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  1. FPX get ready G2 is heading to watching LEC but ugh yea could have left that line out since FPX stomped their lights out….honestly even though I <3 FNC and can't wait to see them the I am interested to see how Forg1ven's return will go as well.

  2. imagine arguing about who's better between eu and na in 2020.. bro the difference is huuuuge dont even think about comparing them .. let's go g2 smack them lec and worlds cheeks

  3. I'm lpl fan. I can't wait for lec as well. The gap has definitely closed. Looking forward to a 3 way fight come worlds. Sorry na!

  4. This year is definitely the Fnatic year, they will win. I mean, just look at the team they have, so many strong players. I can't imagine them loosing to anyone.

  5. LEC need makes a second division. But if your place in 9 and 10. You teams will go to second place. But. If second division your teams place in 1 and 2. Welcome to one division

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