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we built this giant four-story lego
mansion and today we’re gonna be loading this mansion up with six contestants and
the last person to leave is gonna walk away with $10,000
this video is going to be insane so let’s get right into it
also guys tomorrow just drops some new t-shirts so if you guys want one make
sure you go check out tear or gums all right guys we got the giant four-story
Lego tower behind us we have our six contestants let’s introduce them so we
can get today’s lastly challenge started up first we got whoa let’s go what’s up
y’all what’s up yes sir and of course I’m gonna be competing in
this epic challenge today so let me explain the rules before we get started
we’re all gonna have 60 minutes to go and gather any materials that we want
the spending limit is $200 per person so you guys can go out and buy anything you
want that you’re gonna want to have inside of this three-story four-story
lego mansion we’ll have 60 minutes once the 60
minutes is over you have to be in the Lego mansion and the last person to
leave is going to win $10,000 in cash well I could also venmo you if you
prefer that either like you know cash is king so let’s throw 60 minute timer on
the clock we’re gonna start shopping $200 limit per person let’s go in three
two one let’s go is this Turner dollars
reimbursement or do we just get the cash up front and then I can save some of
that money so you’re thinking if you don’t spend the money you just keep it
well I guess five yeah sure okay yeah that works I got a plan already
all right so Phil is off on a plan I’m gonna go run to the store all right so
you ready to get out of here yeah what is Ryan doing it yeah Ryan I’m joining
in you know I’m part of the Alliance there’s six of us so there’s two teams
of three yeah no your uncle didn’t you hear your important role is talking
about how they’re gonna team up with Phil to take you down so really welcome
to the team Ryan thank you yep let’s go my strategy for today’s
challenge is I’m gonna try to call dibs on the basement I’m gonna make it super
cozy put a TV in there and everything and I’m gonna lock everyone out so
nobody can access it so my strategy is gonna go up on the VIP deck
gonna spend $0 so with a budget of 200 even if I lose I might still get to keep
that tier daughters okay guys I am off to tache and I already know what I’m
gonna get that all right with you wait give me a ride I need to go to the store all right let’s go you guys doing here
guys we just made it to target I know what I want I know you know I think we
should get some food alright let’s go see what we can find
that’s are you alright so I’m here at Target I need to make sure that I only
buy the essentials though for this 200 ollars is not a lot to spend so
hopefully they can find this stuff I have a TV down there I could see it on
there forever so I’ve done a lot of these last two ly
challenges and it’s super important to have a water because you can get thirsty
really quick and that can make you lose a whole pack no I you know we got to be
a little more creative grabbing some good healthy snacks but have a long-term
energy I love my fruit guys all right so we’re gonna get a sirloin steak I think
this is gonna be awesome okay you know you’re always cooking hot dogs but
cooking a sirloin steaks I’m stay we did some escape mm-hmm
okay and also on top of that I want to get some a1 sauce this is my last piece
time to go home the coffee machine in my house broke so I’m gonna get one but
instead of putting this in the kitchen I’m actually gonna put this in the Lego
house let’s go we got to think long term so we can get everyone out by getting
things that other people like but it’s low skirt and liz like well this is
going vegan so broccoli I don’t have a lot of budget left so I’m gonna finish
it off with a nerf blaster so we got all the supplies we need Alice see you guys
back at the house whoo all right I’m the first one back run out of time I know
Bailey and Stover in the car grabbing all their stuff but I’m gonna use this
opportunity oh gosh to get everything up on the floor I need it on we got to go
up here cuz we need something to keep us busy or hanging out okay guys so I love all my stuff I got a
TV fun items and I’m just gonna make my place feel really homey because that’s
what you need if you’re gonna live in this house I have two more loads to
bring inside real quick and then we’ll start setting up before everybody moves
in I gotta you know clean my real estate Oh what’s up guys you gotta grab all of
our stuff and bring it out to the second level we have a lot of stuff yeah a lot
