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Learn English Words! Playground Number Workout!

Zooooom! Hi, we’re Sign Post Kids We’re going to do some fitness events We’re going to vault over the bar, come on guys Hannah, Katie goes first Ready, one, two, three, GO! Ready, go Ready, go Yeah! (applause) Alright, Carlei, Emy, and JoJo, go ahead Carlei can go first Yeah! (applause) Yeah! (applause) We’re going to step on these poles First step and go STOP Whoa This is really high, I am scared Ready, jump Yeah! (applause) Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah! (applause) Now we’re doing sit ups I think I should go first OH, Emy! One two three four five Good Job! Here we go One two three four five one two three four five one two three four five one two three four five We’re going to do knee ups one two three four five I am going to try to jump and grab these Grrrr I couldn’t do it I am going to do it from over here (encouraging clapping) Yeah, I made it! I’m swinging I am going to jump (indistinct voices) I’m going to slide down I am too I’m going to go backwards Subscribe Sign Post Kids For more of our awesome videos, click here, here, here, and here!

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