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Hi Guys, welcome back to my video,
welcome to Yudist Ardhana’s chanel. We are all together here, with all of my friends, coming as a full team,
We’re here to fulfill my promise to my team, I’m taking them to waterpark.
Right now, we are in Waterbom Bali. Let’s get in, I can’t wait another minute. Wow, it’s so crowded. Halo.
/Halo, Yudist, right? Yes.
/I am Michael. Are you from the Waterbom Management?
/Yes, I am. So, how we pronounce it. Waterbom right?
/Yes, there’s only one O. So, if we put another O, we’re gonna pronounce it with U, right? (face palm) So, can you tell us what do you have in here?
/Ok, first of all. This is the lobby, and it is quite crowded right now, /but before I continue, do you know that Waterbom is the best waterpark in Asia? The best in Asia?whoah that’s crazy. We’re gonna check it out soon. /Shall we proceed?
Sure, let’s go. /What time is it?
It’s still 10 am. /But, it’s already super crowded.
Yeah. Crazy. Can you swim?
/I can. /He swim like a rock.
Can you show me? /Buh bye. LOL Security check. What do you check?
/You can’t bring any food, beverages, knives, or any sharp objects. /We are 3,8 Hectare wide, but 60% are for the green area. Our concept is lush tropical garden, 40% of the area is pool and slides. I also heard that you’re one of nature friendly tourism destinations in Bali, is it true? /So, we are Carbon Neutral certified. As you know, every industry produces carbon emissions. Right, they produce carbon emissions, and Waterbom Bali is officially Carbon Neutral, right? /That’s right. I also have more questions, but can we talk while walking?
/Sure. So, I’m gonna ask you, how many slides do you have in here? /We have 22 slides in total. We have slides for children and adults, but basically it depends on the person’s height. You are all quite tall, so you can go to the all the water slides. Ok, what else do you have beside the slides?I see a trampoline, what is this exactly?
/That’s Euro Bungy, well basically that’s a trampoline. /So we have 4 restaurants in here, one of them is Wantilan Food Court. It’s a quite large area, and we have so many food options. /We also a coffe shop. If you enjoy drinking coffee, I’m sure you’re gonna like this place. /And over there, there is Pleasure pool, it’s suitable for those who want to chill or just to hang out with friends. And as you can see there’s a pool bar over there. We’re gonna go there later. This is the longest water slide, we’re gonna go there. Is this the longest ride in the world? /Yes, for this type of slide, this is the longest in the world. Whoah, the longest slide in the world, the name of the slide is Constrictor. We’re gonna go there. (on next video) Whoah, the facilities are complete. Mushola, first aid kit, and they also have Flow Rider.
/Exactly. /We also have lazy river. So, this lazy river goes around the 1/3 of the water park. So this is suitable for those who are lazy, right? They are lazy. /You’re gonna like it then. What else do you have?
/We have spa, foot reflexology, massage. /Ooooh.. I love it.
Yeah, Zainal’s gonna love it. Ok, so, if my friends and my viewers are interested to come, please tell them the entry ticket price. /For those who hold Indonesian Citizenship, it cost Rp 340.000,- for children Rp 290.000,- How do you categorize children?
/Age 2 – 11 years old. Under 2 years old are free. For foreigners?
/Rp 535.000 for adults, Rp 385.000 for children. Wow, you know it by heart. Congratulations. You passed the test. Also, please tell us the open hours? /From 9am to 6pm. /Ask him, how long have you worked in here? /And, for the gazebos, you need to reserve it first, and there is additional charge for this. Actually, since it’s on high season, you can online reserve it on our website. So, it’s all full booked, Nal. We can’t stay in the gazebos, they are all full booked. Here it is, the Flow Rider. So, I see a timer over there. Is there any duration or time limit? /Yes, exactly, the time limit is 30 minutes to 1 hour. How much do we need to pay for 30 minutes?
/30 minutes is Rp 125.000, 1 hour is Rp 200.000,- , Let’s go. Where are you taking us?isn’t it a restaurant?
