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Last To Stop Biking Wins $1,000,000 (Part 4)

– The last one of them to stop pedaling will compete for $1,000,000.
(cash register ringing) We’ve done three videos, Last To Fall, Last To Stop Swinging,
Last To Leave Toilet and this is the fourth,
Last To Stop Biking. The winner of this challenge
will compete against the other three winners for $1,000,000. This is Chandler’s team. – This is Cody, this is Mark. – He’s your coach, he’s
incentivized to take care of you, do whatever you need. And over here is Orange Team. – This is Ryan and this is
Jeremy, this is the winning team. – We have a device here that
can see how many rotations you’re doing per minute, and
as long as you’re doing 20 rotations per minute, we
count that as still biking. If one of your contestants
wins the million dollars, you get 10% of it, same with
you which is a hundred grand. As of right now, neither
of you have a contestant in the million dollar final. – I’m gonna win.
(bones crunching) – I heard your hand
crack or was that mine? – No, it was yours! – Okay. – (laughs) Jake get out of here, you already have two winners. – Are we talking about winnin’? – This is the winner of
Last To Leave Toilet. Who are these two people Jake? – Akira and Omar. – As of right now, Akira, Omar and Jorge, they’re gonna put their
hand on a million dollars. And the last one of them to
take it off gets to keep it. We need one more person to put their hand on the million dollars and
that will be determined today. – Dude it sucks that you’re
gonna do all that cycling if you win and then you’re
gonna get beat by Jorge. Look at those chiseled abs. – You mean Cody, look
at these chiseled abs. (everyone laughs) – [Instructor] Now find
that beat, there it is, oh yeah, let’s do it! – Hey Chandler, here’s a sharp object. – Thank you. – You want a banana? – Yes please. – Hold this. Our first challenge is Fruit Ninja. You’re gonna toss the fruit,
if he slices it in half, I do nothing, but if he misses, I up your resistance for 10 minutes. (oriental music) (sword slicing)
– Oh! – That was terrifying,
but he cut it in half, so your resistance stays the same. (oriental music)
(sword slicing) (slow motion sword slicing) (everyone gasps and laughs) – [Crew Member] What?
– What? – [Crew Member] Yo!
– That is beautiful! Congratulations sir, your
resistance stays the same. Let me take this. Here’s a banana, here’s a banana. Go ahead and throw your banana. (oriental music)
(sword slicing) (sword slicing and resonating) – It happened, it happened. – Literally no one is
arguing, yes, you got it. (oriental music)
(sword slicing) (everyone groans and claps) (mournful piano notes) It’s only 10 minutes so it’s fine. So, we’re just gonna do
two clicks, nothing crazy, timer starts, 10 minutes,
we start it off easy. Could you even feel the difference? – I can’t. – It’s only 10% harder,
it’s nothing crazy. – Next challenge, it won’t happen again. – The elongated cutting
object has decided your fate. – [Instructor] You gotta get
up and boogie with this honey. – [Crew Member] It’s been over an hour, how you feelin’ so far? – It’s only been an hour, God. I feel all right, few more bananas. – [Crew Member] You got so much banana– – It’s keepin’ me alive. – Butt is still numb, I
feel like I’ve been here for about three hours. – [Crew Member] Three hours? – But I’m still kickin’ through. – Lost feelin’ in my butt
about 20 minutes ago, but I’m still going on. – Still good, still going strong. – How many miles have you gone? – 17.
– What, mine’s at seven! (both laugh) – I think this is miles, I have no idea, I can’t read a exercise bike. – [Jimmy] Is this your
first time on a bike? – It is, I need training wheels. (everyone laughs) – [Jimmy] It’s Cody’s
first time on a bike. – What?
– Yeah dude. (exploding ball) (gentle tonal music) – So would you like
anything, like a drink? – I’ll take a 5-hour Energy. – So, Chandler, you’re
gonna have to make a trip to the gas station. I bought you a bike, so you
can go bike to the store and buy them stuff. Good luck with that. – I’m a get you guys some stuff too. What would you want? – Blue Gatorade. – Blue Gatorade? – Red Bull. – Red Bull? – [Crew Member] Ooh, okay,
all right, you got it. (slow tuba playing) – Ah, it’s so cold out here! – [Crew Member] Call those dogs. – I hope this Gatorade is worth it. – Oh, we made it. – We’re at the gas station
for the contestants. – Gonna get some nom nom, some snacks. (tape whirring) (door crashing)
– I got the goods, argh! Back on the highway, here we go! (upbeat accordion music) – [Crew Member] Oh, look who it is. – I’m here guys. – Thanks coach. – I got wings. – You gotta chug it. – Can you open it?
