same thing you’ve just done Good, and down – look after it coming down So we’re looking at how we bring the lifter down and we’ll look at the FEET POSITION so we can get the blockers in Ok let’s go lads, try and get feet-to-feet Good, and down and step through

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