so uh so like quit carrying them out and you just watch it
yeah carry got change work I’m gonna I’m gonna secure the goods real quick make
sure no one takes it last few things we need to take inside are my snacks and my
carpets so this is the only way to well yeah I gotta grab my stuff throw it up
to her these are perfect throws ted says he uses over $100 kitchen with one hand
first try ready I need this coffee machine door we’re gonna be it’s all I got
I guess it is you’re the only budget got some foam up through the VIP deck yes I’m at the top right now yeah this is you guys fillers all the
way up top son baby him there he is all the way up on the fourth level the VIP
deck and it’s so scary to be up there and he’s the Lenny do we do guys what do
we build you’re seeing this thing in action this is absurd to see how high up
he is timers ticking we only have a couple minutes left so it’s time for
everyone to get into the Lego house get all their stuff because once the timer
hits zero the challenge officially begins and we can they live longer at
leaf so let’s get loaded Wow I can’t believe that we are actually
in here with everything Wow did y’all see that over here oh yeah
perfect yeah only one brick okay guys my place is really starting to come
together I’m excited to show you guys a grand
opening Livi’s den Lizzy’s lounge Oh Liz I see
hey do you want popcorn yes yes okay all right we’ll get you some stand up if you
can and then get that board though close our hatch watch your head stove
we have limited real estate you gotta be very smart it’s like a tiny home Ryan
and I are up here chillin third level we run at a time is everybody oh the
timer’s almost done all right timer ten nine eight seven six two one
the timer is done shopping is over and last to leave this lego mansion
officially a big gun all right guys so the rules are if you leave in any kind
of way and you touch the ground you are eliminated the last person leave with
$10,000 let’s get it moving whoo you know what’s super nice about being up
here we have a designated trash chute okay guys my land I know what everyone
else is up to but I feel like nobody has seen my place because I like them run
out stove up there so another cooking up all right
oh no I did it’s greasy no more no more no more oh yeah yeah I got some sunblock
on here newspaper that’s right that’s right once the Sun comes down to catch
up on the news hopefully everything’s in the world’s going my carpet you’re
making it real that’s nice here you roll that out your hands what’s up to me for
you to perfect that’ll go there oh I like this oh
that’s nice that’s a perfect card love what you did with the place my idea cure
egg right here so nice oh okay some coffee maker oh I didn’t bring cups
every cop oh no hang a 2-month we need them helicoptered up here ASAP Sydney
thanks Andy don’t go help anyone else she helped us but she can’t help it’s not a trash can work guys this
smells really good I’m gonna have a nice cup of a hot chocolate and all the
coffee all right guys last little light perfect setup for a little movie night I
have a few decorations I got it up as snow for some Capri Suns I could really
use them up here hey stove yeah NASA Macready free Sun to fill
I got it had to reach out the front if you can throw it up to them all you have
to do is say one thing I love bagels yeah I love bagels yeah that’s me all
right here you go can you get it without touching the drought if you can get that
without touching the ground I’d say you’re still in thanks bagels yeah all
right oh wow that’s good all right guys here we go
I tied the camera a K you guys onto the fishing rod and I’m gonna let it go down
and I’m gonna be able to see what they’re doing down there sure I don’t know if we think I like to
stay with a floating Oh what yeah get out of here this here we go let’s go
fishing yo this what are you doing down there all right well Liz looks like she’s
doing a lot of good stuff down there so I think she’s gonna be our biggest
competition all right so I got a nice tan on but it’s starting to get a windy
and cold up here in the mountains to Sun is setting so I have to call it a night
yeah so I’m gonna figure out how to get down oh okay yeah it’s fairly easy to
get down you just broke your chair and it shook the whole house guys Bill’s
coming down from the VIP deck to the third floor he’s got enough Sun so Ryan
just opened up that hatch look at them dude they’re making steaks with bacon
around them yeah the food looks so good but you kind of gotta go hey I got $200