– Yeah, sure. (laughs)
(heavy metal music) (gulps drink) (crew member claps) – [Instructor] Here’s a
little coffee break for you. – [Jimmy] You got a
couple more hours in you? How many more? – 24, 25, 30. – 39 and a half. – A couple weeks. – At least an hour, got this. It’s my exercise arm. Yeah, we’re buddies. – [Jimmy] You said, that you thought you were gonna get out first right? – I mean I was lyin’. – [Jimmy] Who did you
say would get out first? – Ryan.
– [Jimmy] Ryan? (laughs) – [Jimmy] Who do you think
is gonna get out first? – Banana man. – We on the same team. (laughs) – I’m gonna have to go with banana man. – Bring it on old man. – I think you’re older than me. – Mark is goin’ out first, ’cause he said five and a half weeks, that’s delirious talkin’. (everyone laughs) – My good sir, what do bees make? – Honey. – What do you like on your toast? – Honey. – Who is the sponsor of this video? – Honey. – You’re right, Honey is
the sponsor of this video and here’s how it works. This is $3,000 worth of shoes. Apply coupon, give Honey a
second to scan the internet and find coupon codes
and Honey saved us $600. (cash register ringing)
– Wow! – Sheesh! – And that’s how Honey works,
it’s a free browser add on that you install and then
every time you check out it scans the internet and automatically applies
coupon codes for you. This is Chandler’s high
school football photo, we want 2,500 of them
which comes out to $2,800. Let Honey scan for some coupons. Honey found a code that saved us $383. So, you’re probably
thinking something this good has to be really hard
to get, but it’s not. It just takes two clicks. You click here and you click here. Those two clicks can save you
hundreds of dollars this year and thousands of dollars
over your lifetime. (cash register ringing) And like I said, “It’s free!” so go to, that’s and install Honey for free today. Now let’s go back to the bikes. (gentle electronic music) – [Crew Member] Dude, these bananas. – I was hungry, what’s up? It’s been six hours, I can go another 100. Need more bananas. – [Jimmy] Why are you standing up already? – My butt hurts. – [Jimmy] Okay, that’s fair. – Why don’t you slow it down? – Because it’s harder if I go slower. – 35, you’re in at 44,
why are you going so fast? – You think I’m going fast,
you should see next to me. – Dude, you’re coasting at 70, why? – I can’t slow down. – Theoretically you should
burn out twice as fast, I don’t know if that’s true. – I’m not hurtin’. – Okay. (gentle electronic music) This next challenge is
really gonna make the coaches have to work. Whoever jumps over more balls, your people will get a
pillow under their butts. The losing team will have to hold a baby. I don’t know why I pointed at you guys, like you’re already
about to lose (laughs). We’re starting off with one ball. (bell rings) Now it’s two balls. (bell rings) Now there is three. (bell rings) He cleared it by like that much. (bell rings)
(everyone claps and cheers) All right, four balls. – Argh!
(bell rings) – Thanks buddy. (bell rings) (everyone claps and cheers) – He cleared four balls! We’re comin’ up on the five
ball trifecta, how do you feel? – I feel like Chandler’s gonna get this. – Are you saying Marcus is short? – Yes, he is fairly shorter than Chandler. – [Marcus] What does that mean? – Have that it sir. Chandler! – Argh!
(buzzer beeps) (everyone groans) – He’s out.
(gentle electronic music) Five balls is one too
many balls for Chandler. (electronic beep)
(everyone cheers) (slow motion groaning) Since your coach could not
complete the five balls of doom, you must hold this baby. For three minutes you have
to hold it right there. Same with you sir, hold this baby. Your coach worked hard
to get you these pillows. How does this feel? – Oh that feels amazing. – I just feel disappointed. – [Jimmy] But now you’re a father, how do you feel about that? – Highly weird. – [Jimmy] What about you,
how are you going to pay child support? – I’m not paying anything. (laughs) (gentle electronic music) Anything they need, you
have to bike to go get. – So, Taco Bell is really far away, I’m gonna have to bike like 30 minutes. – I’ll see you in an hour (laughs). – Got it, I’m gonna go now
and ride a bike in the dark, in the cold, on the highway. – Jimmy John’s is like
right down the street, that’s the sub place, is that okay, sub? – Sure.
