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Last to Leave Circle Wins $25,000 (VS GIRLFRIEND) – Challenge

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All right, so we’ve seen this thing online, we think MrBeast started it,
loads of people have copied it, but basically, what he
did, was he got a circle. He drew a circle on the floor, multiple people stand in the circle, the last to leave wins
a large amount of money. So Moon wanted me to do this, but she didn’t wanna get involved. It don’t make… – [Moon] I have to film that stuff. – So, we’re doing it, but one man version. – [Moon] Yeah, as soon as you give up, I get the money. – No. (laughs) I’m not gonna give up! What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna draw the circle on the floor,
I’m gonna get in the circle. I have to stay in for 12 hours. 12 hours. So what we’re
gonna do is I’m gonna throw 20,000 Great British Pounds in the pot, which is over 25,000 dollars. – [Moon] How many euros? – 25,000 euros.
– [Moon] That I get, then. – No! I’m gonna stay in the circle for 12 hours. If, and I’m not gonna, but if
I get out before the 12 hours, Moon gets all of my money. – [Moon] (laughs) yeah.
– That I put in the pot. – [Moon] I get it. – If I stay in, when I
stay in over 12 hours, I get to keep it! – [Moon] Yeah but you’re not gonna. – But I don’t get anything! – [Moon] You just stay
in and you get it back! – But I don’t win anything!
I’m in there for 12 hours and I don’t win anything.
– [Moon] No, but you could lose! – So losing is the motivation? – [Moon] Yeah. (Killem sighs) – But I don’t win anything! Why do I do this to myself?
– [Moon] You win it, you make me happy when I win! – [Killem] Stupid! – [Moon] But when I win I’m really really, I’m gonna be happy, maybe
buy you something nice, a pen or something. (funky music)
– Just so that you can see that this is actual legit, we’re gonna go to the bank right now, get out the 20,000 pounds, I’ve
already rang them yesterday, told them I’m coming today,
so they can get it all ready. We’re gonna go there, film it, film us getting the money out the bank. Go in that field, draw
the circle, and get in. – [Moon] Then I get the money. – No, and then I stay in over 12 hours, I win and I keep the money. – [Moon] Oh. But if not, I get the money. – Yes! But I’m not gonna.
– [Moon] 100% say it on camera. – If you win, if I get out…
– [Moon] No taxes, no. I get the money. – You probably have to
pay taxes on it, yeah? – [Moon] Yeah but I can do with the money whatever I want.
– Maybe not though. Yeah. – [Moon] If I wanna buy a
horse, for example, can I get? – If you are new here, we
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every time we upload, it’s easy as that! Buy merch, come on, let’s go! Let’s go to the bank! – [Moon] Buy merch! It’s really nice. It’s a good Christmas present. What’s that? – It’s just dog Digby, come on. – [Moon] He’s jumped like a horse. – All right, we’re at the bank. We’re walking in, here we go. (chill music) I rang yesterday, I’m
expecting 20,000 pounds out. – [Banker] Oh yeah.
Just sign on it for me. – [Killem] Yeah. – [Banker] It’s all there. – [Killem] All right, yeah,
so it’s five, five, five. (paper rustling) Thank you very much.
– [Moon] Thank you, bye. – [Killem] Thank you. (paper rustling) We’ve got 20k, bro. Let’s go to the car quick, I don’t like holding this in public. Oh, oh (laughs).
– [Moon] Show it, show it, show it, I wanna see it, I just quickly seen her handling it. – We’ve got envelope in an envelope. Five thou. – [Moon] That’s 5,000
– Yeah. in what? 20. – Another five thou. – [Moon] Looks like you robbed a bank! – [Killem] And another
five thou, and a five thou. (laughs) – [Moon] You know, you don’t
even have to do the video, you can just give it me now,
we can have a nice dinner. I’m all right with it. I even offer you something now. – You’re not getting it,
you’re not getting it. – [Moon] Give it, give it!
– [Killem] I’m gonna win! (car blinker ticking) – [Moon] Last offer, you give me 10. – No! (laughs) – [Moon] And you don’t have to do it. Tenner, and it’s all gone.