from that spinning zero budget hundred bucks I think Phil’s using that $200 for
his date that he’s got tonight what are you doing oh my god what’s going on down
there I have you you just entered the kitchen yeah just snack it hard
down here mom side down he’s just coming out of the
roof this is pretty crazy yeah you got the roof you got leads coming from the
floor hey Carter where you going whoa whoa watch Gardner hold on I’m
having these legs as long as I don’t touch the ground and then yeah you got
one baking ready to go hey Carter’s our electrician I’m
following awakens we’re gonna be here long through the night Wow I don’t
yeah Wow yeah okay I’ll give you a hot dog
butts can you grab me a water though yeah okay all right guys so I’m on the
front porch of the house I was up on the third floor oh my gosh ow I’m vlogging
here yo give me a water oh wait so if I gotta get in that hatch I’m coming I’m coming that’s where I’m going the underground
Lizzie’s I’m coming down oh my gosh this place is unreal
oh so cozy wait Liz built this place out like an unbelievable I mean this feels
like a legit roomy homey like lounge harder oh my father what you see how
nice it is down here you have to deal with any of the drama there’s so much
drama gonna you can hear it then we’re just like in the basement all right
let’s go honk oh I don’t know what that was but I like
nobody like I feel like everyone forgot about me because I’m like all the way
down here it’s so low-key that’s so high based on her oh my gosh cardi so oh my
gosh you ate all my popcorn Ya Allah hurry on you fine I’m leaving Carter I
told you not to tell anyone if you came down here I did not eat it all guys I’m
sitting in the basement looking into the second level I can see right and then
there was all the able to top above that – hey Bailey show him it that was special that you
only showed me in nobody else Bailey’s going down to go visit Lizzie’s
lounge oh my gosh like everything you need in a room you have your water you
got your food you got TV electricity oh my gosh
i I’m impressed las’ I’m very impressed alright guys I was down in the lounge
I’m going back up to check on Ryan he’s been really annoying up shooting
everybody with those rides all the way up y’all open a third level I’m so done
with this we’ve been here for forever I’m bored there’s like no reason
okay you’re rockin the whole house and you just sup to the bond to waste of
time dude you know I’m an jelly I’m super done
with this what the heck guys Ryan just jumped where is he yeah you’re out yeah
but you’re left the house you said there was a ground well guys what do you think
Ryan just jumped off the fourth story which is an absurd jump I mean the guy’s
little update we’re a few hours in to the Lego house
bill is gone because he had to use the restroom and he’s using that $200
because it’s a date tonight Ryan just left because he was just being the world
he was being so annoying some honest he’s so glad that you love I’m glad you
left because he was shooting everyone with the Nerf blasters and you’re
causing a ruckus he’s the worst roommate I had to leave early on I’ve been
sleeping down here a little bit like not that long like 20 minutes like a power
note okay I feel claustrophobic a little bit I need to get out of here all right don’t tell anyone about it it’s my
secret what were you telling Carter I told him but then he told everyone well
then that it’s not that nice okay I’ll try all right guys here is the update for
this challenge both Phil and Ryan are eliminated which means there’s three of
us left to compete we got Stoke Bailey and myself probably that three billion
oh there’s four people you’ve got Liz yeah oh my god you’re right all right so you’re right liz is down
there that’s amazing okay so there’s four of us Liz so Bailey and myself
still in this chat i completely forgot about her down there but one thing
though what rewind that footage real quick cuz when you’re talking I think
you might have stepped off like real quick no no all right all right we’re
gonna watch back the footage like just right now all right let’s rewind the
clocks let’s see all right so here he’s standing there and oh my new days no
it’s just a little touch the ground guys you lose those are the rules it’s that
simple you shouldn’t have been back you should have stayed in the house dude we
were a team but at some point every man people are dropping like fries guys I
was just trying to do an update for this challenge and he literally stepped off I
didn’t I wouldn’t even have noticed if he didn’t say anything he would have
been cleaned I would have known roles are rules so it’s always there all right
