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LEGOLAND Lego Kingdom Theme Park Tour with Carl and Jinger Family!!

– [Carl] Welcome to the Carl
and Jinger Family Vlog today and today we’re going to – [All] LEGOLAND! – [Carl] Let’s go! (yells) (upbeat music) (fun music) None of us have ever
been to LEGOLAND before. But it is really cool if you haven’t had the opportunity to come. Everything here in the park
is life-size or giant-size. Straight ahead is all the Ninjago stuff. You guys used to be way
into Ninjago, right? – Yes. – Holy smokes, look at
the size of that bull. It’s completely made of Legos. Seeing all these giant Lego creations and statues really makes me want to order, like, a whole bunch of Legos. And just get big Tupperwares full of ’em and do giant Lego builds back home. – I still have a big bin of Legos at home. I need to pull that out for that stuff. – You do, huh? – And I have a really big one. – I wanna get just tens of thousands of different colors of Legos. And just make some huge stuff. Whoa, guys, there’s Bionicles here. – [Boy] It’s so big. – [Carl] Is that how they
are supposed to be in life? – Yeah. – [Carl] That’s how big they really are? You guys wanna go on this ride? – Yeah, let’s do it. – [Carl] Let’s do it. – [Jinger] Here we go. – How come you don’t have to do it? – [Jinger] Is this basically a tea kettle cup ride or whatever? – I’m gonna barf! – [Jinger] Teacup ride (laughs). My stomach can’t handle
it, you guys are good. Now you guys make sure Dad spins a lot. – Okay. – Okania. – Mommy’s sitting this one out. These guys are gonna
go on this teacup ride. And I’m just like, no thank you. I’ve been sick for two days
after doing the sea kayaking. And I’m like I can’t do
another day of sickness. – [Carl] You ready? – Uh huh, I’m ready. – [Carl] This is the Bionicle’s
version of a teacup ride. And Jinger opted off. – You guys have fun over there! – [Carl] Oh, we will. – Have fun! – This is the barf cam. – [Jinger] Go, guys, go! Go, guys, go (yells). (energetic music) (yelling) (laughing) How’s it feeling? – Awesome. – [Jinger] How’s you feelin’, Luke? (gags) (Jinger laughs) How’s it goin’, Dad? Are you gonna barf? – I feel so bad right now. – [Jinger] (laughs) When
it started going faster, I was like um, that’s when
I would puke right there. – He was like, “We’re
gonna speed this thing up.” And I was like, “No, please.” Next Lego challenge is the Project X ride. Are you guys ready to do this? – Yeah. – [Carl] (yells) You gonna
do this one actually? – Yes, I am. – [Carl] Alright, let’s do it. Oh, glory. Oh, glory. Oh, ho, ho, ho, ho. This one’s not opening. Here we go, guys, you ready? Oh, my gosh! (yells) – [Boy] Oh, my God. (yells) – That’s a fun little ride. (yells) That first drop really got me. Oh, that was a good one. (laughs) See, Jinger, I wanna
build like giant stuff. But I think that’s a little bit too big. That’s like 20 feet tall. That would take like a year. – That looks like a lot of work. – [Carl] A year’s worth of work. That’s not even messin’ around. See, he’s even got like a belly button (laughs) and everything, right? That’s impressive! Whoa, that is a legit giant dragon, right? (laughs) That is really cool. Here we go. Are you ready? – Yeah. (yelling and laughing) – Ah, we made it. Jinger, I triple-dog dare you to go on this ride all by yourself. – That’s the easiest dare in the world. (Carl laughs) – [Carl] Oh, here comes
Kyle around the bend. Where’s Mom? – She’s too tall and she’s too old. – [Carl] She’s too tall and too old? – Yeah, the age limit is 12. – [Carl] Oh, (laughs) there’s Luke. Oh, that looks like the
silliest ride ever (laughs). And here comes Luke and around, he’s comin’ around the bend and he’s gonna go into the third place and comin’ around. – I can walk faster than this horse. – [Carl] (laughs) Yehaw! Let’s see. ‘Kay, I’m gonna race you, ready? Go faster, Luke. Di-di-le-da-di-le-di-di-le. Di-di-le-da-di-le-di-di. – I popped a wheelie. – [Carl] Oh, you popped
a wheelie? (laughs) Oh, you did, you totally did. Whoops (laughs). Someone’s too old for the horsey ride. – My oldest is too old
for the horsey ride. – [Carl] Oh, I was so excited to watch you come around the bend. And cheer you on. – This is what it would look like. – [Carl] (laughs) You
would try to stand up. – I’d be twerkin’ on my horse. – [Carl] Twerk (laughs). ‘Tis the Lego knight of Kyle. (laughs) He’s got his war face on. (Carl laughs) This is really cool. Lego’s done a good job. I think we’re gonna go in here, into Castle Ice Cream. And get some slushies or some ice cream. What’d everybody get? – Blue raspberry.