– No! No, I’m keeping it all! – [Moon] No, tenner!
– (laughs) Turn it off! – [Moon] I was so scared in bank, I was so scared in bank, Thomas. – Why? – [Moon] Thomas, I was.
– What are you doing to me? What are you doing?
– [Moon] I was so scared in bank! – Why?
– [Moon] Filming there. (Killem laughs) – [Moon] Like they all
looked at what’s like the personal film of the day, you know? – There’s nothing that
says don’t film in a bank because it’s weird.
– [Moon] No, but you know, I held it like that and held
it weirdly. (Killem laughs) And I thought that they might
think I got a gun or summat. – We got a nice big see-through
box with a hook on top, we got all the money, all the money’s going in there, and then we’re gonna have the money hanging above me the whole time. – [Moon] Why? – To remind me what’s at stake while I’m under there.
– [Moon] Oh that’s good! That’s good. – Oh! – [Moon] My money, it’s my money going in.
– No it’s my money! My money!
– [Moon] It’s my money. – Do it, yeah. (paper flapping) – [Moon] You can put it
in normally, you know. Don’t! Oh my god, it’s so cool. Look at all my money. All my Lizzies.
– [Killem] Aw, baby! – [Moon] It’s all my Lizzies
there, all my Elizabeths. – Oh, baby! Come down here, make
it like a music video. – [Moon] Put some cool music in then. – Get really low, get really low. (upbeat electronic music) (Killem laughs) – [Moon] Oh can I just like touch it? – [Killem] 20 grand. (money rustling) 20,000 pounds 25,000 dollars. (Killem groaning) Damn it. – [Moon] You should hold
it a bit, not that long. (Killem groaning) – [Killem] I hate it. – [Moon] I can’t feel my fingers anymore. – [Killem] Argh! Come on! (leaves crunching) Yeah! All right. Up it goes! (Killem laughs) Just need to draw a circle. (spray can shaking) How big am I allowed? – [Moon] Just a little circle. – Little? – [Moon] Yeah. – I’m in here for 12 hours. (spray can spraying) – [Moon] Smaller. – No! – [Moon] Smaller. Make double lines, you’ll see it better. – Is that a good size? – [Moon] Yeah, size is good. – I’m filling up, filling up with food. Extra layers, extra layers. I’ve drank loads, been to the toilet. What else do I need to do? – [Moon] I’m not telling you anything. – Oh, Moon. – [Moon] Gonna go holiday
with Papa’s money. (Moon squeals) (Killem laughs) We’re gonna! (Moon squeals) Yes, with Papa’s money! – The money is hanging,
the circle is drawn. Let’s go. – [Moon] No, don’t go in, Thomas. Just wait here. – Why? – [Moon] I know you’re cheating. – Cheating?
– [Moon] Yeah. – I’m not, it’s right here. – [Moon] No, I just have to set some rules before you go in. – Rules? – [Moon] Yeah, so it’s almost 12 now, you go in when I say now. 12 p.m.
– Is 12 p.m. nearly now? – [Moon] Yeah, until 12 a.m. then. I’m okay with you having your phone. Do you got your phone? – Yeah. – [Moon] Yeah?
– Yeah. – [Moon] But you can’t
like call someone for help, or like you call a pizza, or you know, call your mum bring me
this, bring me that. It’s not allowed. See? I know you. You can touch the ring
with your feet and stuff, but don’t go outside on
it, don’t go over it, and anything that falls out of the ring, you’re not allowed to get it back. The winner gets the money instantly. When you say you give up,
any time before 12 a.m. – Now when I make it past 12, I get the money back straight away. – [Moon] Yeah obviously you
get it straight away or after, otherwise I get it. So as soon as you go in, I countdown. It’s six minutes still,
and then you go in. – Six minutes? – [Moon] Yeah. – What, until 12? – [Moon] Yeah. – Come on, then. – [Moon] All right. 10, nine, eight, seven, six,
five, four, three, two, one. Go! That’s it. That’s it now. – All right, I’ll see you in 12 hours, when I collect my money. – [Moon] I already ordered some stuff, like pre-ordered it and pay it later. (Killem laughs) Ah, Thomas! Thomas! My clock’s
still on Austrian clock, on Austrian time. You still got a minute to
go, you just have to get out. Get out and I’ll count you in again, yeah. It was still set on Austrian time. – Yeah but Austria’s an hour different. – [Moon] No, it’s just a minute! Just come out. Thomas, come out! – No, you! – [Moon] Come out! – You’re fibbing. You’re tricking me.
