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Let’s Play Don’t Starve Ep. 1: Setting up base camp [Turn on CC for commentary]

Hi! Welcome to my Let’s Play of “Don’t Starve” Starting with Default world settings. Playing as Wilson. Nyctophobia is a real thing btw. AKA Fear of the dark Embiggering however, is a made-up word. So that weird guy was stranded us
here on a deserted island. So much for the plot. Lot’s of things to look at,
but we need to concentrate on the essentials. Twigs and straw for torches. Berries and seeds for food. Flint to make tools. Quick check of the map… Leave the forest for grassland. Flint, nice. Follow roads first when exploring. Savannah, lot’s of grass and bunnies. Bunnies, AKA meat! Can’t do anything with them now though. Enough for a couple torches. You walk faster on roads. Respawn point! Now when I die I’ll reappear here. Disappears after one use though. Looks like the road loops back
so I’ll try another direction. Shoreline. Ponds, another food source. Dusk, at this point sanity starts to decrease. You don’t want to lose too much sanity. Tracing the borders of the savanna. The area to the right looks like
a patchwork of different land types. Exploring more shoreline Let’s make a torch for nightfall. Torch ran out, better make a new one before… Ouch! Managed to make one before it was too late. Morning, at one third health. Close call! Another savanna. Very nice poop you’ve got there, mind if I take it? This might make a good spot for base camp. Crossroads, not too far from Beefalo and Ponds… But still relatively isolated. Let’s set a trap for these frogs. If you attack one then they gang up one you. Not a good idea. We’ll need Rocks for base camp. Craft a Pickaxe to mine Rocks. Frogs attack if you get too close. They attack with their tongues, so ouch! and ew! There’s some Rocks. We’ll also need some logs. So let’s make an Axe to cut down trees. A large tree takes 15 chops. Now to set up base camp before night. The Fire Pit will be the center of camp. With fire we can cook our food. Cooked berries are more filling. They also restore a bit of health. Another torch would be a good idea. Keep torches in the first two inventory slots. If you find yourself in the dark
you’ll want to know where they are. Let’s get more Logs. Rain lowers sanity. Yikes! Lightning causes fires, bad. Let’s see if I can lure a frog into the trap. Success! Lightning danger past, explore some more. Time to head back to base camp. Manure make good fuel for fire. Grass Suit for protection Pine cones also good for fuel, but keep some in reserve. Let’s use this Axe up. An Axe can be used for 100 chops. That’s enough for 6 large trees and 1 medium tree. Knowing that I can use up the Axe
just as the last tree falls. No partially chopped trees to keep track of. No nearly used up Axe cluttering inventory. I decided to make a Garland here. Not actually a good idea. Gobbler on the right, annoying but not worth dealing with. There’s a Carrot; they can be used for food. But the wild ones are best left for emergencies. Let’s make that Garland. It will gradually restore sanity… But my sanity was maxed out by picking flowers. Going to need Gold and Rocks for a Science Machine. These veined boulders have Gold in them. Going to stay and explore the area for now. Building a temporary Campfire to keep the dark at bay. Pretty sure me staring at a fire was dull enough to cut. Ashes can be used eventually. Make the Science Machine to craft new items. What to start with? Backpack for much needed inventory space. Shovel for digging. Dig up stumps for extra logs. Uh-oh, spiders! Prototyping a new item restores sanity. But it’ll be wasted if sanity is already maxed out. More exploring today. Ouch! Knocked my torch onto the ground. Transplanting bush closer to base camp. Pigman. Oh no! The pigman can teleport! Random parrot. Might as well collect some poop as long as it not dark yet. Spiders… Maybe I’ll come back later. Prototype Boards to top off sanity. Let’s replant those bushes. Preparing to take on Spiders… First make sure inventory is in order. Equip armor. Some traps. Lure spiders into the traps. That’s the plan at least. Caught in trap coming back. The den grew while our backs were turned. The den is now empty, but what now? Attack with my Pick? Waste of a Pick. Bare fists? This will take forever and more spiders are coming. That could have gone better. Next time remember to bring a Spear. Out of inventory space already. The ground’ll hold it for now. Spider Gland is good for healing. Chest for excess items. Silk will be useful later. Rain, if lightning hits this forest… Let’s not let it. Hey Frogs, let’s play tag! Tag! How about I take you home for lunch? Planting some trees for later. That’ll be one more for lunch. Let’s explore a bit before nightfall. Time for lunch! More exploring… Trap used up, you get 8 uses. Shoreline explored, the interior can wait. Full moon tonight, don’t have to worry about darkness. Trees are grown, time for a controlled burn. Now we can collect Charcoal. We’ll need Rope for a Drying Rack. Let’s explore more of that patchwork area. Just enough Axe left for a medium tree. Time to take our spoils back to camp. Trap is empty, let’s try a different spot. Well that’s 10 days without dying. But there are new dangers ahead! Tune in next time to see if I can survive them too. I’ll see you then, bye!

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