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Learn Spanish Video Series Buena Gente S1 E2

Oh no Diego’s phone doesn’t work. Now how are we going to find him? Does his mom’s note say anything else? Let’s see. the note was in the little bag with with the ring and it says… “Dear Diego I am so happy that Ana is going to wear the wedding ring, your grandmother’s wedding ring. I already bought my plane ticket for the wedding. I arrive in Lima on June 2. See you in Peru! I love you a lot, son.” Nothing. And there is nothing else in the little bag. In the little box, as you know already there are only photos recipes for cookies, pastries. I think this photo is of the grandparent’s wedding. Maybe there’s something else in the apartment! Help me look. I found a plastic bag some paper clips soap a pen and a pencil Nothing useful. What did you find? I found some coins cards note paper, glue and a sock. Nothing that helps us. Well, 10 pesos is not too bad. There’s a note here on the paper. It is an address. -206 Truco Street and also a time 3:15 pm. but I don’t know what it is. It doesn’t say anything. Well, we can search on the Internet for the address to see what we find. Give me a second. Ok, ready. What is the address? Truco Street. 206 Don Juan Barber Shop Diego got a haircut. But that doesn’t help us be able to find him. He cut his hair for the wedding. But he doesn’t have the ring! How sad! No, Sofía. Diego and Ana are going to get married. The wedding will be beautiful like their grandparents’ wedding. The ring is not the most important thing. I know. You are right. But it is his grandmother’s ring! The rest of their lives. they are going to remember their wedding day. They are going to think of this and they will feel bad. Every anniversary! How sad. I want to cry. Oh, Sofía. But what can we do? Diego’s phone does not work anymore and the only thing we know is that he cut his hair. He cut his hair! When I get my hair cut, I chat with the stylists. Maybe they know him. I am going to call. Is the number there? It is 472 159 752. Hi, good morning. I need to reach one of your clients. His name is Diego García López. It is urgent. He had an appointment there…

Reader Comments

  1. Great video lessons , easy to learn , love the way they emphasize every word or object, Thank You . ….More videos pls.

  2. me encanta el video! yo lo necesito para aprender español, es muy útil. lo siento por algunos errores. esta idioma es nuevo para me

  3. Absolutely brilliant stuff for learning Spanish. My son is doing Spanish at school and we (me his mummy) are learning it together and we converse together. It is working a treat these series as he's top in his class and I feel he will be at A level standard when taking his GCSE. Because it's latin Spanish there are some parts different from mainstream Spain for example "pen is: una pluma and boligrafico" but we try to learn both. Muchos gracias por tu ayuda.

  4. Just about the right level for me at the moment after doing Spanish on Duolingo for a year. At the risk of stating the obvious to some people, in case you don't know, you can click on the settings button at the bottom and get subtitles in Spanish, slow it down even more, or (if you find it too slow) speed it up after you have watched it once.

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