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Kids Heart Challenge Single Rope Skills #1

– Hey kids!
(lively music) – Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death in America? 80% of of risks factors for heart disease are preventable, and we can change that with your help. Our goal is to increase
your knowledge of how your heart works,
(swoosh) and the best way to take care of it, (swoosh) so you can live a long heart healthy life. The kid’s heart challenge
teaches you jump-rope skills, (playground chatter) and how nutrition and physical activity can help you life a
longer, healthier life. The easiest way to help
raise funds for the American Heart Association,
is by going on line to or via the app on your
mobile phone or tablet. Get your parents to help you post your Kids Heart Challenge webpage
to Facebook and Twitter to help you raise funds and
help kids with sick hearts. (applause) And you can earn awesome thank you gifts. Send a message out to challenge others (bubbling) choose water instead of sugary drinks, (upbeat music) play for 60 minutes each day, or eat a fruit or veggie with every meal. Don’t forget to share
your story with others. (clicks) Personalize your kids
heart challenge site with reasons why you are supporting the American Heart Association and then share your page
to help us raise funds (xylophone) to help us raise funds to
help kids with sick hearts. The money you raise for
Kids Heart Challenge (Ca-ching) will pay for research, that gives kids the chance to survive, and to live a healthy life. That’s what we’re working towards and (applause) we thank you for being a part of our team, and our mission. (explosions) And now, here are your skills of the week. Five, four, three, two, one….. To ignition, lift off, For the basic jump, start with the rope behind you. Swing the rope over your head, and jump when the rope comes to your feet. You’ll be doing one jump for every turn of the rope. And make sure you land on
the balls of your feet. Five,
(beep) four,
(beep) three,
(beep) two,
(beep) one…
(beep) To ignition,
(dramatic music) lift off!
(lively music) For the backward basic jump, begin with the rope in front of you. Swing the rope in a backwards motion, over your head, and jump! Be sure to keep your balance, land on the balls of your feet, and stay in one spot as you turn the rope. Five,
(beep) four,
(beep) three,
(beep) two,
(beep) one…. To ignition
(exciting music) lift off! For the forward straddle, start with the rope behind you. Swing the rope over your head, and jump over the rope landing with your left foot forward, and your right foot back. Jump over the rope again,
and switch your feet. Remember to stay on the
balls of your feet and you can add a basic
jump between straddles. (lively piano)

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