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Learn English Words! Through Playground with Sign Post Kids!

Ahhhhh Hi, you’re watching Sign Post Kids and today we’re at the playground Yea This is a teeter-totter It goes up and down Up Down Up Down We’re going to go through this triangle circle Please move Here, let me help you There you go This is the highest one You’re fine, ready Put your legs on it so you can put your foot here There you go. Go right there. Go right there. (Scream) (Giggles) (Giggles) Now slide off You did it Come on guys, you can do it Let’s count them One Two Three Four Five Six Seven I want to go again I am on top Yeah Let’s count the ropes One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Eight ropes Emy, do the monkey bars for us Alright grab on grab on and you did it Do you want to sit up here The top circle is small and the bottom circle is big Push me I didn’t mean that fast I have the letter T I have the letter H R I have the letter O and U G and H Let’s sound it out T-H-R-O-U-G-H T-H-R-O-U-G-H THROUGH We went through this playground This is a spiderweb rope I am climbing I made it (Inaudible talking) This is hard Ready, we got to hold onto each other We are standing on a tiny platform Let me get in here Through the holes Don’t touch the ground guys, it’s lava Bad idea Hannah I am going in circles – in circles (Inaudible talking) What is that It’s like a key I can’t reach it A tiny slide Ready Go go go go go You can do it Ahhh 🙁 Whoa, I liked that (Inaudible talking) Emy look out Emy, the easy way is this way Wow, JoJo got it See Ready, look out Car Wait, why are you doing this I’m up at the top Awesome (Inaudible talking) (Gasping) Whoa, that’s super cool Let’s look at it So many colors The orange is almost like a rainbow There’s red and yellow and orange and green and brown and black So many colors – and white It’s beautiful Let’s shoo it away on three Ready, one, two, three shoo, shoo, shoo Yeah You can get on the swing now Ready to be pushed Yeah One, two, threeeeee Katie Hannah, push me Hannah Emy Carlei Hannah JoJo

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