well now we were back down to the original count oh yeah your original
countdown hit lives in the basement so right there and me right here let’s move
on and see who wins this challenge I want you guys to comment down below who
you thinks gonna win coming hashtag car do you think I’m gonna win like stove
man hashtag Lizzie place your bets now because we’re pretty deep in this
challenge but there’s only gonna be one winner
it’s been we’ve been in here for a while going to the left is Carter myself and
Liz and I want to see you it’s getting kind of cold as you can see it’s getting
dark all the lights are on here and Liz’s down there looking all cozy and
warm oh this can I come check out your place I
haven’t checked it out yet you watching a movie no I’m just enough
how do you ever what no all right I’m gonna I’m going down Oh got Lizzie’s
lounge oh look at oh I guess I guess stove is going down to visit Lizzie’s
lounge I’m not your movie oh yeah hey guys this
is honestly this is a nice setup right here it is I’m not very nice but I think
my spots around leaving my spots better yeah
it’s getting late we are in like the sixth or seventh hour of this thing I
think we’re reaching the hour of this challenge where it’s time to just hunker
down and just wait it out and hopefully people start dropping out I’m just going
to try to survive the best I can but I didn’t bring any warmer clothes it’s one
thing I did not think about is how cold it’s gonna get tonight and the
temperature is dropping fast guys I’m I gotta say I’m struggling a
little bit right now my stomach is he’s not happy with the steak I had to say
that bacon and steak it was a little too greasy for me but it was delicious as
the $10,000 it’s not worth it for me two of them to explode
does that mean let me help you already oh all right I’ll see you guys it’ll be
ok guys oh man I think I got a little bit of sleep but I am freezing oh my
gosh I am not dressed for the weather it is so cold as it gets darker and darker
and later out it the temperatures freezing I don’t know how much I’m gonna
be able to survive out here guys I didn’t bring like a sweatshirt or a
blanket or anything I’m gonna go check on see what everyone else is doing
because I literally think I might need to eliminate myself and go inside I see
yo stove back down to the main level but stove what the heck I guess stove must
have eliminated himself I wonder if I want Liz wait are you still down there
Oh dealer in stove leave Liz I’m freezing can I come in Liz I
can’t it’s so cold up here I’m not gonna make it okay oh my gosh it looks so I
think stove I think we lost two people left in this challenge oh okay my
stomach is doing a lot better now hopefully Carter’s still asleep and let
it still watching a movie and maybe I can sneak back in without them realizing
I would say path room actually hold on I don’t see Carter’s being more all right
I think both of them are down there so I’m gonna have a little bit left in the
tank she’ll uh give him some extra gas to uh
give him some more heating power you know I’m saying yeah let’s do it real
quick what is that
oh my gosh this is locked oh my gosh Liz it smells so bad hey guys where’s cap down here forever
guys I think it’s useless I literally think everyone went home and we’re stuck
in here until the morning so give you an update later but until then we’ll see
you guys on the next million legit let’s see you ready whoo oh my gosh she
unlocked it Nellie where are you Nellie come here Millie saved us she actually finished merely actually we
put a piece of popcorn there and she clawed at it and she unlocked it
unbelievable guys Liz and I are Sade we’re tying today for this challenge
we’re splitting the prize of $10,000 5050 whoo
this was such a crazy challenge let me know what you guys think it was see you
guys on the next vlog bye

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  1. if you technically think about it lizzy lost as soon as the challenge started she was on the ground the whole time … the ground of the basement

  2. #Lizzy also carter should be out because his level in the lego house is the third on and he has been on stove's level and Lizzy's level

  3. It was so cute when carter and lizzy was laying down next to each other being cozy and stuff.!!! 💕 and i was voting for #lizzy because she was more cozy than everyone and had way more things to do to pass time!! 🥰

  4. Well said : he said
    There is only one winner of this challenge how come you both win? Mybe because he was with Liz in the bottom floor

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