– [Moon] I’m not. Last time that you trust me. – Yeah! It’s like that, is it? (Moon laughs) – [Moon] Look at him. Protecting his money. In his circle. Pathetic. Thomas! – What? (Moon laughs) – [Moon] I had my credit
card stolen the other day, but I didn’t bother to report it because the thieves
spent less than my wife. (Moon and Killem laugh) – Your wife? – [Moon] Yes, believe I’m a man. – No, Moon!
– [Moon] It’s still good. – Oh, Moon jokes! – [Moon] You know what best thing is? If you want me to stop,
you have to come out. So I’ll just keep going. – No! – [Moon] Thomas. (Moon laughs) Thomas! – What?! – [Moon] (laughing) Thomas. I saw a sign that said
“watch for children.” (laughs) It sounds like a fair trade. (Moon and Killem laugh) – Stop it. (Moon shouts) No! – [Moon] See, you can’t come
out. You can’t come out. I won 3 million on the
lottery this weekend. So I decided to donate a
quarter of it to the charity. Now I have 2,999,999.75 pounds. – (laughing) Stop it now, Moon. – [Moon] Ow! You nasty. Nasty man.
– Stop it! No! – [Moon] Thomas what happens
– No! – [Moon] If you give a
penguin 3 million pounds? Thomas! Thomas. I’m going inside for a bit. – What? – [Moon] Need to warm up, I
can’t feel my fingers anymore. – You going in? – [Moon] Yeah, I just come back in a bit, I just proper warm up,
let Digby wee wee poo poo. – All right. – [Moon] Bye!
– Bye. All right, she’s gone, she’s gone. I mean, what’s stopping me
standing over the line now? What’s stopping me? I can’t. I can’t. I feel like there’s
too much money in this. She’s probably spying on me or got a camera set up or something. No. I can’t do it. (groans) Oh god! It’s just mentally, it’s
just mental torture! I mean it’s just a circle,
it’s just a circle, why can’t I get out of a circle? Ugh! I need to get out. This is so weird. Ugh! – [Moon] I’ve just gone
inside a bit to warm up. But even when I’m inside, not gonna let him out of sight. (heavy breathing) I just wanna be sure he’s
not leaving that circle. – It’s my money. It’s my money. My money. Up there! Hard earned money, just sat there. 20,000 pounds, 25,000 dollars. It’s just sat there. It’s not that I don’t wanna
give it Moon, you know? She works hard too. It’s just… (groans) It’s just my money! My money sat there! I feel like Mr. Krabs (laughs) from Spongebob. Ah! It’s my money! I thought it expected to look more, but I don’t know, it’s
like, that’s 20,000. That’s 20,000, that’s crazy. Oh, we’ve got a long way to go! – [Moon] Look who’s here, Thomas! – [Killem] Digby! Digby! – [Moon] It’s Digby!
– Digby! Digby! – [Moon] Digby, it’s Papa!
– Digby! Digby!
– [Moon] Yeah just come here and you can pet him. Just come out. You’re out of the circle! – I’m not! I’m not touching floor. Digby!
– [Moon] Come out, come out and you can pet him.
– Digby! Digby! – [Moon] Just come out.
