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KiDS STORY TiME!! Family is Back Together! We Learn everyone’s routine while i was traveling!

– [Adley] Where is everybody? (roars)
(laughs) – Welcome to the best day ever. Did you guys hear Niko? He was
wondering where everyone was. – Hi.
– Hi. (squealing) I have been on an airplane, in Ireland, visiting lots of cool
places with my friends. – Eggo. – She made a Eggo taco
this morning for breakfast. Niko’s having a bottle of milk. (screams) Get up here, we need to start the vlog. Okay what are we doing today? – I can’t get up. Niko smiles when
somebody’s gonna grab him. – Yeah? – We play a lot of chase. – Daddy. – Whaty? – I’m ready for my surprise.
(Niko babbling) – (gasping) Your surprise? – Yeah, ’cause you went on a airplane. – Yeah. Every time I go on the airplane, I bring a surprise home for the kiddos. Niko, should I go get it? – Yeah. (babbling) – Yeah, we’ll show the vlog, here. Boop! (stomping and grunting) Surprises!
– What? Where you going? – We’ve got surprises. Hey, where are you guys? Niko, look. (gasping) I got you some sheep sockies!
(sheep bleating) And they’re really comfy, look! (laughing) – [Shaun] I was in Northern Ireland and there are so many sheep there, Adley. – Look, look Niko! These are yours! Come here, you want sockies? (laughing) These are for you! – [Shaun] It’s time to
do Adley’s surprise now. Don’t look. (dramatic horns)
– I don’t see anything. – [Shaun] Oh, don’t look! Close your eyes with your Eggo. And, open them! (sheep bleating) Sheep sockies! Look how soft they are!
(laughs) – You got us all sheep sockies? – [Shaun] Yeah, look. (laughs)
Mommy’s sheep sockies. You guys have twinners! – I put mine on so I gotta
take my other ones off. – [Shaun] Niko you look so cute! – Yeah! – Oh!
(Niko babbling) – Look at your socks,
there’s a sheep on them! There’s a sheep on your socks! – Whoa, look at this sock! (laughing) – [Shaun] Are they comfy? Oh, those are soft! – I have to roll my sleeves up. – Wait, size 12 to three and a half? What does that even mean? – [Shaun] I don’t know, they
just looked like your size. – I gotta wear these socks to
Andy’s and Josie’s and Ava’s. (laughing) – [Shaun] They fit, are
you size 12 to three? – Yep, they work. – [Shaun] She has a sheep on them! – Have I slips. – [Shaun] Are they slippery? – Yeah, mine are slippery. – Mine aren’t. (laughing) – [Shaun] All these little sockies. Hey, there’s one more surprise for Adley because she was really,
really, really good while I was gone. Put your hand out. – A new Santa pen? – [Shaun] You can do any color you want. You want to color with purple, you push purple and that does purple. Green, use green. – Can I try to color? – [Shaun] Yeah. Here, let’s do it down here. – I’m gonna write my A, B– (tries screeching) Mom, I want to write my note. – [Shaun] I think she’s excited. Do you like your sockies? – [Jenny] I do, thank you. – Okay. – [Shaun] Oh, is this your name and you’re practicing? Good job. Hi Niko, do you like your sockies? – I like my sockies! – [Shaun] Let’s see you do your name. – When I’m all done with my alphabet. Okay! – [Shaun] Should we do stories now? Looks pretty good. – What stories? – [Shaun] I got stories about what I did when I was on the airplane, and then I gotta hear what
you guys did while I was gone. – No, first hear what we did. – [Shaun] Okay, first
we’ll hear what you did. Come on Niko, we’re telling– (gasping) No, no, no, no, no. You were trying to get the cereal. (grunting) (mimicking slide whistle) Alright, it’s story time. What’d you guys do while I was gone? – We played in your skate park. – Did an Adley video in your skate park. – [Shaun] What? What kind of Adley video? – We put slime in the pool
and filmed a Adley video. – In dad’s skate park.
– [Shaun] Really? – Whoa, oh, it’s slippery! – Slime in my skate park. – It was like mushy slime, huh? Like slippery, cold oatmeal. – [Shaun] Ew, gross!
(laughing) Did Niko touch it? – Yeah, he did. Oh, oh, he slipped down on his bum! – He went in and touched it. – [Jenny] He’s tired. (laughing) – [Shaun] You ready for a nap? What else did you guys do? – Swiss Day! – [Shaun] Oh, is that the
fair thing you guys go to? – [Jenny] Yeah, we go there every year. – [Shaun] And I’m always
out of town when you go. – [Jenny] And you’re always out of town. – I want to buy these shoes for Niko. – [Jenny] Make sure you
get some shoes for Niko? These are so cute. – Spacestation Gaming, dad will love it. – [Jenny] Adley wants to get
these ones because they’re gold like Spacestation Gaming. (record scratching) – We bought Nico some
shoes but not me or mom. – [Jenny] Adley found some swings. What are you doing? – I’m in a ham. – [Jenny] You’re in a hammock? – Yeah.
