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Learn English Words! Follow the Leader with Sign Post Kids! Playground!

Hi You’re watching Sign Post Kids and today we are playing at a playground! Let’s go! Everyone copy me. Walk like a ballerina. [music] Let’s march up the stairs. Can you march with us? [music] Let’s go down the slide! Can you put your hands up like this and go down the slide with us? Let’s go! [music] Can you guys copy me? [music] Great job, guys! Now, let’s pretend to climb! [music] Let’s go across the bridge while dribbling a ball. [music] Over the bridge Now, we’re gonna cross the swinging bridge. Put your arms out like this and hold on tight! [music] Hey, guys! Let’s waddle like a penguin. To the little slide [music] Let’s go down the little slide. [music] Now, let’s do our arms like a windmill and go through the rock wall. [music] Through the rock wall [music] Now, put your arms out like this and float like a butterfly! One Two Three Four Five Six [music] Make some big muscles like this and stomp across the stairs. [music] We’re gonna climb down this ladder. [music] Down the ladder Now, let’s go up the rock wall. [music] Come on Katie, you can do it! Good job! [music] Yay! Now, let’s bunny hop over there. Can you bunny hop like this? [music] Now, let’s climb up this ladder! I’ll climb this side. How do you climb this? I don’t know but it’s fun! Oh, I will have to take the other side. This is so cool! Let Katie climb. There you go. Woah! Ouch, what?! Uh oh, Jojo. Oh no! You’re gonna tip over Cool, like, under Oh no, buddy! I’m stuck. You can make it. You can make it. I have options. Make it, make it. Coming through, pardon me Jojo I’ll start again. Look out! You got it, Katie! Phew! Here comes Jojo again. You can do it! You can do it. You can do it. Yay! Finally! Now let’s go to the twisty slide. Can you move your arms like this? [music] That was a busy day at the park. It’s time to go home now. Thanks for watching! Be sure to share this video with your family and friends! Bye! Let’s all buckle up for safety!

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