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Life After | Ep. 20 | Water Park Family Day

Hey, it’s Rachel with my life after Sitting in the car on a rainy day and wanted to do a little intro for you for the video we went out and went to just a water park a small water park nothing real fancy It’s a place that we like to take the kids a little bit north of where we live And we’ve gone there quite a few well a couple times with Isaiah a couple times made a foreign exchange student Which was also a friend of his that we went along with as well And I can’t find the pictures or the video tapes of that and it’s kind of driving me crazy And that’s one of the reasons that I haven’t posted the video But I wanted to show you guys in on Our life after and our life after is showing you the highlights and the low lights of what we go through And this is just something that we try to do to Have fun. So enjoy it’s a little squirrely. Hope you like it Hi, it’s the Moorefield clan and we’re going to where ladies? The water Park Because why I don’t know Because we’re worth it and I got a new dinosaur book and we have ipads, two ipads actually a book Is she talking to the camera? and bananas Myley what are you taking about right now? I don’t know! stop don’t do thank ok we don’t need to know about your stuff ok? Yeah, we don’t need to know about your stuff Myley Hello, we’re the Moorefield family No we’re not we’re the Rachel’s Hello, hello, this is try number 6 we’re the Moorefield family No were not we’re the Rachel’s stop Myley Take seven, this is the Moorefield family Hi, hi No its not it’s the Rachel family Hi We’re the Moorefield family No we are the Rachels We got a comedian in the back seat that is take number like 12 we’re trying to go to a water park on a Sunday cuz That’s a discount day Mommy’s all about discounts right, baby Hi It’s Rachel I’ve done like 15 takes trying to do an intro to say we’re going to the water park Myley keeps ruining the takes This is the Moorefield family going to the water park on a Sunday, this is handsome husband Steve driving that’s Myley in the book in the book reading the book and That’s Bella I think they’re onto me Hi This is Rachel I’m with the Moorefield family, but Myley is being ridiculous. So she’s excluded from this video right now We are Going to a little local water park on a Sunday I’m with my handsome husband Steve here I’ve got Bella sweet bells in the back here Don’t look at me And then Myley loudmouth Myley, alright stay tuned for awesome adventures Hi people Dock us in, Dock us in Bye people I’ll do the hot tub Soaking in a hot tub say something interesting Hanging out in the hot tub. Outside Oh yeah, there we go

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