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Libertyland Amusement Park | Abandoned Theme Park | Memphis | USA | HD

American Ghost Towns. Libertyland Amusement Park – Abandoned Park- Memphis – U.S.A. Libertyland was an amusement park located in Memphis Tennessee. The Zippin Pippin was widely popular as it was Elvis Presley’s Favourite wooden roller coaster. For many years, it was widely known that Libertyland was having financial difficulties. New attractions were not being added, and crowds began to diminish in 2005. As of January 2014, most of the rides and attractions have been moved, sold or destroyed. Like, Share and Subscribe Thanks.

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    Heaven = Have Fun… Craig 🙂

  2. being a memphian for over 20 years, people seem to forget liberty land was literally in the middle of the mound, and the surrounding area was shitty. the land was so small that every time a new attraction was introduced, an older ride was taken away. the only time the park made money was with the mid south fair, however lots of great memories! I went quite often in the summer

  3. its sad that they didnt want to save Liberty Land it was the best fun park ever i loved that place and now there ant nothing to do in memphis or ark where i live at sept the zoo witch to me is borning they need to put something in ark and memphis for the kids to have fun and to remember something like liberty land!!!!

  4. Does anyone out there know what happened to the Train ?? I am building a small family park and I am Looking for Rides to put in it . I do own a 100 ton Crane as well as 17 Flatbed trailers and 7 Box Trailers( I bought out a trucking company going belly up)so I am looking for all sorts of used rides out of parks like this … Thank you  all …..

  5. Always sad to see old amusement parks close. I can proudly say that I never, and will never, go to a park with the name "six flags" in it. If you miss your old amusement park, you wouldn't either!!

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  7. The Grand Carousel was bought by The Children's Museum Of Memphis. The Revolution is in the Philippines and operates as The Zimerman Corkscrew Coaster. The Zippin Pippin is in Wisconsin and still operating to this day.

  8. man that is so sad , I remember going there when I was a lil boy . I feel in love with the place . talked about it all my child hood . an now it's gone . I have kids of my own now , was talking with the wife about taking the kids there . looked it up to see how far of a drive it would be , an to find out they closed it down . it will be missed .

  9. While it was true that the park did have a operational loss. The park brought more money into the Memphis economy and created more tax dollars than the park was losing operating. The park was a net profit for the city.

    The summer it closed the city spent MORE money than the operating loss, to create summer jobs for Memphis youth which normally would have worked at Libertyland. In the end the loss of Libertyland took several million dollars out of the Memphis economy and cost the city several hundred jobs directly or indirectly from businesses.

  10. The train is for sale at
    wish i could buy it but its 100k

  11. Dude I remeber going here as a kid, I remember in 6th grad I won my mom a huge teddy bear for mothers day. The rides were fun and to me the park seemed massive, but everything seems massive to an 11/12 year old. Maybe another day there will be a park to replace this one.

  12. Why is there not a amusement park in Memphis or even Collierville it’s sad how Nashville has blossomed to one of the best cities in the south and Memphis is rapidly headed towards destruction why doesn’t Tennessee support Memphis like all the other beautiful and well established cities in The great state of Tennessee

  13. This was a shame for Memphis and it's kids!!! The gangs took over and there was to much trouble at Liberty Land!!! I have VERY FOND memories of the fairgrounds, that I will never forget!!

  14. I'm so glad a I got to experience Libertyland as a kid and as a parent with my kids! Here's a video of my family's visit to Libertyland in 2001, if you're interested.

  15. Libertyland was great when it first opened. you could buy a season pass and go as much as you liked. Was always packed first 3-5 yars it was opened but it is located in a very bad part of town and getting worse as the years went by….by 2005 you would have needed a pistol to walk from the park back to your car!
    I have great memories of Libertyland

  16. I remember this as a kid. The last time we went there was around 2004 or so right before it closed. I was 13 years old the last time I was there but don't remember much of that day saddly. My dad had to go over seas to Iraq with the Brownsville TN National Guard back in 2003 for a year deployment. It was when he got back home from Iraq in 2004 when we last went to LibertyLand. Miss that place and watching this make me wish it was still around. I would give anything for one last chance to go again and it be exactly how it was that day in 2004 when we were last there.

  17. I been there twice, first time I was three or four years old still got the pictures lol… And had the chance to go again when I was 18 years old… Sad this and the mid south Coliseum are gone…

  18. The zip’n pip’n was sold and setup some where up north. So it wasn’t left to rot. But I wish Graceland bout it and used it /: .

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