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Let’s Play Super Mario Odyssey! Pt 21 THE BAGEL STORE!

hey it’s games this thing welcome back
to the super mario odyssey let’s play so basically what’s going to happen in this
part is we have all the story missions now so now we’ll just roam around the
Metro Kingdom freely because there’s a ton of fun stuff to do here
and without further ado let the games begin okay so I had the perfect name to
kick off all of this jump rope here oh alright
good idea that’s the first moon we see some good idea not genius where you have
to get 100 jumps this is only jump rope here oh where you need 30 jumps
although jump rope genius feels like a hundred million jumps I should say it
does feel like a million jumps after he’d been stuck on the moon for ten days
I was stuck on that for 10 days but it felt more like 100 because I couldn’t in
advance in the game that was the last moon I collected in the Metro Kingdom
yeah because I even thought about just giving up I got it
alright I even thought about just giving up and coming back in the post game like
when I collect all the postgame moons I’ll get jump rope genius but no somehow
I collect the jump rope genius yay yay because I would not give up never give
up inspirational ok another classic metro moon this would be highly
disturbing if this happened in real life the whole capture of human capture a
human being that uh it’s scary it there’ll be some lawsuits final there
okay the reason this car stole me off so much I thinking Mario Kart and not RC
car like I didn’t know the RC car in this game would actually punch function
like a actual RC car yeah who knew there’s also something I’ve been wanting
to show since we arrived in the metro No yeah I have always misheard this you
probably can’t hear it but it sounds like that guys saying welcome to the
bagel store yeah that makes sense crazy cap but we also have bagels
that’s like saying Mario & Luigi’s Italian but we also serve toast yeah I’m
not like garlic toast like we just put some bread in a toaster toast because we
like toast and you know what they say all toasters toast toast you just quoted
Hotel Mario I’m sure Nintendo would love me to forget that yeah I’m into know
wants you to forget Hotel Mario but will never forget it but doesn’t the bagel
thing kind of make sense because you know it’s City based on New York and
they a lot of bagels there so they should have a bagel store makes sense
yeah crazy captain New York should sell bagels it’ll be like a flagship store or
specialty bagels okay the next moon okay just wait for it
you know how rabbits are really the really popular in the 3d mario world
you’re always chasing rabbits no this rabbit is one talented little bunny
because it can jump between skyscrapers that’s why it’s called super bunny super
bunny with a hat Oh super bunny with the Hat okay it takes okay it takes a while
to I think it’s three hit that’s something I do wish after playing Donkey
Kong Country tropical freeze I wish that Mario bosses were a bit more difficult
like they had different phases and stuff you know I’m talking about yeah not just
three hits you’re done I mean I could see that line of thinking but then I’ll
counter with this line of thinking it’s so close I can think of anything
different from Mario besides three hits you’re done well it’s good to think of
different things for the series like well yeah it is but it’s not like a
shrink Mario formula okay so what I’m doing right now is I do not stray away
from the rabbit moon just yet but you can basically get on any building you
want from any building you want in your dog city because you can just jump
anywhere you want it yeah but that made no sense anyway you can just climb all
around it it’s really fun he’s climbing on all the different buildings sometimes
that even making up my own little things like you can’t touch the ground yeah to
only be on buildings the whole time so that was fun and it is possible except
the side of a building except when you enter the kingdom you have to do that
part okay here’s another easy moon that you get by just sitting down what is
pretty easy what a real life is like that you sat down and you just got a
prize here we go a power bench friends totally doesn’t sound like some weird
nineties movie bench buddies actually now that I say it it was a movie it I
only want a couple of Oscars oh really now yeah I mean new category best bench
ah but I think I think it lost my bench and um the bench friends knew it was
best friends – yeah it’s back-to-back sequels that really confuse people then
they made a sequel and the problem with the season was the bench was not as good
hired a subpar bench yeah it was a plastic bench it was terrible
believe in her eyes it was also based on a book in the book fans were so excited
because they finally got to see the bench I guess that would be important to
them I would like to see a bed is so silly there yeah Oh back to the game
that guy’s name Oh gave me the moon yay I love all those people that sat there
the whole time they’re auditioning for bench friends three for bench friends
three coming to theaters very soon yeah very soon I I could skip a whole bunch
of stuff here by the Cappy jump I say that and then I collapse seriously all
right that’s the case with all video games oh they like to make you look like
a liar mm-hmm you say one thing and then it does the opposite they’re so excited
huh the band’s still playing I didn’t put me in first person here hey I think
they’re just still pumped from the festival the adrenaline rush still there
why am I in first person look huh oh all right we’ll jump here there’s coins this
