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KOMPAN Wheelchair Carousel for the Inclusive Playground

My favorite bit of the playground is the roundabout, because I can put my wheelchair on it. The inclusive Wheelchair Carousel excites
all children and provides a fun and thrilling experience of spinning. It brought different abilities of children
together. It’s amazing. The open design makes it easy to enter unassisted with a wheelchair, and there is still plenty of space for many to play at the same time. The big entrance makes it really easy to jump on and off, and even from a seated position. That’s the reason why the seat is positioned right next to the opening. While spinning, children train their sense
of balance and space, and also social skills. For example, listening and negotiating the
speed of spinning help develop children’s empathy and cooperation skills. I thought it was really fast, and I really
enjoyed it because of the speed. By pushing or pulling, children and parents can easily control the speed from the outside. The handrail position gives space for children to have one foot on the carousel, and push it like a scooter. It is fully accessible, and I felt my child
was safe on it. I love it!

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