– [Marcus] Sure? – [Chandler] I don’t want to do this. – [Crew Member] You know you
can wait until you get outside to get on the bike? (bell ringing)
(Taco Bell operator mumbles) – That’s it, no lettuce. – Hey! – Let’s get back I guess.
(teeth chattering) (bell rings) – It’s pretty cold. – We’ve got food. – [Crew Member] Did you get some? – I got frostbite. – One more, one more. (gentle electronic music) – Who would you say you’re
trying to win this money for? – My girlfriend, her name is Annie. We’ve been together like five years so I feel like I should buy her a ring. – Why do you need this money,
what you gonna do with it? – Invest in my YouTube channel. – Nice! – My parents, my girlfriend. – My wife and kids. – Oh, oh, he’s got like a real family! – Gentlemen, I bring prizes, I got Brian aka The Unicorn Of Wealth. I can list all the items here
but I don’t feel like it. It’s stuff, do you want it? – Have you got a box?
– Yes, then get off! – All right.
– What, whoa! (everyone laughs) – Sorry Chandler! Christmas is gonna be awesome! (everyone laughing and cheering) – He drove a bike for you. – He K’d your P. – Taco Bell and back in the cold
– Taco Bell! – It was good. – Take this unicorn by the helm and ride off into the sunset. – I mean I can barely walk
but let’s do this (laughs). Yes! – Cody, your legs all right? – No, I was just waiting
for something to be offered. (laughs)
– Thanks for coming man. – Awesome, yeah dude it was great. – Glad you had fun, thank you so much. I’m a need you to win this for me. – I got you. – All right?
– I got you. (gentle electronic music) Let me make it easier on one of you, $5,000 for the next one to get off. Oh! – Can’t stand, can’t stand. – Are you good, don’t fall. – I know Team Marcus is in good hands, ’cause Jeremy gonna bring it home. – I guess you did the best you could do. – There’s a 50/50 chance now that you’re in the million dollars. – There’s a 100% chance that
we are in the million dollars. – With what, with what math? – I added their 50 to ours. – I lost feelin’ in my legs. – At least you leave with five bands now, congratulations man. – Thank you. – There’s only two contestants left now and I think we should celebrate
by moving the resistance up a little bit. We’re just gonna go click,
click right about there. Is there a big difference now? – No, not at all. – That’s a front, I know he’s lying. – [Mark] No, I’m dead serious. – I know you feel a difference. – Could you get a trash can
though, too many Powerades. – Yeah, it’s says 103, you’ve biked a 103 miles today, 149 miles. I say we present the final offer, $10,000 to the next person who gets out. Do you not want 10 grand? It’s a lot of money. – He wants more than that. – Even if you guys won today, you’re not guaranteed a million dollars. You’re going up against freak of natures, you could just lose in the next round. You’re going up against
this dude, look at his abs. If neither of you want it we’re gonna have to keep
upping the resistance, I’ll just go. (everyone groans)
– yeah, I got– – No, no! (everyone screams) – No, no! – Yo, get off this bike
young man, we got the win! – Argh, I can’t walk! (garbled scream) – Marcus oh no. – Get away from me! It was a long, long, long
ride, but you got 10,000. – He gots more than 10,000, if I win, I wanna give him 50,000. (everyone gasps) – Wait if you win the million dollars, you wanna give him 50 grand? – Yes, I wanna give him 50 grand. – Oh! – I really appreciate that . – This means you–
– Me and my cousin. – Will now in a few days put
your hand on a million dollars and if you’re the last one to take it off, you keep it. – You all better watch out,
’cause I’m not givin’ up. I’m goin’ for the big money,
I’m going for the championship. – Thursday, December 19th
at 4:00 p.m. Eastern time, Last To Take Hand Off
$1,000,000 goes public. Akira, Omar, Jorge and him
will all put their hand on a million dollars and the last one to take it off keeps it. When this bike view goes
public, that video will have already been filmed, don’t try to rob us. Someone is becoming a millionaire, see you on December 19th at 4:00 p.m. And one last thing, the
first 10 comments on Last To Take Hand Off $1,000,000 Keeps It, each get a $1,000, so first 10 comments, all
10 people each get a $1,000, December 19th at 4:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.?
– We’ll see you there. (electronic explosion)

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  1. “He said 5 and a half weeks thats delirious talkin’”
    proceeds to Win the challenge and the 1mil after that and gives 50k to the person who Trashtalked him

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