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Laguna Waterpark & La Mer Beach Dubai (4K)

it’s nice herethere is something to do«awesome» serviceroll this circleup thereI have no idea how many caloriesOh my GodI have a feeling that we get tired in 2 hoursI thought it would be worsebut it’s cooldo you go there?roll this circleit’s time to go home:))The water is cold?no, it’s greatthen this is my stylethe camera slows down with power onthere are small fish swimmingI do’t see themyou’r last do’t swim awaythere are a lot of fishfrom the free parking lot you have to go through a lot of cafes :))finally we reach the beachHooray, hallelujah !this’s the beach!Dmitry refuses to go to the seahe says the water is coldgo swimming !when you are immersed in water, it’s cool 🙂there’s holes in the bottomI hold the sun ! 😉

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  1. Классное видео. Даже самому захотелось в аквапарк. Снимайте дальше. Хороший контент!!!!

  2. Блиин,я тоже хочу туда😍😍 очень крутой парк)))

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