– Digby. – [Moon] You don’t even love
your dog that much to come out? People gonna hate you. You not even pet your little
dog and he obviously wants you. – Stop it with the mental torture games! – [Moon] Look, look, he wants Papa. Papa! He wants his Papa, look. Look how much he wants you! Papa! Look he says Papa I’m
freezing, I’m cold, Papa. All I want is a little touch of you. Buddy, I’m gonna get you. – It’s so cold. It’s so cold out here, it’s freezing. I’ve got these mitten things, but I… Oh yeah, that’s it, why
didn’t I do this earlier? Oh I’ve got mittens. Oh that’s nice on the fingers. It is so cold. It’s December. Bro, I’m filming this in December. It’s freezing cold. I’m surprised there’s not snow. I think if rain came,
it would just be snow. So cold. I’m getting thirsty. (sniffles) I’m getting thirsty. I mean, I filled up on drink and food and stuff before I came here, but I’m already needing more. Oh I need a drink. There’s nothing here. There’s literally nothing. Just a circle, me in the circle, and then the money. I’ve got nothing. – [Moon] Thomas. Thomas. Look what I got, a nice
yoghourt for myself. I’ll just have a little bit. (Moon laughs)
– You’re nasty. – [Moon] How’s it going? Look at that big chunk! – Yeah! Good job you can’t
see what’s under this mitten. (Moon laughs) – [Moon] Why you always turn your back? – Because I don’t wanna look at you. – [Moon] Look at me. – No! I wish I could sit down, but it’s so wet. It’s wet through and there’s these. Spikes from chestnuts. It’s wet through. The wet is gonna go through my trousers into my underpants, gonna
make me even colder. So I can’t even sit down. (Killem coughing) – [Moon] Thomas! Come over and a hot chocolate! Are there any marshmallows in? Do you know where they are? Last time I been here
they were in the drawer. (leaves crunching) (Moon laughs) – [Moon] Thomas. Thomas, what you doing? – Just trying to warm up. – [Moon] It’s good idea though. Whoa, don’t fall! – Nearly. – [Moon] You know even
if it’s an accident, it’s gonna be it. (Killem sighs) – Ugh. – [Moon] What you doing? – Passing time! – [Moon] But you know just, just come out. I cook us something nice. Later at your mum, dad and I
were gonna order some pizza. If you’re out there early
enough, I pay for you. I pay for it. – Go follow me on Instagram! (Moon laughs) The sun’s gone now, I couldn’t
even see the sun earlier, but it’s gone down now, I guess, which means it’s getting dark. It’s getting dark, which
means it’s getting colder, and I’m out here just in the middle of a in just a completely empty field, and just trees. It’s so cold now, it’s getting even worse. I’ve just got my mittens, I’ve got my hat, my hood on, and this is it. My phone is running out of battery, which means I haven’t got a
lot to do once that’s gone. I’ve just been watching
Netflix, as always, I’ve just always been watching Netflix, playing games on there, addicted to Crossy Road at the minute. And the money is still there. Oh. Moon’s not been and
checked on me for a while. I mean I could’ve just
walked out of this thing, and she probably wouldn’t even known. (Killem sighs) Come on. (Crossy Road sound effects) No. (leaves crunching) Jesus! Moon! (Moon laughs) No, that’s not funny. – [Moon] Why? – If I fell out then, and then I lose! – [Moon] Yeah, and I get all the goods! – No you can’t touch me
that’s just cheating. – [Moon] It’s not cheating, I just thought it’s a bit good fun. – It’s not fun… Moon just thought it was
funny to try and push me out. Like, if I fell out, I know she would say that it counts and I’m out, so new rule. New rule, Moon! – [Moon] No, I’ve not made it. I set rules and you had
your chance to set… – No! New rule, you’re
not allowed in the circle. I’m not allowed out and
you’re not allowed in! – [Moon] I just pushed you. – No, you can’t push me out. – [Moon] I wasn’t inside on it… – That’s obviously cheating, you can’t.
