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LEGOLAND Water Park ๐Ÿ˜†[FUN WATER SLIDES] | Roman and Auroras Childhood Adventures

(delightful music) (splashing) – [Voiceover] Join us
for Roman’s and Aurora’s Childhood Adventures. – [Mom] We are in LEGOLAND again. And this time we’re gonna
go to the waterpark too. – Mm-hmm – [Mom] Yeah. Hey, hey Roman (laughs). – [Voiceover] Alright kids,
how about a ninja pose? That works, okay. – [Mom] Thank you Jay. Come on guys, let’s go. – [Voiceover] You wanna give Jay a hug? – [Mom] Bye. (laughs) Oh we have to keep pulling. We have to keep pulling. (delightful music) Oh. – Let go, let go! – [Mom] Let go? (squeals) (delightful music) Hey Batman. – Hi. – [Mom] Are you ready to go on the ride? Sky Patrol?
– Yeah. – [Mom] Yeah? – Yeah. – [Mom] (laughs) Okay. It’s gonna start. (laughs) Hi, hi guys. My girl is driving there. (laughs) And Batman here is driving too. Okay. Hands on the steering wheel. – There’s a whale right there. – [Mom] – They’re winning. Oh, there’s a whale here, yeah. Wow that’s a cool LEGO Orca. Look, somebody’s taking a bath here. Al fresco. – Slow. – [Mom] Slow? – Fist bump. – [Mom] – Fist bump. (laughs) Good job, good job. Wow, this is the LEGO factory. There goes another one. Press the button Roman, press it. Oh, good job. Look at all those LEGO’s. – They use those kinds
of things to make LEGO’s. – [Mom] Uh huh. Yeah, those are the beads, the plastic beads to make the LEGO’s. Okay, here they come,
oh, shoot them Daddy. (laughs) Good job, Daddy (laughs) Oh, look at this, wow, you
wanna go in there guys? Wow. Yeah. Cool, Roman. Nice job. Those are nice. – I made a new (mumbles)
and I got a (mumbles). – [Mom] Yeah. (laughs) Weeee (laughs), nice guys, nice. (squeals and laughter) This is a pool that you’ve
been waiting for Aurora. (delightful music) Hi (laughs) Who is this little ghost? Are you a ghost? (laughs) Yeah? – I’m Roman. – [Mom] Hey Aurora. Are you ready to go on this ride? – It’s gonna be so fun (mumbles) And then up and down like a roller coaster and then a big splash. – [Mom] A big splash, yeah. Here we go (enthusiastic screams). Whoa, this is pretty cool (laughs) Did you like it? Yeah? – I wanna go again. – [Mom] – You wanna go again? I told you. – Hi. – [Mom] Hi, well Aurora liked it so much that she’s back for more, right Aurora? – Uh-huh. – [Mom] Here’s Mr. LEGO Man. And I think Mr. LEGO Man wants to, get you wet (laughs and squeals) Aurora, are you okay? Look who’s coming here, LEGO Girl again. LEGO Girl. Did you like LEGOLAND Roman? – Yeah, I like LEGOLAND. – [Mom] You like LEGOLAND (laughs). Bye-bye LEGOLAND. – Bye-bye LEGOLAND. ♫ When a moon hits your
eye like a big pizza pie ♫ That’s amore – [Voiceover] Thanks for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe
to Roman’s and Aurora’s Childhood Adventures. Bye. (delightgful music)

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  1. Hello! I am a producer at @thisisinsider in New York and I would like to feature your clip in a video weโ€™re making on Lego Land. Would you be able to send us the original footage? Weโ€™ll be sure to give you a clear, onscreen credit on your footage. Thank you and please let me know!

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