– [Jenny] This is so comfy! Do you like it? – Yeah. Mom, you know they’re not gonna be yours, they’re gonna be mine. – Oh yeah? She loves bath bombs. That one’s cool, though,
mommy could get that one. All these have toys in them. Three, okay, pick three. – Got three! – [Jenny] That’s more
than three, girlfriend! – Look at all the bath bombs we got! – [Woman] Oh, wow! – I got a hundred! – [Woman] You got so many. – We had a watermelon and strawberries. – [Jenny] It was yummy. – That’s fun. You doing good back there? (laughing) You guys wanna hear what
I did while I was gone? Story number one, we went to the airport, we got on a airplane, we
traveled for an entire day. This is what rock bottom looks like, the middle of the middle. Look at that tray table. Rock bottom. I was with Holiday, and Trav,
and it was a lot of traveling. – That sounds so miserable. – Slept in the airport, it was miserable. And then I saw all my friends. It’s cool because I’ve been there for four years in a row now, so I know like all the people. Whoa, look where we are. Power Video party here in Ireland. I’ve always wanted to go to this place that’s like this big bubble in the sky and we finally achieved it this year. It’s kind of a drop down as well. And then we got to see our favorite person in the world, Peter Mckinnon. Two years ago in this exact same place, that’s where I met Peter
Mckinnon for the very first time. We became best friends, he start working with the Spacestation, Holiday started running all
his deals and everything and now Pete and Holiday are
like the best of friends. – Holiday is very excited for helicopter. – [Shaun] Adley, remember Hawaii and how pretty it was on the beach? This place was kind of like Hawaii but it was so green. Look, the beaches are sometimes big rocks. And the water is so pretty. (upbeat music) And, guess what, Holiday had a birthday, so we celebrated like
five different times. We’d put a candle in a hamburger for him and then we made him stand on the chair and we sang “Happy Birthday” to him. And then, guess what? – What? – I was on a stage and I talked
in front of a lot of people. So, yeah, this is where Power Video is. How cool of a venue to
speak in, am I right? And I told them the stories
about how we film videos and about what I do at the Spacestation and all that fun stuff. (upbeat music) (applauding) And then, after I talked, I
got to meet tons of new friends like all these people
from Northern Ireland, some of them I’ve met
before and some of them I’ve never, ever met before. And that was probably my favorite part. There were so many cool people. I’ll do your vlog if you do my vlog. – You’re on. – Guys, this guy’s out
here hustling videos. (laughing) – You’re such a good friend.
– Whoa! (crowd chatter drowns out Shaun) – Shaun’s filming for my
vlog, I’m filming for his. – Get in here. Closer, closer. There we are, closer over here. Photo didn’t really work, so
we’re going to do a video. Thank you Power Video! (crowd cheering) And then I got you guys sockies! And now I’m home!
– Yay! I named my socks Susie and Sam. What are you socks? – [Shaun] What are your socks’ names? – Peppa George. – [Shaun] Peppa and George?
– [Jenny] Peppa and George? (laughing) – [Shaun] That’s funny. Is there anything else you guys did that you want to tell me about? – Oh, Adley entertained us
last night on the trampoline. It was pretty cute. – [Shaun] While you were waiting for me? – Yeah. – [Shaun] You put on a show? – Yeah. – [Shaun] What kind of show did you do? – Butterfly fly. – [Shaun] Butterfly fly? – She got the scooter on the trampoline and she was was singing and dancing. ♪ Where is the butterfly? ♪ ♪ Sucking the flowers ♪ ♪ For their food ♪ ♪ They went off to play ♪ ♪ Butterfly now ♪ ♪ ’cause they have to eat their dinner ♪ ♪ Before they play ♪ (babbling) ♪ Mama’s home a lonely ♪ ♪ But the kids came back ♪ ♪ All a lonely ♪ (mumbling) ♪ So friends came over to play ♪ (screaming) – And then I got home and
then I hugged Adley like this and squished her guts. And then we, what did we do last night? I think we just cuddled and hung out and then went to bed. Now it’s morning time,
what are we gonna do today? Should we have another best day ever? I got an idea, let’s have a best day ever.
– Thanks for watching, bye! – Wait, we’re ending this one? – Yeah. – Kay, we’re gonna end this video and start a new one that’s
gonna be really fun. I don’t know what we’re gonna do today, but we’re gonna go do it. And you guys get to come. – Thanks for watching, bye! – Wait, I want to end it! – Thanks for watching. Hey, no, no! (laughing) Thanks for watching, bye! (upbeat music) – [Jenny] He’s tired. (laughing) – [Shaun] You ready for a nap? (grunting) – [Jenny] I think he’s pooping. – [Shaun] Are you pooping? (grunting) (laughing)

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