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Learn Spanish Video Series Buena Gente S1 E6

I hope Alonso can talk to Diego. I want to give him the ring soon. I think he will. Alonso knows some of Diego’s friends. He just has to do is call them. Alonso’s coconut ice cream is delicious. Is it? I love coconut ice cream . I’ll try it next time. The lime ice cream is really delicious, too. Yes, Alonso knows some of Diego’s friends. The problem is that Diego’s phone doesn’t work, and I think he already left for Peru. Well, yes. But surely Diego has lots of friends here in Mexico. One of them can send him a message on Facebook, right? That’s true You’re right. I just hope it all happens quickly. The wedding is soon! It’s a message from Alonso, from the ice cream shop. He says that he talked to some of Diego’s friends and one of them is going to send us his younger brother’s number. His name is Jorge. His younger brother’s name is Jorge. All set! We have Jorge’s number, Diego’s little brother. What if he’s going to Peru for the wedding? Call him, call him now! Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. Hello? Hi, this is Mateo Méndez. I’m calling because your brother Diego l eft some things here in the apartment. He left a box and in the box there is a little bag with a ring. There are also photos and some recipes. How do you know my brother? No, I don’t know Diego. Diego used to live in this apartment before. When we arrived, we found several things a box with a little bag and a ring. There were also pictures and recipes, and some notes. We tried to call Diego but his cell phone doesn’t work anymore. It doesn’t work anymore. Diego is in Peru because he’s getting married this weekend. He’s going to live there. I’m leaving for Lima tonight. Tonight! No! You have to come get the ring! Who is there? And how is it that you have my phone number? I’m Sofía, Mateo’s sister. We have your phone number because all day we’ve spent all day looking for your brother, Diego. Looking at the photos, we found the bakery. The bakery my parents had when I was a baby? Yes, through the bakery we found your uncle Miguel. My uncle Miguel from the pizza place? My parents haven’t spoken to him in years. We know, but your uncle Miguel spoke with a friend, Alonso. Alonso from the ice cream shop? He has delicious ice cream. Yes, it’s really delicious. Alonso spoke with a friend who had your phone number. And Alonso gave us your number. And finally we found you, Diego’s brother. I just got a text from a friend. He says he gave my number to Alonso from the ice cream shop. Perfect. Now you understand everything that happened and you can come pick up the box and ring. Well, I don’t understand everything. But I do understand that my brother left the wedding ring here, in Mexico. It’s my grandmother’s ring. Yes, we know it’s your grandma’s ring. Your mom mentions it in a note she left with the ring. What time are you going to come by for the box? I don’t have much time. Can you bring the box here, to downtown Guanajuato, please? In 15 minutes on the stairs of the Teatro Juárez? Perfect. See you there. Yes. And thanks. You guys are nice people. Thank you so much! It’s a message from Diego! He says hi. He sent us pictures of the wedding! They look so happy. Yes, they look very happy. Say hi to him for me. I still don’t believe it . Diego didn’t know the box was here in Mexico. He thought that the box was with his other things, in a big box. Incredible, right? I understand it perfectly. Don’t worry. We’ll finish unpacking this weekend. Guess what? Diego and Ana invited us to Peru!

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  1. Hola! Soy de India..estoy aprendiendo español..tus videos son muy útiles para mi..saludos desde la India🙋‍♂️

  2. Nos lo gusto mucho. Sin embargo, for "pase rapido" is that a way of saying "goes smoothly" like "va sin problema" or does it literally mean "goes quickly"? Muchos gracias siempre.

  3. I love that these videos are slow enough for me to catch most of the dialogue! At 0:58 Mateo says, "Solo tiene que llamarlo y ya." What does "y ya" mean? I turned on the English subtitle which says, "He just has to do is call them," so I can't figure out what part of that means "y ya".

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