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Knowing Bros – Ep. 221 (2/31): Song Ji-hyo & Kim Mu-yeol

We’re not that close, but we’re from… – We Plan to Get Close. – We Plant to Get Close High. – I’m Song Ji Hyo. Hi. – Hi. – Welcome. – I’m an intruder in your hearts. I’m an intruder in this class. I’m Kim Moo Yul. Nice to meet you. “An intruder in this class.” – He does look like Sean. – He does, right? – I see it too after hearing that. – You look like Sean. – I’m a huge fan of Jinusean. – I get that a lot. I guess people who look like Moo Yul or Sean… have the same way of speaking. He even speaks like Sean. – Do you love your wife so much? – Of course. He and Sean are same in every way. He’s the best husband ever. He actually donates a lot. No. You’re embarrassing me. When was the last time we met Ji Hyo? – It’s been… – Two years ago. – Already? – We did a sketch at the time. You did a sketch at the time. You used to get egged. – I’m back after 2 years. – It’s been 2 years already? After two years. You haven’t changed even after two years. – I haven’t changed? – No. In fact, you look even younger. That’s not true. You look well preserved. – Well preserved? – Yes. When Ji Hyo got her first main role, I acted for the first time in “Listen to Love”. Please let’s talk about something that everyone knows. Stop talking about what others don’t know. Don’t you know “Listen to Love”? He keeps talking about his cameo role, but no one has seen it. You starred as a cameo? – The main role doesn’t know. – Don’t you remember? – You should stop talking about it. – The main role doesn’t even know. Stop talking about what the main role doesn’t know. – You starred too? – I’m disappointed. He played a pretty important cameo. (In Sang Yeob’s imagination in “Listen to Love”) (Ta-da) (He played a shameless man having an affair.) (Please don’t kill me.) The thing is, you didn’t interact with Ji Hyo. Still, she played the main role. – I’m disappointed. – Sorry. I didn’t know. How come you two aren’t close? Why are you trying to get close here? You finished filming the movie already, didn’t you? We kind of had a fight in the movie. So we felt distant. You talk informally on Knowing Brothers. So we thought it would help us get close… and have fun together. That’s why we’re here. Moo Yul probably felt uncomfortable in front of her while filming. There are a lot of rumors about Ji Hyo. (Ho Dong starts slandering her.) What are you talking about, Ho Dong? – I’m saying you’re scary. – I really respect her. You respect her? You two don’t talk informally? No. I talk formally to her. – Really? Why? – I call her ma’am. You know the rumors. – What? – Is she charismatic? There’s a rumor that Ji Hyo cares a lot about the ranking. Right. She’s strict about who’s older. – Her nickname is Ms. 1000. – “Ms. 1000.” The legendary Ms. 1000. It’s famous. If you haven’t talked informally to her yet, you can try today. I can finally do it.

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  1. Super Junior 15th anniversary congratulations,blank period,9 years finally returned to Heechul singing slow songs don't dance Super Show 8

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