/Yes, it’s a restaurant, the restaurant name is Thaitalian, our food concept is Thai and Italian. Whoah, that’s perfect, my friend’s over here loves eating so much. /We also have small garden like this,
Wow, you grow your own ingredients. /Exactly, if it is the harvest time, we pick the ingredients from our own garden, but if it’s not, we get them from supplier. No, I don’t wanna go to this slide. The name of the slide is Smash Down. /Right, and the height of the ride is 26m. But, don’t worry, it’s safe, it’s just a 5 seconds ride. (on next video) /Don’t worry, our staffs are on the start and finish point in every slides. D’oh, I’m already shaking just by looking at the slides. Let’s continue. /Yudist, are you aware that the atmosohere around the water park is chill,
I am aware, I am still conscious. /Just like what I explained before, the atmosphere is rather chill because 60% of the waterpark is the garden, and as you can see that while we’re walking, we’re covered by the shadow of the trees. Yes I noticed that. I noticed that we’re walking under the trees shadows. That’s so much better than walking under the shadows of your exes. It’s like we’re walking in the forest.
/that’s right, we are also known as “the slides in the jungle” We go over here, whoah, it’s so crowded.
/Look, it’s so safe in here, we have checking points everywhere. So, if we’re lost, you just go to the nearest checking point, right?
/I mean, if earthquake or any disaster happens. Can we go to that water bucket?
/No, you can’t. That’s dangerous. And this is the kids area. Whoah, that looks good. It’s like a heavy rain. /This is the third restaurant, the concept is more like a cafe. We have sandwich, pizza.
Light meals. Our signature dish here is long pull pizza. We’re quite tired just by walking around the waterpark. We’re excercising. /So this is the most favorite slide.
What is that? That is boomerang slide, and also we have superbowl slide.
/As you can see the concept is back and forth?
/exactly, just like a real boomerang. Zainal, look at that, we’re gonna sliding down, and we’re going up there and back and forth. Are you sure we’re not gonna overshoot? /No, it’s super safe, and there is weight limitation for this ride. Wow, look at that, we’re gonna go back and forth, do we get dizzy after riding that?
/Nope. /and over there is Superbowl, we’re gonna go there.
Oh I think I know what superbowl is. It’s like a flush, right? /That’s correct. It’s like a flush. And there are more gazebos. They’re all also booked?
/Unfortunately yes. They’re occupied. How much is renting a gazebo?
/It depends on the capacity Can you tell us the estimation?
/Start from Rp 200.000 – Rp 1.000.000,- and that is for a whole day right?
/yes, it’s for a whole day. Now, we’re back to the pool bar.
/Yes, the pool bar. We’ve been excercising for 15 minutes.
/I’ve been walking backward. /so this is the finish point.
This is the finish point, look at the queue. It’s so packed. /do we go to the slide one by one? We go one by one for safety. We have to make sure that everyone is safe and convenient. If you want us feel convenient, you should build elevators. Look at that, I think that’s nice, that is an easy slow ride, right?
/We call it Pipeline, and that one is Climax. That looks so steep.
/Yes, that one (Climax) is steep. Pipeline is categorized as mellow. I’m only gonna go to the mellow slides. You’re lucky you come this month, because we just opened our new restaurant this June 1st. So, you have 4 restaurants now.
/We have 4 restaurants, and this one just finish the renovations. Whoah, I’m gonna like it.
/We’re preparing the food. /Thank you, please make sure don’t overcook it.
Zainal can’t wait to eat. Well done, sir. What is the board about?
/So, we have a partnership on our used cooking oil to convert it into biodiesel. And this is the new restaurant. The shack.
/And down there we have desserts and all the sweet treats. but, the sweetest of all is my girl. /This is the finish point of climax slide. I don’t wanna go. Look, they’re coming. /They’re not done yet. What? Now, we’re back to the start point. Ok, so it’s time for us having fun with the slides. We’re gonna have a good time, thank you for guiding us. Don’t forget to hit the thumbs up and subscribe! Ok, thank you for watching, see you again on my next video. Bye for now.

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