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King Kong Skull Island Skull Crawler Vs Trex Jurassic Park Creature Contact Unboxing WD Toys

it’s King Kong first t-rex is skull
crawler also watch us unbox this King Kong Skull Island creature contacts call
crawler pack to destroy is huge welcome man just go your chances of getting off
this island are slim to none you see that Dino skeleton that’s where a
monster you guys are probably gonna end up the volcano looks seriously dangerous
okay seriously Bob we all have tons of guns and you come
with a knife against a hundred-foot New King Kong Skull Island Skull Crawler Vs Trex Jurassic Park Creature Contact Unboxing 2020 okay case be on the lookout something
happened to Bob he’s now reporting that bob was always fucking chicken check out
this game don’t see anything no trapped
Oh somebody now guys guys there’s something moving in here no idea what it
is there I heard it again could that thing be quiet guys I heard something
who’s that something big is coming giant t-rex knock you guys heads cook
stuck in the branches captured yeah we captured him uh Larry
you better move why that guy’s not going anywhere that’s why okay she shouldn’t
see us now so was it you stop it that’s it you’re going down okay super excited here I found some
more of the Kong Skull Island toys from the new Kong movie that comes out in
2017 this one is battle for survival creature
contact ah some these toys are cool I like them some of them are this seem to
be built a little cheap boy you know it’s something cool new and exciting so
here is a picture of some of the other sets I believe I have all the sets now
except for the spider ones so we’re gonna have to I’m gonna have to keep an
eye out for that one okay and here’s what it looks like in the package before
I remove anything and that action figure does look like samuel l.jackson so it’s
probably him okay so let’s go ahead and take a look at this piece by piece first
of all you got like a simple outpost here it’s got like posters of Kong like
information here a radio headphones and stuff you got like barrels of stuff here
crates of stuff here you can see there’s some more
equipment on the side the back is just like a it’s it’s a simple metal shed let
me zoom in a little bit so you get a little bit more detail there and then
down there you got like a top secret folder
like info and then like I said it does come with the samuel l.jackson figure
which here is the figure himself so basically he looks a lot like a GI Joe
figure he has camo here that’s actually like a bandit onto his arm so I’m gonna
go ahead and leave that because it comes with the big camo piece you put on his
back he comes with a pistol there he comes with a baton it’s probably some
type of a shock baton he comes with this a pump-action shotgun ah you could
actually like hang that around his neck if you want to and then let’s go ahead
and zoom in on this guy so as you can see it does look so there is he with the
shotgun around his neck and fully camouflaged and this one does come with
I believe these are called awe skull Crusher’s so this thing does have a
mouth that you can open and close and you can see I mean he is totally ugly
but uh it’s small its least compared to the King Kong guy the King Kong is huge
so uh I almost think they should have made the skull crusher almost a size a
King Kong because if you can see here he’s like the same height to Samuel
Jackson which if you go online I mean that doesn’t seem to be the case the
skull crusher seems to be a lot bigger like almost King Kong’s size so you can
see there he’s got like little teeth not the greatest detail on these guys
but uh he does have really freaky long legs
I mean his legs are longer probably as long as his whole body with his tail so
he’s got like a grey and yellow coloring and here’s a look at the back of him and
the other side so uh the only thing that moves on this guy is his mouth it does
open and close the legs do not move or anything so he’s
not all that playable he’s more of like a poseable creature like samuel
l.jackson i mean that hundred percent but you do see the resemblance there so
he is totally outfitted in camouflage and everything he’s got another pistol
and a holster there on his leg which does not come out by the way he’s
wearing all combat gear movement wise 360 on the arms elbows bent and turned
360 and okay the hand does not move but the elbows does turn 360 so you could
put the gun in two different positions and the same would this one here so you
could have him holding his arms up like that and then his legs move forward and
backward and his knees will Bend 90 degree he’s got on combat boots here is
a look at the back of him and I so this guy like I said he does have full camo
gear so you it comes with this like camouflage netting here which has got a
little knob over here and he has a hole on his back so you could take the knob
and it fits right into the hole on his back and then he is camouflaged from the
front and then it comes with a camouflaged headpiece here so once you
put that on I guess he’s fully camouflaged if you hear something coming
I mean he could just jump right down and I mean he looks like a pile of green
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