– [Moon] No! (heavy breathing) – As that sun went it’s
just completely freezing my fingertips, (heavy breathing) my toes. Ugh. My nose. I think (exhales) I can see my breath. Money’s still there, I’m
still stuck in the circle. I’m just using my phone
right now as a torch. I’ve only got like 2% battery left though. So it’s gonna die real quick. Moon won’t bring me another one. I asked her if she’d bring
me a torch, she said no. She just wants me to stand
here in the complete darkness, so that I give up, but
if I turn this torch off, you’ll see how dark it is. There’s nothing. Ugh. It’s just so everything is wet through. Everything is wet. My legs, my knees, my back’s aching, I really just wanna lay down. Right now. I just wanna lay down so bad. I’m so hungry. (sighs) (sniffles) I’m so hungry right now. It’s 10 past eight, which
means I’ve been here just over eight hours. No food. No food, no drink, my mouth’s so dry. I need food, I need drink,
I need water, anything. It’s pitch black. Oh this is stupid, it’s
getting ridiculous. – [Moon] Is it still hanging? How’s it going? We just all had mulled wine. And we had biscuits, really nice. Your mum’s new fireplace is really nice. (Killem sniffles) Did you ever see it? Thomas? You can come and join us. We got chestnuts, everything. Nice roasted chestnuts. Digby’s waiting, Digby’s nice and warm. He warms my feet really nice. – Stop it! – [Moon] It’s really nice,
look I got hand warmer here, I can make you one too, but when you come. Hello, gorgeous. All right. I didn’t want to get all this done. I didn’t mean to do this Thomas,
but that is my last resort. (metal clanging) There’s nothing else I can do. (plastic scraping) (fan whirring) That’s it. (fan whirring intensely)
– Moon! – [Moon] I didn’t want to but I had to! – But it’s freezing! – [Moon] You said I can’t
physically touch you! – Moon! Please don’t! – [Moon] You can just come! – Please turn it off! Turn it off! What you playing at? – [Moon] You said I can’t
physically touch you, I didn’t want to get it
this far, but I had to. – It’s already freezing as it is. – [Moon] What you think? I need to try to get you
off so I get the money. That’s what it’s all about. – That’s just nasty! – [Moon] It’s not nasty, it’s the game. You can just come out of the circle, there’s no physical barrier. Use your own will. – Yeah, I can’t! – [Moon] You can! It’s just money. Just step out and it’s done. – No. – [Moon] I’ll turn it back on then. Thomas. (sniffles) Should I count you in again? – Time. – [Moon] Yeah? You got two minutes still, so we have to hurry. Shall I count you in? Like we did at beginning? – Yeah. – [Moon] All right. 10, nine, eight, seven, six,
five, four, three, two, one. It’s 12, midnight. (leaves crunching) – Yes!
(Moon amusedly gasps) (Killem sighs) Yes! Ugh! The money’s mine! – [Moon] You just actually
stepped out, Thomas. (Moon laughs) It’s 10 to 12. I made the same stupid joke
at this very beginning. (Moon laughs) So it’s all mine, Thomas! It’s 10 to 12. Thomas, it’s 10 to 12. – No you’re joking. No, let me, no,
– [Moon] Go inside check on it
– Let me look at your phone. – [Moon] There, look, look. Look. (Moon laughs) Is it all mine now?! Tell them! Tell the camera! You have to say it, you have to say it. You have to say it. Say it! You have to say it. – No, I can’t believe
you, that’s cheating! – [Moon] You have to say it, it’s not cheating.
– I had to trust you, I got no phone!
– [Moon] Say it. Say it now. Say it. (clanging) Say that it’s all mine. (leaves crunching) Thomas! No! Go on, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, tell them. Come on, come on. Thomas, say it (Moon laughs) Say it, Thomas. Is it mine? Thomas.
– It’s yours. (Moon squeals delightfully) – [Moon] Open it up. It’s all mine! Thomas, Thomas, Thomas,
quick, quick, quick, open it. Quick! (Moon squeals excitedly) Oh god, it’s all mine! (Moon laughing and shouting) (upbeat music)

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  1. why dose he have his instagram in the top left corner for half the video. he just wants to plug but he´s still one of my fav YouTubers. Love you bro 🙂

  2. She cheated. He should of gotten the money. That wasnt cool man. I dunno why hes with a gold digger like her.

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  6. MOON and THOMAS dont listen to these lowlife shittyheads in the comments, I know Moon was just joking that is why I love u both!

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