– Icees. – [Carl] Icees? – I’m the only one with ice cream. – [Carl] That’s okay (laughs). It’s okay to be different. – [Jinger] Are you gonna
guard all the slushies, while everybody goes on this ride? – Are you going on it? – [Jinger] No, I’m gonna film it. – Yes, I’m gonna stay right here. – [Jinger] Gage and Carl
are doing a level five. – [Carl] The advanced one. – [Jinger] Advanced. They have the advanced robot arm. – We’re doing the highest level it’ll go. – [Jinger] Buckle up, buttercup. Luke, what level are you doing? – Three! – [Jinger] Level three, okay! Here we go! – Hi! Here we go, oh! (Carl screaming) (intense music) (yelling) – [Jinger] Gage is just laughin’. Carl, are you gonna puke? – I felt like my head was gonna pop. – [Jinger] How was that? – You gotta try that. I seriously, at one point,
when we were spinning upside down, I felt like
my head was gonna pop. It was like so crazy. So much upside down and
swinging and spinning. – I have a sore throat. – Just from laughing so hard. There’s like a whole miniature Lego Washington D.C. This is really cool. ♫ Lego Las Vegas ♫ Lego Las Vegas (laughs) That’s cool, they got
the Luxor, Excalibur, New York, New York, MGM Grand, Tropicana, all the big Las Vegas hotels. They’re in Lego, that’s cool. If you’re gonna come to LEGOLAND, come on a Wednesday morning ’cause there’s literally no lines. We’ve gone right up. – The best. – On all the rides, all
day, without a wait. Next ride, The Dragon. Rah! (laughs) What happened? Did you crash? Luke’s like dying to go and
they made him stop already. There you go. Ding, ding, da dee, de doo. (laughs) Go, Luke, go. There’s Kyle over there. Oh, they’re racing. Mark, get set, go. (yells) Go! Who’s winning? Luke’s winning. (upbeat music) There’s an eel down in there, huh? – [Jinger] There’s another
one, right back in there. – [Carl] Whoa, and a big shark. Oh, yeah, clear back in there, huh? Oh, look at him go in the rocks. Hi, Gage (laughs). Ah, that’s funny. Oh, there’s our little bubble boys. (laughs) What was your name, dude? – Tucker. – [Carl] Tucker? Tucker watches our videos,
now you’re in one, ah! – Do you mind if I take a picture? – [Carl] Sure, dude. You gonna touch that sea anemone, Gage? – No. – [Carl] I’ll touch it. I wanna touch it. Oh, Luke’s brave. – [Boy] What does it feel like? – [Carl] Like jelly. It must be very soft, ew, weird. It like grabs ahold of
your fingers kind of. – [Woman] If you were a fish, it would grab you and sting you. – [Carl] Oh, that’s so cool. Look at all these starfish back here. Oh, it feels rough like sand. Very cool. Wow, look at this white one. Grabbin’ ahold my finger, thinks I’m food. – [Jinger] What does it feel like? – [Carl] It’s like momma
noodle fingers, right? See how it just kind of grabs ahold of ya? Isn’t that cool? You can feel it kinda
stick to your finger. That’s cool, huh? – [Boy] Yeah. – [Carl] Boo! (laughs) Where, wait, what? – [Jinger] You missed it because you were too busy scaring me. – [Carl] Oh, it’s way over there. – [Boy] Oh, look right
there, there’s like sharks. – [Carl] Whoa, I had no idea that they had all this
here at LEGOLAND, did you? – Shark there. – [Carl] Did you know
that they had this here? That is a big shark. Wow, look at that! – Look. – [Carl] Oh, he wants to
give you a kiss, Kyle. Give him a kiss on the glass (laughs). Give him a kiss, Kyle. (laughs) That’s so funny. What if he just went, bloop? That’s a big fish, geez. Whoa, shark! Whoa, that’s way cool! – They’re swimming way up there! Look at that one back there! – [Carl] I can see. That’s awesome. I’ve never been a tunnel
fish tank like this. – [Jinger] There’s a ray over here. – [Carl] Cool. Whoa, I had no idea they had
all this here in LEGOLAND. – Big sharks. – So cool! – What if the glass caved in? – [Carl] (gasps) Oh, gosh. Whoa, shark right overhead. Look at that, wow! Whoa, that’s so weird. So, when we’re out boogie
boarding in the ocean today, those things are swimming
around out there. And you just don’t realize it, oh! – [Jinger] Look up top, look. – [Carl] It’s kinda weird having them swim right over your head, huh? Isn’t that cool? – It’s awesome. – Well, guys, that was a
pretty awesome day at LEGOLAND. Did you guys have fun? – [All] Yeah. – I’m more in love with
Legos now than ever. And it really makes me want to get giant boxes of Legos to build stuff. Don’t forget to let us
know in the comments what we should build when we get our huge Tupperwares full of Legos. And click anywhere on
the screen to subscribe or watch more videos. And we’ll see you guys next time. – [All] Bye!

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