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Laguna Water Park Dubai At La Mer – Worlds Craziest Waterpark Slides

Hi guys, Hello … Today again friday and we come for soft opening of laguna water park jump jump jump jump [music] Winners never quit, and quitters never win. – Vince Lombardi check out how they’re making ice cream This guys is master of ice cream ok i will show you how they making here what is this ? is chocolate ? Lotus confident ice cream ah nice Lotus confident so you putting ice cream inside ? master chef is here, i will give you sample sir he doesn’t have insurance lessen what they doing to him open you mouth don’t close your mouth face to camera you want to try mom ? no why you don’t have insurance ? no i don’t have insurance … [Music] i’m here again ok guys we came here we was searching for parking so for parking you have to park La Mer Parking undergroend and per hour is like 20 dirhams so if you want to come you have two choices upstairs parking is free and underground parking is 20 dirhams per hour but in some for example first hour is free and second hour is 20 dirham but if you going to any restaurants and you spend more then 100 Dirham you getting three hours parking for free So you can come easily anyway we come here already in, we went for towel ok towels is 20 dirham, per towel and we have locker here, i don’t know lockers is here, we going to check out and check maybe they charging also ? yeah, I can see there is 45
dirham writing there any ways let’s check okay guys this is 35 dirham and this side is 45 dirham so this side all is small one okay guys here is how you going to take the locker small one correct amount, yes 20 dirham your locker is open okay D7 should be here [Music] here showers looks like this !! is cold is hot ? today’s all the radio station, ARN Radio’s all of them here so you can find each section there is one radio and we’ll come back to them [Music] so I switch to GoPro now, what’s
happening here !! [Music] ok guys this side is swimming pool this side is for cocktail’s drink’s whatever and this side swimming pool you can see so there is kids, family’s everyone yep, there you go … [Music] here is radioshome 93.4 Roxanne hello, hello hey guys, guys, afshin, afshin afshin how are you? merci hello hanan, how are you? hey we hearing hanan voice we hearing Reza voice we came here to enjoy and right now we meet one of our Radio listener and for this listener … Your name first … I’m Afshin One camera company said that it wants to get an Android mobile phone, What is that company name? Red ? it was correct thanks bro thank you, bye, is that mine bye thank you
ok guys thank you ok guys here is the shop so basically after the laguna water park then you finish this is the exit area so you come to shopping you
want to get hula hoop ? why not ? hula hoop ? hula hoop ? yes so cute, this because of Sun is good
because under this plastic is good for the Sun so if you go to the beach
because you know it’s basically floor is very hot for me ? for me !! smile, where is your smile ? that’s nice ok guys let me know in comment is that nice to her or not nice ? I’m telling you is nice is nice is make you
cute, is so sweet ok we almost done she is busy yes anyway now im so hungry and she hungry also yes we going to eat seafood – okay we will see you there in seafood resturant
– from one of my favourite resturant and let’s got now B-Roll “Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.” – Winston Churchill [Music] someone trying new dish inside is like a fish, shrimp, pistachio so special dish yes sure being first especially seafood
baklava so this insight is shrimp, fish, greens, pistachio ohhh look’s so yummy im going to eat i can not wait you already start now we finished with the food, amazing dinner, Makan La Mer ?!! Kan Makan Restaurant you should visit
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leave your comments below let me know what you thinking about the video yep, yep i will see you in next video bye bye

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