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Learn To Skip Like A Boxer | 5 Boxer Skipping Rope Skills

Yo, you want to learn to skip rope like a
boxer? Then you’ve come to the right place because
in this video I’m giving you the five main skills that you need to learn and master so
that you can flow like a pro. Let’s do this. If you want to dance with a rope like a boxer,
the first skill you need to learn is the boxer skip. A staple for all boxers, the boxer skip is
great for longer jump rope sessions and can act as a slower pace recovery period after
the high-intensity runs. Mix up the basic boxer skip and try the boxer
skip shuffle. It imitates sliding into or away from punches
and it helps develop rhythm, timing and coordination with the rope. Next you want to learn one of the most valuable
jump rope skills, side swings. Side swings are great because they get the
upper body more involved, which pushes your cardiovascular system much harder. They’re also great for transitioning into
different jump rope skills. There are three main variations that I will
demonstrate here: single handed, which you just saw, single side swings, and my personal
favorite, double side swings. A common error people make is stopping their
jump when doing side swings. Instead, keep your jump going so you stay
in rhythm with the rope. This will allow you to effortlessly resume
jumping the rope again or transition to a different skill. As I stated earlier, double swings are by
far my favorite. They’re a great way to increase the intensity
of a workout as you learn to perform them faster. The heel-toe step is a great skill that helps
you develop your footwork and rhythm. If the footwork is proving difficult for you,
try this version without the toe touching behind you. One of the most well known boxers skills is
the criss cross. This is a must learn skill and needs to be
practiced often. You need to develop good muscle memory in
the arm movement in order to perform this skill at high speeds. It is a great example of speed, focus, and
coordination and it doesn’t take the criss cross long to make a big impact in your workouts. The double under is a great way to increase
the intensity of your workouts. Developing the speed and rhythm to crush some
doubles takes time and practice. You will often see a boxer doing doubles with
a cross. Double under crosses are not only a difficult
skill to master, but they will wear you out quickly. Once you’ve learned at least a few of these
skills, start learning how to put it all together. Learn to transition from skill to skill performing
at least three to five jumps with each skill before changing. This will help you get comfortable of transitioning
from one skill to another and know that you have complete control within that skill. A common mistake people make here is going
too fast. Start slow and as you get more comfortable
with the transitions, begin adding more speed gradually. Once you have mastered the skills and can
transition smoothly, increase the speed and start adding your own flair to your style. I like to keep my feet moving at all times
and try to add in lateral movements for agility. Have fun with it and be patient. This stage takes practice and repetition. There you have it, those are the five skills
that you need to learn and master in order to jump rope like a boxer. If you don’t know any of those skills, don’t
worry, I have all my tutorials with these skills linked in a playlist right above. Go check them out. The real key to learning to jump rope really
smooth and to build a flow with your rope is practice. The more time you spend with the rope, whether
it’s five, 10, 20 minutes a day, or every other day, the better you’re going to get
over time, so get your practice time in. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, give me a thumbs up below and
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coming at you every week. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you in
the next one.

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