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LAST TO SINK WINS $1000 | Kids version MR BEAST challenge w/ Norris Nuts

[Music] under every cup is a different number and that number will determine how much money you get to spend at the shop to build your art maybe this one save up a sake sorry sixty dog you have ten minutes to plan your rap before you go to shops and buy all the materials grab a vlogging camera a my raft I’m ain’t gonna be very planned out you new skeptism how my raft should look okay so my strategy is I think everyone’s just gonna go out with planning on pieces of paper or the computer but I think when right my really switches on it’s just like when we get out the shops that’s when I just have a light bulb in my head and I think that’s what I’m gonna operate so I’m just gonna work it out when I get there but in the meantime I’m gonna ride envious Lamborghini so Logan’s my friends just to have some breakfast hungry I’ve got my glasses on I’ve got my paper and my petals are sketching out my like an idea for my raft I’ve got my cereal milk and the sugar planning my sketch is fully completed that time I actually don’t have shiny but I think with 70 bucks they should be fun and I could buy anything that thinks a wing you got a flow so my keys I wonder how everyone else won did I tell you guys that I’d change my name to a pink dress and I think it’s like the exact same colors pink and pink I feel like my competitor on taking this very seriously sees a place I have to line up and guess AusAID sizzled Vishal you’ve got 15 minutes to buy all the materials you need to build your ass from the shops are you ready ready come on come on get my Cheerios following my plan and my shopping my list is in there but time to stop Tomcat please have full sausages with that onion yes please thank you Thanks the pink tiles with the pink stop so I guess what I’m gonna do Thursday’s go to a playground because playgrounds are fun yeah bit with the plane sit down a couple wrap the next thing on my shopping list is bucket I need four buckets and here they are I’m quite sure I have enough money for four buckets swimming cap well that’s um pipe cleaners I’m gonna get two red cables because they really close to pin did it I thought some pink sponges and then like some yellow and blue to pink and a book of bubble wrap [Music] you’re carrying a baby not a box inside mom I can raise the styrofoam shell girl problems I know I don’t know where I try to be over that anyway so I stalked on to my tactic it’s just thinking all the stuff from the spot and I think it’s gonna water the styrofoam fun so silky holding the Starfire if you think I’m gonna win then the TV in Collins we all know the sides are something guys behave any finger up something [Music] can I please have some of your tape if I have any tape less I’m gonna have no time it’s really bad trust me it doesn’t even stick mr. D how you goose just go take that open it I’m sweating from that complete stress in Milltown so I think what can make me get re we turd you know we eat hydrate whatever I’m just so hot from having that crazy stress attack so I’m gonna get some bread drink to cool me down and also get me stop energy [Music] so my thing is stuck in website this is my design so far I don’t think I need the bucket okay just saw it before Vinci won’t get through and YouTube guy likes bunny is not a real body but I like to pretend she’s just a little tiny I really love so just so you know she’s like don’t please don’t even wanna kind of because we’re not okay okay guys you’ve got five minutes left five minutes Biggie’s helping sake saver is just in a desperate attempt to try to make her rock better and now Z is making a home for bunny [Music] [Music] actually tied up my swimmers for the first time ever the rafts are all finished stay back tell me about your a sakis looking like a contender no you build it mommy just helped a little bit mommy did not take over so I deployed and mum helped me with this huh there’s all this bubble wrap wow that’s really smart and you put a key personally I vote this right for the most smartest create she has a lot of good you good I helped to build it I helped I was a small percentage of this mastermind food before would you the manager competition she must survive 45 seconds if she does no she’s my competition yeah [Applause] [Applause] don’t get cocky oh my goodness he’s hot hang on it’s taking on water biggie can you just put your hands up like this and say I promise not to cry if I leave you guys everyone’s helping you getting here he goes yeah three contestants it through to the finals that way we it was mommy helped with your little program I did not take over all the noise that’s made the point X and what happens now he’s gonna try and battle we have to see if we can try and push the other one oh no oh no oh hang on so right now I say but he’s attempting to see instant replay watching the replay who is still in the competition maybe about our eggs right now something is wrong say box say bah hey who boats you’re so bizarre but you’ve got to choose someone again okay I’m inside his head was under he’s a very good Louie he went rubbing at all you’re not are you gonna keep running for it I’ll let bunnies today out okay you company bunny sake if you went bunny it’s gonna ending T’s don’t wear bunny just rip it I would jump onto selfies right because I think he’s quite to be better body zine [Music] [Music] good job [Applause] [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] [Applause] you’ll have to go find it on [Music]

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