coins all right we gotta get the coins it’s only three but it makes a
difference yep give it the coins look at them but
then you have this lady over here who definitely looks like she’s gonna cut a
rug yeah I don’t think I don’t think she went to the festival I don’t I think she
even went such like it’s a bagel store they sell bagel
bagel store yes bagel we found no way there’s the bagel stores real yes it is
but we had to change outfits because you see that guy in the construction hat
there yeah we need to go in there by pretending to be somebody else
what valuable lessons and guess what we’re going where are we going
the bagel store or the fake bagel stuff fake bagel store in the mail store that
doesn’t have any bagels yes they do have bagels all right it’s
like right behind that counter there’s bagels there’s an air please only bagels
the makeup mayor Pauline statue it’s like it it’s about like a foot high it’s
just a golden mayor poen statue yeah a bit of a narcissist if you asked me oh
she kind of alien she kind of had giant posters of her fate had giant posters of
her face on skyscrapers yeah she’s definitely a narcissist alright now we have to go lie to this
night here and say yes I am totally qualified to do this you’re totally the
building inspector right oh yeah and cuz this totally makes sense we have a
building with clouds in it yeah the building got really messed up really all right we gotta inspect this building
seems very building it yes good buildings building oh this looks easy
thumb like an easy little obstacle course there were so many these little
fuzzy things in Super Mario 3d World yeah seriously though I had to get those
coins the coins are very important yep okay I’m not gonna use my peach
amiibo here I’m not doing it I refuse I refuse to use the amiibo I will get moon
power Oh No yeah see there’s a moon right here I can get moon power off the
bean wire all right now you may recognize this outfit from Super Mario
maker remember that game yeah that’s actually fun game not for me because I
was bad at both making levels and playing levels wow that’s a nice one-two
punch yeah Oh weird game camera angle here nah this is totally bond attempt to
cascade Kingdom transition Titan yeah the in terms of the game you know look
at all those coins Oh cuz they’re coins they’re coins and they will help us
through our journey cuz we can buy costumes song yeah the next big Kingdom
is a seaside Kingdom which has three costumes now you can buy one cost 1000
coins so I might have to do some coin farming before we get there
I I don’t know where I don’t know which rather I’ll take okay I’ll let you
decide do you want to go to the snow Kingdom or the seaside Kingdom next snow
Kingdom all right it’s a little Kingdom but you have the little race that you
can do there you know what the things the race with the thing this is the
raisins the things yeah I remember the race with the faint with the things like
not just the race but the race with the things that totally make sense
I think the little town is called Siberia yeah yeah they’re called
Sumerians not the that’s what they’re called we have a name for the things all
right wait did we do something productive might if we did something
productive I’m not certain I don’t know maybe we did what we were supposed to do
in there you know this guy’s gonna be really confused when the actual building
inspector shows up but but this guy just came in what so distraught why are you
googling it was something about the moon rocks and sank Kingdom hmm
well yet say okay well good for her I mean provide a basic me to the city
yeah uh-huh her job you know all right so I’m going to do another classic moon
which is just scaling this entire tower here oh and when I was getting purple
coins I accidentally got a moon I was just jumping around in the front of the
King – okay I accidentally hit the a button and talked to the taxi guy yeah I
thought so I got that moon while I was getting purple coins alright
there’s actually moon in the postgame where we had to make like this huge leap
of faith across the eunuch City Tower I don’t know the City Hall to another
building over here and that that’s what the moon is called the leap of faith did
you know that fun fact are you ready I’m ready alright Nintendo
did not intend for a new Knox City to look like New York City hmm
I don’t believe that at all because there’s some there’s some stuff here
that’s way too similar to New York yeah yeah like okay no that could have been
added after after people pointed out because apparently people pointed out
while they were playing some kind of demo that hey this looks like New York
City hmm yeah I was gonna say that the how the new Donkers talked some of the
stuff they say that’s obviously New York but they could have added that in after
people pointing that out yeah kind of as a joke yeah like after like the sudden
realization all right okay enough like New York City why not
make it all New York yeah climbing and getting moons no yeah all right look
look at the view you can see the entire metro Kingdom from here albeit cold when
all be it is cool down all of its calls oh yeah graphical : calling if you don’t
know what that is it’s basically fading things out in video games to get close
to them it’s a good performance me yeah technique yeah it’s this isn’t like the
game can’t handle this playing all that stuff at one time alright so I’m gonna
end the video here we got a nice amount of moon
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jesus loves you bye guys you

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